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Jan 31, 2009

so long and thanks for all the fish

I have a secret too...I'm pregnant.
You guys, we have to save the honey bees!
Okay, so how much chocolate sauce do you want?
Seriously? What if I was really pregnant?
[no response]
Okay, if you were really pregnant I would be sad.
I would be happy, for your child.
I wouldn't. I would probably encourage you to put it up for adoption.
I would be glad that her child was going to a good home.
How am I a good home?
Well, you'd be a better mother than a meth addict.
Yeah, slightly above a meth addict.

Angela and I went grocery shopping today.
And about five different guys made fun of us for having such a full cart.
Then all that was open were 15 item or less lanes and self check-out.

Also, I have been attracting Italian speaking people to me left and right. Every new place I've gone someone has ended up speaking Italian. Today in the grocery store I was telling Ang how Alfredo doesn't actually exist in Italy and this guy spins around, "so you lived in Italy?" "uh, yeah..."

Trying to edit mini-mentary but Iz's Mac is failing me and I got the wrong cord to put it on my compy.

Our couch eats people.

Jan 30, 2009

the spark for all i've done

the need to be spontaneous and ridiculous is running through my veins.

anyone wanna go play at the duck pond?

Jan 29, 2009

when i ruled the world

I own at life.
Oh, sorry, where is my humility?
I have made some great accomplishments lately.

Do you recall the week of death and the writing of two papers in one hour each?
Well, got them back. And I owned them! Got an A on the Humanities one and 100% on my film paper! Huzzah!
I might, just maybe, be a better writer than I give myself credit for, but more likely than that it's luck, and being incredibly charmin'.
And! I got 98/100 on my Italiano esame, even though I didn't even finish reading the stories.
But I probably should stop flaunting my luck or I'll be struck down or something.

I am going to Mexico over Valentine's weekend! For, you know, a romantic getaway with my SO. Ha! Psyche. I'm going to go and play with orphans!!! Help build a school and entertain them. Which is great because I've actually been missing my camp counselor days.

It's perfect. Because when I got back from Italy, my thought was, "next stop...Mexico." I have no idea, I never wanted to go to Mexico before that.
My one wish when we were travelling after Italy was to sleep on the beach (but it was too cold).
I have been wanting to help a third world country really bad and go somewhere warm.
And I had a feeling I should bring my passport to school with me.
Basically it's perfect.
AND this trip the theme is Hollywood and we're making mini-movies with the children!

And, life is amazing.
You want to know why?

Come to Life Club this Thursday. 5.30 pm.
202 in the Maeser Building.

We're about improving lives, starting with our own.

You know those days where you feel like you can conquer everything?
That should be everyday.

25 Bad Habits/Flaws I Have

1. I like to talk during movies (but usually restrain).
2. I like to talk when other people are talking.
3. I like to talk when no one is supposed to be talking.
4. I tell really long stories with no point.
5. I draw attention to myself saying things like, "Okay!" and then have nothing to follow.
6. I actually embrace poor grammar and mispronouncing things because I think it adds character to one's speech.
7. I put bread in the toaster and then forget about it until the next day
8. I leave my shoes in the front room and then wear different shoes until soon there is a mountain of shoes in the front room (it has happened in every place I live).
9. I put things in random places and forget what I did with them and as I result sometimes find my toothbrush on the bookcase or my socks in the refridgerator.
10. I write small and it annoys teachers sometimes. It also looks like a guy's handwriting.
11. I don't like putting my clothes away after doing laundry.
12. I don't eat breakfast most days.
13. I like to be the center of attention in social situations but freeze up in front of a camera.
14. I chronically run into people/things.
15. I get immediately attached to people upon meeting them and love people immensely before I even really know them
16. but get anxious about seriously committing to one person.
17. I make impulsive decisions about big things and think too logn about unimportant things
18. I am stubborn and most likely to do things when people tell me I can't.
19. I am a sucker for flattery and will probably love you forever if you do one nice thing or give me one compliment. It's a little pathetic, ha.
20. I can't play most sports...or the piano.
21. I make fun of people a lot! without even really meaning to.
22. I sing, even though I am no good at it.
23. I am kind of a bad driver.
24. I don't eat enough vegetables.
25. Today I was gloating about how I wrote my paper in the hour before class (not because I am a slacker, but because I wrote down that it was due another day!) and still got 50 before I glanced over and noticed the girl I was talking to got a 49...And probably spent more than an hour on it. Oops.
26. I waste time doing things like this...And will never tire of writing about myself.

