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May 31, 2008

it's surprisingly sweet

Funny enough, doing crunches when you have a sore stomach does NOT make it feel better. But boy did it make me feel hardcore.

Wasn't going to leave the house today but my dad told me to go to Caleb's soccer game with him.
Parents and soccer games are hilarious and here is why:
I go to grab a chair..
Dad: We only need two, I don't need a chair
Me: Oh, so you're one of those parents who stands and yells from the sidelines?
Dad: [no response]
Me: So, is the team pretty good?
Dad: They don't play to their potential
This is where I began to realize this was serious business.

Turns out my dad kind of co-coaches so it wasn't so weird, but before I found this out I just kind of stared at him as he stood in the middle of the warm-up.
So then my mom shows up 1/4 way through and she gets all gaspy. "Oh no! I hate when they put him in the goal, it's so stressful."

Also, my dad said he had nightmares about John Travolta dancing last night.

Then I didn't want to leave the house andgot on the tredmill but Hilary called just as I was walking to warm up and Aaron called just as I was walking to cool down and both wanted to hang out. So I met Aaron at the park, which is what we do because it's in our neighborhood. And we complained for about two hours about how no one would hire us because we're college and leaving after the summer but how being in college means we're smart enough to handle any sort of summer job. Then he said he needed to do something for Matt his bff who was coming back tonight...In half an hour. We went to his house and ate some cake (it was SO good) and brainstormed. I told him to write a song, but then we found out we really had an hour so I suggested we make a movie. So we did. And Hilary showed up as we began and it was a montage of ridiculousness as Aaron mistinterpreted the postcard Matt had sent him because it was full of flowerly words. I made everyone put on bandanas and cowboy hats so basically he scampered around flamboyantly and talked in a crazy old west accent. Basically it was what I imagine Brokeback Mountain to be like (joke).
The good news was I laughed harder than I have since I've been home. The bad news is I was a horrible camera person because I was shaking.

Then the three of us came up with a brilliant idea for a creepy movie that I will not post here because some internet theif could snatch it. But I've been typing up our brainstorming ideas while typing this and playing scrabble and listening to music. I enjoy multitasking.

May 30, 2008

now i've tasted chocolate and i'm never going back.

Just got done watching Hairspray.
Even though several people talked it up I thought I wouldn't like it...But then I discovered I couldn't not like it because it contained some of my favorite elements: musicals, the sixties, sweet costumes, and black people dancing.
But I couldn't help but think the Civil Rights movement really should have ended because everyone wanted to dance together.
Love Queen Latifa, love whatever all the girls names are, "I would SO let Zac Efron's errupted apendix make out with me", but I think I had too high of expectations for Johnny T.
Also, my roommate told me some complete lies about the Zac Efron/Main Girl romance. So I kept waiting for a plot twist that never happened.

I would like to see the East Coast sometime. So I could walk through the streets singing Gooood morning BALTIMORE!

Today my mom yelled at spoke strongly to the pharmasist at Walgreens. They had tried to give us completely wrong perscriptions for this lady in our Ward who is on about 6 different meds...And it is kind of important that you get things right when it comes to medicine. And they'd messed up before. It was kind of interesting for me because she is not the type to get upset...And as I stared at chapstick while listening to her I realized I never stand up for myself about anything like that. I'm always just like, "okay, well, thanks for doing your best." I'm all for forgiveness, but I don't know where you draw the line between forgiving and being walked all over. I hate being told I'm being taken advantage of but also confrontation usually leads to worse consequences. But in the case of the pharmacy it was really quite ridiculous, they could cause some serious damage giving out the wrong pills.

The Red Cross called me this morning and I was all excited to see an unknown number because I thought it would be from somewhere I applied. No dice. Instead I'm just giving up my blood for free on someday I don't remember. And I called a couple of the places I applied to and it didn't sound like they wanted to hire me. Bah. This whole job thing sucks. And without some sort of thing to commit to I just lounge around all day and act like a depressed slug. Watching movies and eating gummi bears and sometimes running. I don't even have a desire to hang out with people, but at the same time I feel super lonely.

Went without sugar today though. I was sorely tempted...But I hid the gummi bears under my bed.
Started watching In the Land of Women even though I told myself I wouldn't. But it was on TV and the lure of Adam Brody was more than I could resist.

Shnappi Shnappi Shnap

Helllllooo World!

Today I vow to not let any unnatural sugar enter my system. Wish me luck.

Something that will always make me happy:

Lauren Fact for the Day: My favorite cereal is Crispix.

May 29, 2008

I just need to say that some higher power loves me a lot because just minutes after writing about how I want honeydew bubble tea Hilary insists we go to a bagel shop and what do they have...BUBBLE TEA. It was one of those delightful jaw-dropping moments.

Irony: It made me feel sick.

Still worth it.

Oh the glory...

So I think blogs are funny because I write them assuming that no one will read them or care (although yesterday someone was like, "all I've heard from you is that you love your Italian professor." And I was like, dang, that's all I wrote about last semester) At the same time I read other people's quite religiously (not as in I've made a religion of it, but I read them regularly).

I just got back from Yoga here at University of Oregon and it was pretty genius. The teacher wears a turban and we did some intense moves that I really felt the burn. It's drizzling (or pissing down as they say in Australia) and it's really quite lovely. Oregon is so inspiring it's like mini New Zealand (I'll just keep making references to that part of the world). And the building are like the Sydney Opera House (joke).

I'm eating red vines even though I hate red vines and wishing I was eating peanut butter even though I used to hate peanut butter and I also really want some honeydew bubble/boba tea...But as the internet tells me there is no where near here to get it. Shiz.

I love today's Arrested Development/Monty Python/The Office/Seinfeld humor where you can either do/say really ridiculous things to get people to laugh or just make fun of everyday situations. I would really die without humor.

And I'm really just writing for the sake of writing because the person I'm visiting is at a rehearsal. Oh, but after last night I decided it's totally worth getting married just to share a bed with someone, haha. It's so dang cozy. Especially because we were under this table-thing which reminded me of my bunkbed in Wyview that was a foot and a half from the ceiling, ha. The funny thing was my roommate had like 3 and a half feet from her bed to the bottom of mine and she hit her head almost everyday and I never did. That's what I call sweet, sweet irony.

Also, Sufjan Stevens is the best.

May 28, 2008

Hello from Eugene!
Man, I'm being super faithful to you blog, writing in you everyday, giving you the love you deserve.

But as soon as I said that I realized I have nothing to write about. Dang.

Visiting U of O I realized I am having a very different college experience than the majority of my high school friends. This is not necessarily a good or bad thing, just a thing. I am pretty glad with my college choice though it wasn't something I had planned on originally. Sidenote: I REALLY didn't want to go to BYU, thought it'd lame. I was wrong. For whatever reason I am missing Provo hardcore and not adjusting well to being back home, which is throwing me off anymore because usually I adapt to change of environment quite well. I think it's because things were so awesome there and so odd here currently.

So I know they say it's bad for you but I LOVE eating food late at night. Love. It. I just got back from eating a grilled cheese sandwich, artichoke/garlic dip, and orange spice herbal tea. A weird combination but delicious nonetheless. Will I regret my decision in the morning? Probably. But I do not regret it now.

So I get to cuddle up with Megan tonight, lucky me.

to be alone with you.

Today was absolutely lovely for a Tuesday.

Tuesday used to be my least favorite day. Here's why: Monday you can cling to the wonderful memories of the weekend and once you get to Wednesday the end is in sight. Thursday is actually the best because there is the anticipation of Friday (and once the Office and 30 Rock came along Thursday got even better). But Tuesday has absolutely nothing going for it. And I always managed to have my least favorite classes on Tuesday as well.