Jan 28, 2009

you can have it!

If you want it, you can have it
But you've got to learn to reach out there and grab it

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, even as you desire of me so it shall be unto you; and if you desire, you shall be the means of doing much good in this generation."
-Doctrine and Convenants 6:8

I am here to tell you that you can have anything you want.

Not in the sappy if you can dream it's yours, way.

But, in the literal power of positive thinking way. Now, if you want to win the lottery, I can't promise you that'll happen. But there are so many things that are there for the taking and the only thing that's prevent it is that no one is taking.

So yeah, to quote Ben Lee, just do it, whatever it is...whatever it is. just do it!

Jan 27, 2009

you love me and you know it.

it is easy to come up with names that come up with J

jess, jebediah, jacklyn, jacob, jessica, jeff, jim, johnny, jaden, jordan, justin, jethro, jude, jill, jamie, julia, joy, joslyn, jared, jed, jackson, jenna, joseph, jean, jan, jane, etc...

so if you're going to name your kids names that start with the same thing, don't choose j, it's a cop out.

like R
try and come up with ten names that start with R. Or Q.

also, i am going to make this goal right now...i am not having 18 kids.

this is why i love megan

we had a text message conversation that lasted about 40 texts, in this format:

I miss you like Wallace misses cheese.
I miss you like Simba misses Mufasa.
I miss you like Marlin misses Nemo.
I miss you like the Beast missed Belle.
I miss you like a movie star misses her hair extensions
I miss you like HSM misses good jokes.
I miss you like Vanessa misses her good reputation.
I miss you like Gollum misses the ring.
I miss you like a kid misses his balloon in the air, at the fair.
I miss you like jelly misses peanut butter.
I miss you like a person on a diet misses cake.
I miss you like Roosevelt misses being able to walk.
I miss you like I miss free rent.
I miss you like I miss you like Angelina misses adopting children.
I miss you like the Earth misses the Ozone.
etc. etc. etc.

you're the top

E'ery day I am more and more glad that I am applying to the film program.
Because film classes, film people, and making films is...well, the best thing ever.
and .... if i don't get in, it is/will be still dam-buildingly worth it.

Today in class, in order to analyze characters, we watched people make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We critiqued their techniques (say that five times fast). How many other classes do you get to make fun of people? Well, I guess Bro. Bott does it all the time in Mission Prep. But, other than that...

Things I Want to Be (#1)

On another note I am semi-embarassed of the email address that I adopted back in 7th grade (compliments of my bff Hilary) rescuedog89@hotmail.com because well, it's a bit silly really. My host sister asked questioningly, "cane salvatore?" Yeah.. But I was thinking about it recently, with events in life and such. And I really would love to be a rescue dog. In Italy we were always making up ridiculous questions to ask people to entertain ourselves on long journeys. I once asked, "if you could have any job that doesn't exist what would it be?" professional movie watcher, world beautifier, cookie taste-tester, someone who lives in a tree., etc.

Well, now I know what I want to be. I want to rescue people. Rescue them from things that make them sad.

I want to feed all the people in Africa.
I want to patch up the broken hearted.
I want to hug homeless people (okay, not really, but I've thought about it)
I want to teach people how to enjoy life.
I want to encourage others to frolick down breezeways and skip to class (or skip class, if necessary)
I want to be there when people need me.
I want to stay up until 3am because you need an ear, whether it's driving around, or on the couch, or laying on the pavement under the stars.
Once, in elementary school, I told my friend she could borrow my stuffed hedgehog for a presentation she was giving the next day, but that night I couldn't find it. So I constructed one out of a tennis ball and toothpicks so that she'd have something.
I just...want to help people.
Lame stuff happens all the time. and it sucks.