Anyway, what made it so excellent was that it was my birthday "round two". Went and picked up Hilary because she is my shopping partner extrodinaire and I'm going to miss her hardcore when she leaves for her internship. We hit up the big FM and found some excellent things. There is this bag that I want because it is HIGHLY amazing and has a gorgeous picture of fruit on one side and vegetables on the other. I kind of drool over it but I am waiting for it to go on sale more. Currently it's $4 but I think I can do better because I'm pretty sure they haven't sold a single one. So Hilary gave me a b'lated present and it was a super sweet purse of foreign-looking design. And I <3 it muchly. Also inside was about a million kinds of chapstick, all in the most ridiculous flavors. Needless to say my lips now smell like Milk Duds. MILK DUDS! Sounds grossish...Ended up smelling quite wonderful, kind of like cookies. There are many other flavors to try and I just can't wait! Anyone who's been around me for more than three hours will discover that the way to my heart is through chapstick. I think b'lated presents are even better than regular presents and here's why: birthdays come and go and then it's disappointing as you think that it'll be another 364 days before you get that much attention again. But if you get b'lated presents than it's a wonderful excellent surprise that allows you to savour the loveliness of birthdays.

Also as a birthday round two Jacob took me out to Thai food. Granted he used a gift certificate I gave him a year ago, it was still a wonderous gesture. I have to make a note about my relationship with Thai food. There are very few foods I go crazy about and for whatever reason Thai food is one of them. I always eat it really fast so I can cram as much in as possible and then I feel incredibly sick afterwards. But I always crave it again the next day. Ugh, it's so worth it! And we got their crazy purple rice with custard that sounded scary but was excellent. We also got curry with tofu (which I would happily eat everyday for the rest of my life) and some noodle thing with squid (which I did not feel quite the same way about). Tried to find a wedding card to please his mother, and although I found two KILLER birthday cards earlier in the day my wedding card finding skillz were not up to par. Unfortunately there is not much in the way of hilarious wedding cards. They were all overly sentimental and had elaborate sonnets and limericks inside (not really, if they had had limericks I wouldn't be complaining right now). His mom was not impressed, which was kind of disappointing. Then we watched The Odd Couple, which was alright, it's a killer play/script but the movie was not too much to write home about. Also played fetch with the psycho Kunzler dog, Eddie.

I thought the Odd Couple could have had a better cast, but my problem is that when I see a play in high school or was in one in high school I have a hard time seeing certain characters as anyone else than the people that played them. I just couldn't stop imagining Ukiah and Brytton as Felix and Oscar. Or Paris (they did a female version too). Another example is that Ben Gerling (r.i.p) will always be the greatest Polonius in my mind. Oh, and no one can play Betty Paris from the Crucible like I can (Kidding, I think I kind of sucked at acting in those days/still do).

I really love talking about life late at night. I don't think it gets much better than that.

Listened to quite a bit of Saves the Day and Johnny Cash today. Also made a sweet mix for running on the tredmill.

Still up at 3am because previous mentioned activities kept me out late and then I just finished a sweet collage on a notebook made from ads from a TIME magazine from 1965. Not going to lie, I think it's sweet. We'll see if the person I made it for feels the same away. The birthdays never end this time of year!! I don't know why people all decided to make babies in August/September but it really makes my life complicated.

May 27, 2008

fire fingers

Update: I can officiously type 80 words per minute.
Probably why I rant so much on this thing, because I can type things nearly as fast as I think them so they just dribble all over the page.

Also, I will never be happy with the colors of this bloggidy thing.

So, I am realizing I will never be able to comprehend the human mind. They (whoever they are) say that every single person is affected in some way by a mental illness. It seems likely, as they are more and more common. For quite a while I wanted to be a psychologist/psychiatrist but I realized I don't have any answers. I don't know how to help people through things. I don't know how I feel about medication or any of that stuff. But I guess that's the kind of opinion that comes with research. But I seem to be one of those people go to for advice. Moreso in high school. It just seemed like everyone from friends to vague acquaintances would pour out their feelings and distressments to me. Usually over the convenience of AOL Instant Messanger. And I realized that sometimes people just want someone to listen and tell them what they are already thinking. I love to listen though. I love knowing and discovering just how people think and what they're going through and how it effects their personality and lifestyle. I'd love to be a sociologist or anthropologist. People are just so wonderfully fascinating. And I love them terribly.

So I've got a major sugar hangover. I've never had a real hangover but I've seen enough movies to guess this is similar. I had a horrible time trying to wake up this morning, I feel like my brain has turned into lead, my muscles are all aching, and I'm craving sugar, the very thing that has cursed me this way. So here's the problem, I've been doing pretty good not eating much sugar. Eating all natural fruit snacks and being too poor to buy candy anyway. But then I get 5lbs of gummi bears for my birthday and my parents overloaded on sweets for the movie and I steadily ate my weight in sugary confections throughout the day. So now I want to die...And eat gummi bears. But I'll probably run on the tredmill instead and drink some water. ha.

So I need/want a new camera, or I may just attempt at salvaging my thin lil' digital I've had for two years. Semi-recently it decided to give up on life, but it may just need a new battery. But it doesn't take video which is a bit disheartening as sometimes you just need to catch people spontaneously dancing in the streets or if I see a unicorn or UFO or something. So, for a while I was considering getting one of those fancy DSLRs, but I also like the idea of something pocket-sized and ready for action. Not that anyone reads this, but if someone camera-savvy has any suggestions lemme know.

I have very realistic dreams and it is tres boring. Because who wants to dream about things you can live? Though I dreamed I was back in Utah which was sort of pleasant. I have yet to dream I can fly though. And I'm feeling jipped.

There are a bag of necterines on the counter a-calling my name.

I'm such a premium dancer.

Sometimes I find myself inherently liking someone before I really know them. Sometimes it’s something about their face or just one thing they do or say that I immediately decide their okay in my book. For example, whenever someone quotes Arrested Development or likes the movie Cool Hand Luke or shakes their hips a lot when they dance…Then I know they’re someone worth getting to know. On the other hand if someone quotes Grey’s Anatomy they are completely unreasonable (just kidding…Some of my best friends are GAddicts).

So my brothers are playing some Mario game for the Wii that is on acid and five other drugs...A drug cocktail I suppose. Anyway, there are swirling colors and the point of gravity changes and water levels go up and down. And it’s in something like 16 dimensions. Oh, and there’s lava. And then there’s Super Smash Brothers for the Wii…No longer can you just throw people off cliffs…You have to throw them off while the background is traveling through space or one flying platforms that change to new settings. Or the levels that move along as you’re playing. But don’t get me wrong, I love Super Smash Brothers in any form… ANY FORM. I don’t remember who I was talking to but they mentioned how it seems like people only repeat themselves in movies and not in real life. I think I repeat things for emphasis in real life though, because I just did. JUST. DID.

Watched Everything is Illuminated. A gorgeous film. But I’d seen it before and I freaked out and fast forwarded through part at the end that I really don’t like watching. ‘Lijah kind of makes creepy faces sometimes, but he’s a good kid. And Eugene Hutz is hilarious. Also this movie and Royal Tenenbaums proves that guys in track suits win at life.

Also saw Indiana Jones today with my family. I think if Lucas and Spielberg want to continue making Indiana Jones movies they should. More power to them.

And then I saw Iron Man (yes, I wasted about 6 or 7 hours today watching films). It was great, like everyone said it would be. Certain types of movies will never get old. People love movies with heroes. And if they’re really, really, cool heroes all the better. Iron man happened to be really cool. He had five nice cars, some planes, was rich, got the ladies (I didn’t appreciate that part so much), and helpful robot assistants. And then he builds himself a suit to fight bad guys. What a guy.

I kind of want to pick a fight with someone. Maybe I’ll take up boxing. But I’m definitely not going professional because I don’t want to end up being a million dollar baby. I’m more of a couple thousand dollar baby. Not quite so high maintenance. Ha.

I’m highly in need of a Switzerland in my life.

Well, world of the wide web, this is me saying good night.

good night.