Mostly, I want to make people laugh. Because sometimes, most of the times, that's all you can do.

sappy, eh?


Jan 26, 2009

i'm just a little bit caught in the middle

Smart words from Lauren from today:
"That is the problem to my solutions."

Oh, and I highly recommend this book:

Especially if read by an adament and expressive storyteller.
Which was even more amazing considering it took him about 2 hours.
It tells six different versions of Rumpelstiltskin...Because, you know, the real story doesn't really make sense.

Good laughter was exactly what I needed, because nothing went as planned today.

Jan 25, 2009

They used the kid code and now they're together!

I decided that I still want to marry Jess.

today I pulled a Lorelai and definitely would have run into a door if there had been one handy.

also yesterday we stayed up until 3am watching Gilmore Girls and talking about boys.
because that really is what girls do.

we are children all our days

Yesterday at the LDS Film Festival was quite entertaining. It was no Sundance, but there was definitely a fair share of temperamental filmmakers and technical difficulties and running around.

In the morning we tallied votes. And they had this clever system where you rip along the dotted line that has a number next to it. So you rate the movie 1-5 but people got these crazy ideas that they should rip in between the lines, or rip out a square...people are strange.

Then there was the lanyard fiasco. First of all, who decides to name something a lan-yard? And then who designs something to attach things around your neck? Okay, I don't really hate lanyards that much, but people were waaay too concerned about having them. Got yelled at by a man with a long beard.

Also, spent most of our time at the front desk convincing people to buy Expiration Date. And getting chastised for not knowing everything about every movie that was playing.

I finally saw Diantha's Crossing! I worked on it at the very beginning of the summer (doing odds and ends and feeding people). And it was pretty and almost made me cry (in a good way) and I really liked it. So pretty. And it was a mini-reunion of the crew, which was exciting. Tom tried to do a crazy handshake that I did not understand in the slightest. I love that man.

The shorts we saw we're pretty good too.
You can watch one of my favourites here: Hearts

I saw the main actor in it after the screening and he gave me a "what's up" head nod and I didn't say anything to him. Because I am awkward. ha.

Then, this movie, Once Upon a Summer, which I think is best described as a mix between Charly, A Walk to Remember, and Fox and the Hound....And maybe also the Parent Trap. It was PACKED with people wanting to see it. Which was crazy, and almost made me want to stay to check it out, but we left.

Then I spent all night partying (watching a movie) with a rock star (famous only in Cambodia).
Not to mention the confusion that comes when you're half asleep and sitting in between people who have the same name.

This evening it snowed huge, beautiful flakes and Melanie and I were leaning over the couch staring out the window and people who walked by got a little freaked out when they noticed us with our noses pressed up against the window.

My roommate (from South Carolina) hardly has an accent at all, but right now she is on the phone with her family and her speech is getting progressively more and more Southern. It is hilarious. "he's so chaaar-min'!"

Speaking of Southern, if you haven't watched O Brother Where Art Thou recently, you should.

Jan 23, 2009

if you are in Provo area...Go to the LDS Film Festival!!
(I should have said something sooner because it was all weekend, but I'm telling you now).


Reasons You Should Feel Sorry for Girls

Once a month (don't worry I am not going into details) we suffer bloating, excess pimples, cramps, incontrollable mood swings, and basically any horrible side effect you can imagine.

When you are a girl being fat, ugly, and in pain are about the top three worst things. Add to this an extra dose of moodiness (because fatness, ugliness, and pain are not enough of a reason to be moody) and it's just not fair.

It's hard to want to do anything when it feels like a grenade went off in your abdomen. I've had cramps that would bring an elephant to its knees (did you know elephants are the only animal with four knees?)

All this for a chance at having a baby, which I am not interested in at this point. Oh, and then there's that whole having a baby thing...

So, tell me, what do guys have to deal with exactly?