May 26, 2008


After watching Royal Tenenbaums and being a fan of Arrested Development for a while I am starting to wish my life was narrated. Especially if it was by someone like Alec Baldwin with a deep sexy voice. (Note: I did not say Alec Baldwin was sexy, I was refering to his voice only). Because, often I narrate my life inside my head, but how much better would it be if it was someone elses voice. Well, that would probably mean I was crazy actually. And I suppose if I try a bit I can imagine Alec Baldwin or Will Arnett's voice narrating my life. So...problem solved.

Did I mention I have five pounds of gummi bears in my room and no self contol?

Today was good because I went to my home ward where people who have known me for about a million years reside. Lots of hugs/handshakes and "we're so glad your back!"s. It was sort of exciting. Kind of like being a celebrity.

Watched My Best Friend's Wedding today. I really don't like chick flicks much but I've been watching a lot (three) lately. It was recorded on the television and I was just going to watch ten minutes and go to bed but instead I watched the whole thing with my mom. Currently watching Far Away. I kind of love it when couples fight each other in movies. But,don't get me wrong, it's not funny in real life.

Guess what I can type 67 words per minute when it's really late at night (early morning). So I wanted to get a blog somewhere else so I could bust out some sweet html. But html never works right for me anyway and I guess it's not really worth it when this template is all clean and convenient.

I wish I could remember some of the ridiculous jokes that James told on the Diantha set.

Last night some things were really put into perspective for me and I realized that things don't always just go back to how they once were. And today I remembered some people I hadn't thought about in a while. And this summer might not end up going how I had anticipated it going.


a story inspired by shawn curtis. and when i say inspired by i mean he said, "hey lauren, write me story...now" and i said, "a'ight"
written in 25 minutes.

“I hate my life” a young girl sighed. Her exhale was so forceful that a Starburst wrapper that had formerly been resting in front of her fluttered across the table. It was a gross exaggeration. She did not even believe the words as she said them, but it was a desperate attempt to get someone to pay attention to her. Her mother, cooking dinner only a few feet away, was lost in her own thought gesturing to herself in between stirring something on the stovetop. The rest of the family was scattered about the house. They were on the computer in the den or playing video games downstairs.

Luckily there was the dog to acknowledge her presence. The large, white, mixed-breed was notorious for licking people’s elbows when they least expected it. On occasion she would even manage to lick people’s faces if they were in reach. The blitz attack would be followed by an innocent look from brown eyes and then the dog would pad back to her bed in the corner and in a short time would begin snoring. The girl at the table sighed again, this time the Starburst wrapper fluttered off the side of the table and to the ground. The girl’s brown eyes (they matched the dog’s) shifted from left to right and paused a moment. It was not much more than a moment before her conscious told her no one else was going to pick up the wrapper and she pushed her chair back and crawled under the table to retrieve it.

Once under the table, she was met with a surprise. The dog had somehow awoken and reappeared, tangling her leash in the table legs, and quickly licked the girl’s nose just as she ensnared the wrapper in her fist. “Thank you.” She muttered before giving the dog a shove. Her actions were futile and the sixty pound dog hardly budged. “I hate my life.” She backed out from under the table and carefully ducked so as not to hit her head. The movement protected her head but she knocked her elbow on the table leg and felt the all too familiar tingling that comes with the unfortunate collision of an elbow and a hard object. “G. D. I hate my life!” Though it was said a bit louder this time her motif was still ignored.

Once dinner time came they were having steak and barbequed vegetables. She hated steak and the skewered vegetables took much longer than necessary to eat. She chose not to complain because she knew her mom put in a lot of effort for dinner. She slipped over to the refrigerator and milk out. On the way she stepped on a small pool of water from an ice cube that someone had dropped earlier. It soaked through her socks. I hate my life, she thought, but she did not really mean it. She sat down once more at the table and chomped off a bit of zucchini. The pointed part of the stick holding the vegetables tilted its way toward the back of her throat and she tried to choke discretely.

The dinner conversation was average and the dog slunk around looking for fallen tidbits. In a few minutes all the food was gone from her plate and she drank milk slowly while the others finished. There was something comforting about drinking milk slowly. Not for everyone, she thought, because milk was one of the most common allergies. And if you’re allergic it must not be comforting at all. She finished her milk and loaded the dishes in the dishwasher.