Being taken seriously in the workplace and in sports? Getting to play the coolest characters in movies? Being able to walk around at night without their mothers worrying? Getting to wear exceptionally great smelling deodorant? Being great at opening pickle jars?

I love boys, a lot, and the one benefit to being a girl is that I get to love boys...but I am failing to see the fairness.

Guys can even wear pink. We girls have nothing!

All this being said, I know that having children is a magical and wonderful thing and will change my life someday. I know there are people who can't have children and desperately wish they could and I wouldn't give it up, as much as I hate the monthly pain and the thought of something growing inside of me and then forcing its way out. I know I'll hold a slimy, little, wrinkly red thing in my arms and actually love it more than I love myself. Which is pretty cool.

Jan 22, 2009

i've smuggled myself into new nationalities, think you'd be proud of me

I should be sto scrivendo in Italiano but...I can't. I fail epically at writing in Italian. I've never grasped the grammar, but that is not surprising to anyone. I don't have a grasp of English grammar.

I like beginning sentences with conjunctions and ending them with prepositions.
And I still believe in adverbs.

The hilarious thing about my Linguistics class is that I have been teased fairly regularly for the fact that I mispronounce things. So this class could be a chance for me to learn real English. But I don't want to, because I've come to embrace my faults (another fault of mine). People should appreciate that I say "pin" the same as "pen" and pronounce "crayon" like "crown" and sometimes say "Lit-tra-ly" and that, like the Utahan I am not, I say mount'n and fount'n and butt'n. Besides, Jackson always made a great face when I said things strangely.

Sometimes I sit and doubt almost everything in my life.
Why can't I ever finish anything I start? Why do I always feel the need to run, but hardly ever exercise? Why I am I always cursed with jobs where I don't make any money? Why am I going into one of those jobs as a possible career? Why can't I speak Italian? Why can't I speak English? Why don't they teach Icelandic at BYU anymore? Do I have friends? Why am I majoring in something I know nothing about? Why didn't my parents make me develop marketable skills? Why don't I have real hobbies? Why do people get so concerned when things don't match? What happened in the last four months that made me ten times more awkward than I used to be? Why didn't I learn how to play guitar so I could start an all girl band, The Boyless Ones? Why does someone named Gustavo want to be my friend on facebook? Why am I never--hard as I try--attracted to the wealthy blonde ones?

Jan 21, 2009

but not in nottingham

In honor of New President Day [and in the spirit of celebrating fake holidays] we made...CUPCAKES [what else?]

Picture by Iz, I had nothing to do with it.

Last night I dreamed we had this big family reunion only no one told me when they had dinner so I missed it. Also, for some reason half my family was of African descent...I think I'm just empathizing with Obama, like Colbert.

Today I pulled a Baltoand basically saved Elizabeth's life. I ran through the cold and dark to get her the drugs she so desperately needed.

Besides being amazingly selfless and charitable I also ate grapefruit today!
I am such a good person.

Jan 20, 2009

Reasons I Should Not Be Allowed Out in Public (numbers 1-4)

1. I loose my cool when seeing celebrities.

When I saw Guillermo del Toro (director of Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy) I jumped up and down a little bit, couldn't think of anything to say, and then yelled, "you make good things!" after him. Luckily, he didn't hear.

2. I spill things.

At the grocery store I innocently put some laundry detergent in my basket and continued on my way. A few moments later a lady stops me and says, "um, you're leaking." I look at the ground to see a large puddle. Half the bottle is empty. There is about 100 yards of grocery store marked in blue goo. People start slipping. I put the bottle down and told someone, but I thought about yelling, "clean-up in aisle 11" and running for it.

3. I come up with weird ways to walk/dance moves to make walking around more exciting.

You know, sashays and toe touches, zombie walking, jazz hands, being different kinds of dinosaurs/prehistoric wild cats, spinning in circles, a little soft shoe...

4. I think I'm going to dye my hair pink.


I didn't really think I was going to talk about this...Because I don't care about politics as much as I should. But here I go.

GoooooObama! He gave a really kickin' speech. It almost sounded like a series of empty promises but I think he's really going to do all he can to improve the situation in America and worldwide. He acknowledged that it would not happen overnight, but that improvements would happen.

I like how he spoke of taking responsibility and also of hope. Because where there is hope there cannot be fear and if we're fearful we'll accomplish nothing.

On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.

I love that we can change government in a neat and orderly way. Bush got on a helicopter (tripping just a little bit up the stairs) and Barack, his wife, Biden, and his wife, stood elegantly on the stairs and waved them off. Plus, ten minutes of helicopter footage is always necessary ;)

Our journey has never been one of shortcuts or settling for less. It has not been the path for the faint-hearted — for those who prefer leisure over work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame. Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things — some celebrated but more often men and women obscure in their labor, who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom.

I think he was right that America can really do a lot more than we give it credit for. We've come along so far as a young country. We've gotten out of a depression before. We've gotten through wars, including a civil war. We are a strong people. And now we have a strong leader. (I am not a straight-up Bush hater, but I think anyone can admit he did not exactly personify strength and confidence).

And while it won't solve everything I think there is so much that can be said for just being confident and going foreward with purpose. Which is what I've always liked about Obama.

Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions — who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans. Their memories are short. For they have forgotten what this country has already done; what free men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose, and necessity to courage.

His speech had the air of Aragorn in the third Lord of the Rings, heh. And I dig it.
There may come a day when the courage of men may fail, but it is not this day.

Jan 16, 2009

here's all you'll get from me

one of my favourite music videos:

Jan 15, 2009

just do it, whatever it is

For my film/storytelling class we had to write our memoirs in exactly six words and think of an image to go with them. Here are some I came up with...

thinking to doing in .003 seconds.

i will be poor, but happy.

i find boring things exciting

why walk when you can jump?

i look fear in the nose.

i never really believed in dinosaurs.

you should try it.

Jan 13, 2009

i am an idiot

Sadly, this was my exact thought process last night....
[click for larger image]


My Ridiculous Life, Part II

FHE activity involved eating pizza and watching people do toe touches (don't ask).
Afterwards headed out to watch LOTR FOTR EE, when a thought goes through my head, "you should take you keys." Naw, my roommates won't go to bed that early and the door is always unlocked.

Brief Lord of the Rings acknowledgement. It is the perfect example of what a film should be. Gorgeous shots, talented acting, genuine props, and the script...There are some amazing lines in there. For starters, everything that comes out of Gandalf's mouth. And of course I've watched behind the scenes and listened to commentaries and you know that everyone, especially Peter Jackson, was committed to this film and gave it there all. And that's the key to a good film.

Afterwards, I go bounding (because my new yellow/blue Roos have a springy coushin) up the stairs and over to my apartment throw myself into the door... Doesn't open. Lights are all off.

Spent the night curled up in the igloo made on the basketball court.

Kidding, Julia came back and rescued me and we had another sleepover.

Arrive home at 8am. Go to film syllabus to see what the reading for the day is. See: ASSESSMENT PAPER DUE think: aw man, seriously? Type out a little over three pages in the hour, brush teeth, run to print off the paper and get to class just as the prayer is about to be said. Didn't have time to do the reading and tried to fudge answers to the reading quiz. Feel like a film failure. Sigh.

After Machiavelli Paper Fiasco you'd think I'd learn to look at my syllabus.

Lessons Learned:
Always take the keys
Read the syllabus more than an hour ahead of time
Follow the teachings of Gandalf

This week is kicking my bum and it's only noon on Tuesday.
I need a hug.

Jan 12, 2009

Life is a funny thing.

So, I have a one hour break in my 11-6 mass of classes today. And during that break I realize that two pages on the Prince (which I had not finished yet) was due today instead of Wednesday (which I thought).

I panic, decided to skip Linguistics to write it. Finally finish the thing, after much stress (but not too much, because I wrote all my film papers in the hour before class last year) and then check my e-mail.

The class has been cancelled today.
The papers are due tomorrow.

Ugh. And there's only 25 minutes of Linguistics left so not really any point in going now.

And I'm done for the day when I should have two more hours.

Jan 11, 2009

the moon when it was shining all impressively

to the missionaries in my life. (envelopes made from a magazine I swiped off the plane).
shout out: Andrew goes into the Missionary Training Center on Wednesday. I'm super proud of him.
went to church today and everyone was crazy welcoming. :)
also, ate a lot of scones.
had a dream a snake bit me and i thought i was going to die.

Jan 10, 2009

if it makes you happier

Want to see the world's most depressing film?

Watch The Orphanage (spanish).

Beautifully done though. Great directing/Cintog. And I think there were some really poignant themes that they definately didn't flower up.

Also a little scary, and I don't watch scary movies...Ever. So I feel a little tricked.
So, sad, scary, but a film that definately means something.

As we were sitting in the drive-thru line for McDonald's (because Ju insisted on getting a hot fudge sundae).

-It's too cold for ice cream!
-But there's HOT fudge. It's really hot.

While we were waiting I watched the moon rise from behind the mountains and it was GORGEOUS! Side note: I have a deep fascination with the sky.

But then as we
Okay, scary moment in time. Facebook kept popping up over and over and over. And it overwhelmed my computer and had to restart.

Thanks for autosaving Blogger!

So then, we park by the JKB, with TWO minutes to show time. I sprint ahead, eating an apple. Julia hurries behind WHILE eating her sundae....And finished it before we got there, because you know how the SKWT frowns upon eating in its theatre. A job well done.

won't somebody help me chase the shadows away*

Brooke and I. Our shadows after going to a pre-production meeting for the film Shadows.

*i seriously was listening to this song while writing this post, coincidentally.

Jan 9, 2009

all along the western front...

Sorry, still stuck on last night's experience.

He was saying how only 1/5 of every indy film gets to go to big screens while all of the Hollywood ones go, regardless of their quality. Depressing, right? But then he goes on to say that we just got to fight it. So he made this website http://www.officialbestoffest.com/ "The Best Films You've Never Seen."

We watched two shorts from the Kids film box set. They were incredible. One from Australia and one from Scotland. In the latter you could hardly understand the boy at some points, but the message was so sweet. They're the kind of films I would show my kids [if I had some] and also watch over and over.

Afterwards, we spoke with Rick, trying to fumble out some explanation of his greatness, and failing and he said he's going to try and bring more films to screen at BYU.

Seriously, he is the ultimate motivational speaker for film kids.

Fun side note: In Hugh Grant's first movie [produced by Rick Stevenson] he was listed as Hughie Grant. haha.

In other news, everyone's getting engaged! mamma mia.

I have to go to Italian and really don't want to, but I guess I can't complain, because it's my only class today. And I only had 20 minutes of class yesterday thanks to a concise film TA. :)

Jan 8, 2009

just what i needed

Q: I'm looking for a good relationship with my family and a good income. Should I major in film?

A: If you want a good relationship with your family? Yes. If you want to be wealthy? No. What was the last question?

Uh, should I major in film?

For the education in storytelling and creating, yes. I'm not rich, but I'm crazy happy.
-Rick Stevenson

I don't know why some film makers are so amazing, but I constantly find myself being amazed by the things that they are.

Now, my plug for Expiration Date it is a brilliant little independent film. I can't really put my finger on what exactly made it so engaging, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Gasping. "oh no!"ing. Laughing. Almost crying. It some ways it was the same old plot we've seen over and over, but it always left you a little unsure if things were really how they seemed. And it was all woven together amazingly. Brilliant, brilliant shots of Seattle also.

After the screening Rick talked about voice and storytelling. And, that, I believe is what made the movie so great. The story meant something to him, as a director, and he managed to show it, and made it mean something to those of us watching.

Also, amazing how he made such a poignant, moving film that was also comedic. Brilliant.

Brooke and I bought it. So, for those of you in Provo, pretty sure we'll set up another screening [party] soon. Because it's something you need to just see. My review is doing nothing for it.

And he didn't even major in film.

Jan 7, 2009

Anyone rich want to buy me a ticket to Walking With Dinosaurs?
k, thanks.

LIFE SIZE DINOSAUR ROBOTS!! I am deathly afraid of dinosaurs and kind of don't believe in them, but doesn't that look amazing?? And I'm stupid and didn't realize it was coming to Salt Lake until all the cheap tickets were sold out. :'(

This has been a depressing day.

camp fun and games

This, Iz, is what I was typing away at last night:

a line of a song.
granted i'm transcribing them so they may all be wrong
if you can guess the song/artist (without outside assistance) i'll marry you.
in fact, if anyone got more than ten i'd be impressed.

1. elvis presley, disneyland

2. here on these cliffs of dover, so high you can't see over and while your head is spinning hold tight it's just begining

3. look at me mister, i'm a star. i'm on the move (yeah!) i'm getting on(oooo), i'm breaking out (ahh) and it won't take long! behind the wheel (yeah). got a song (ooooo). pedals down (ahhh). and i'm gone.

4. all things go, all things go

5. you're made of atoms and i'm made of atoms and we're all in this together

6. bottle's breaking on my face are only your reminder of your love I lost a lifetime ago. Was I dreaming when I met you I don't know.

7. good morning son i am a bird wearing a brown polyester shirt

8. threw away your greatest hits you left them here the day you split a bass guitar and [something] cd well they don't mean that much to me right now.

9. tell me you had bad dreams last night, 'cause you were rolling in your sleep. tell me you hate those bright street lights.

10. go away from my window, leave at your own chosen speed. i'm not the one you want, babe, i'm not the one you need.

11. there was a certain man, in Russia long ago, he was big and strong in his eyes a flaming glow

12. woke up at 8 and started a fire, had a few drinks we all felt inspired, jumped in the stream with shoes and canteens, the water was bitter cold

13. come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea, just like grandma made

14. no! 2-4-6-0-1!!

15. the music's too loud and the noise from the crowd increases the chance of misinterpretation, so let your hips do the talking

16. i wasn't jealous before we met, now everyone i see is a potential threat. and i'm possessive it isn't nice. you've heard me saying that smoking was my only vice, but now it isn't true. now everything is new.

17. That brontasaurus must have stood a thousand miles high, the brontasaurus laying on his side up in the sky

18. but if there's a glitch, you're an ostrich, you've got your head in the ground

19. you don't look so good today, you've got something stuck on your face, it looks like it sucks, what could it be? is it a leech? is it the giant squid? because it's wrapped around you pretty tight. oh wait, it's a girl.

20. I grabbed some frozen strawberries, so I could ice your bruising knees, but frozen things, they all unfreeze and now i taste like...

21. all along the western front, people line up to receive, she got the power in her hands, to shock you like you won't believe

22. brown paper, white paper, stick it together with tape, the tape of love (it's sticky stuff)

23. my apologies dear, for all my mistakes, and i'm sure to make more. beacause i forget to enjoy the sunsets of time and the flowers of spring

24. i've given you sunlight, i've given you dirt. you've given me nothing...but heartache and hurt

25. for someone half of smart, you'd be a work of art

26. he grew a beard as soon as he could to cover the scars on his face, and always led his men on

27. i thought i was a fool for no one, but oh baby i'm a fool for you, you got me under false pretenses

28. dad, dad, how did you let that man, push you around like that? you should've beat him down, down to the ground.

29. when i was a lad i ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large, and now that i'm grown i eat five dozen eggs, so i'm roughly the size of a barge

Jan 6, 2009

I told myself I'd take a picture everyday this year. I've already failed, but here's some:

New Year's Eve...Day.

Made for a secret plan that failed.

All ready for my first day of school!
In Italy I started noticing that you can find hearts everywhere.

i tried to do handstands for you


Now that the madness of trying to move in is over I feel quite at home. Oddly tired though. I've been wanting to go to bed since I woke up this morning.

The snow is, for lack of a better word, snowing madly. I fell on my side twice yesterday (shining moments in my life).

The first one I literally made an "I'm falling" sound. Whoop! And this guy rushed over to help me, but I jumped up and ran away (covered in snow on one half of my body). The second, I was on the phone with Hilary complaining about snow and falling. Gravity seems to have a sense of humor. I'm darn sore.

So, certain people think my name is pronounced Larrr-en. Instead of Lor-ren. Now, I like pirates and I don't really know what kind of sound "au" is supposed to make, but I grew up as a Lor-ren and enjoy being called as such. Generously, in the past two days, three people I have met have asked me to specify which I prefer. And I said, "the right one. gosh." Kidding, I was generous back. Just plain Ren works too.

Didn't get into the film class I wanted, which is a real :( and now I have to take a real class instead. But I suppose I should have spent more than five minutes on the last part. Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing this film thing...But, then I remember it's the best major.

Today Caitlin introduced me to the wonderfulness that is popcorn in tomato soup. Sounds crazy, but don't knock it 'til you try it. (Not buttered popcorn).

Side note: I've been here since Friday and have avoided buying any food until tonight. Yay for freeganism....or just people liking me enough to feed me.

Oh, and fall count is now up to: three.

Jan 4, 2009

it's a long story...

I have had an interesting weekend, to say the least.

Spent New Year's Day cramming things into bags, weighing bags, and breaking zippers.
But, I fit my life into three, under 50 lbs, bags. (Okay, 3 bags and another three carry-on bags) Went to beb around 1. Woke up at 4.45.

Beautiful, wonderful, Iz and her sister picked us up. So far everything has gone off without a hitch.
Then...we drop off Evann and head to our house, that we were supposed to move into.

Well, Iz told me it was cute when she checked it out three weeks ago. And I 100% believe her. But, unfortunately, when we got there it was completely trashed. Girls hadn't moved out yet and Naigra Falls was spouting out of the roof of Elizabeth's room. The beds weren't constructed. And well...I will stop the description there.

So we left my bags and headed to Salt Lake for the night. On the way there it struck all three of us, that the two of us should not live there.

The night consisted of scouring the BYU off campus housing ads and craigslist and calling every single one that had 2 openings. We switched off and on who was calling and Olivia pretended to be Elizabeth and then I answered someone calling back and pretended to be Elizabeth and the whole thing made me question my idenity.

So, by the end of it we have some options and have successfully mocked every name of any housing establishment.
"Well, I am not living in anything that doesn't end in -shire or -ton"
"Foxwoods?" "Oh no! That's Foxwoods II! It's the shady one behind Foxwoods."
"Which one is the Branbury?" (few minutes later) "What about the Branbury?" (later) "have we looked at the Branbury?"
"Where's Campus Plaza?" "Right by campus" "Oh, that makes sense" (next day) "Where's Campus Plaza?"

I fell asleep at 9 and didn't wake up for 12 hours.

A small problem is realized. While we have signed no contracts with the original house, our stuff is there. Plans to sneak in during the early morning and get it back are formed. Ironically, on our way down Hilary called to ask me what my address in Utah was.

After a hasty exit and an almost asthma attack, we're in the clear. All our stuff is in E's car and we contemplate what on Earth we're doing with our lives. With an hour before our appointment at Campus Plaza, we drove up and down every street south of campus and I called the numbers on any "for rent" signs we saw. Also saw a large van for sale and considered that. And living above a denistry, which I think would've been awesome.

Show up at Campus Plaza where we are welcomed with open arms. It's a little small, but quite frankly, it'll do nicely. The office closed at 1. So we signed the deal, moved our bags in, and headed to India Palace to celebrate.

"I love the sauce they put on this..."
"Oh. I was thinking that it was sticky..."
"...and sweet? Yeah, I think that's honey."

Then back to SLC to hang out. I went to IKEA for the first time!
I've driven from SLC to Provo three times in two days. But after all that I have a home with almost no time to spare! and am going to unpack later today.