Then she trudged off dragging her feet along. She got on her computer and decided to complain to the internet world about small annoyances that add up, but in the end don’t really matter. They certainly aren’t enough to write a whole page about. But she did. "I love my life." She laughed to herself after reading over what she had written.

May 25, 2008

cold feet

i am cold because i just got back from talking with my roomate this past year on my porch.
i think some of the most influential things of my high school career happened in front of my house.
laid on the sidewalk with good friends talking about life...there's a great view of the stars because we don't have street lights up on our hill...which also makes it a bit terrifying.
kissed both of my boyfriends for the first time at the top of my driveway.
i laid in the driveway when it was warm and talked on the phone with people who made me happy.
on prom my date's car died in the driveway after he dropped me off and he had to call and ask me to jump start it haha.
and just really great conversations that happen sometime between leaving and entering the house.
also i wash the dog and cars in front of the house.
and there was the time there were deer just chilling in our driveway.

A lot consist of the outside conversation standing in the cold...or even rain. Late at night. But i think conversation is invaluable. I can't live without it.

Also looking back on my freshman year of college I think I learned a heck of a lot. About myself and life and interactions with people. And what matters and what doesn't matter. And I think if I could get one thing into every person's head it would be that Being Selfish Doesn't Pay Off. Not only will people like you better, but you'll be happier if you think of other people more than or at least as much as you think about yourself. Because it gets really old when people only have their best interests in mind. Especially when they say things like, "I know what I'm doing would upset me if I was in their position" Well don't do it then. I know I'm happier to do things for other people than for myself even though it's not always easy to do. And people will resent you for it eventually.

So I am nineteen now. And I think I should make some new age resolutions...Because it's not as fun to make goals for the year in January.

So here I am going to vow to be more assertive. Because I get annoyed with people who can't make decisions...Yet, I am one of those people. But aside from just making decisions, also not letting people walk all over me. Because a lot of times I do things because I want to avoid conflict. But this usually makes things a lot worse. Now, I think it's really good to be laid back and compromise and not be a dictator, but I have a problem not mentioning things that I know will bother me later. I also have a problem with trying to make everyone happy at the same time when that is not always possible...And sometimes it's healthy for people to be unhappy.

Another thing is I've been told I have good instincts...But I ignore them often and I've got to stop doing that. Because in hindsight things are always clear, but the warning signs are always clear too and don't know why I didn't see them as I was going along.

Another goal for myself is to get broken up with or have a relationship last longer than three months. I always flee from relationships before they have a chance to run their course...Basically I end them before they even begin. And maybe this sounds ridiculous but for once I want someone else to break up with me because I've never given anyone the chance. I know no one likes being broken up with but I kind of want/may need the experience. And maybe I'll get over my commitmentphobia. I just keep thinking I'll grow out of it and that I'll really like someone and keep liking them, but it never seems to work. This is something I REALLY need to work on, because I am tired of hurting feelings and hurting myself.

Today I watched 27 Dresses (it was alright) and Royal Tenenbaums (edited for tv) which was pretty good...Again, I think it was too hyped up by everyone claiming it's so amazing, but I liked it a lot. Thought the style was great, love the actors, love A. Baldwin's voice, and though this is my first I'm pretty sure I already love Wes as a director.

Yesterday was my birthday and most of my presents were...ironic I guess you could say. I got some pretty amazing stuff though like a cool ring, bracelet, and argyle socks. Not to mention five pounds of gummi bears. I've been promised a camera, but I have no idea what kind to get. And I'm striking this minimalist phase where I don't feel a need for possessions and as much as I love fashion I'm thinking of just wearing plain colored t-shirts, jeans, bandanas, my usual jewelry and some converse. I want to live out of two boxes and sleep in a hammock.

Just found out the song I've been listening to says the F word twice. I really hate when that happens.

Hopefully I'm going to get lined up with a job that pays $9 or more an hour and is full-time. Crossing my fingers for that.

Gosh, once I start writing on this it's like I can't stop and I just keep thinking of more and more nonsense to bore the world wide web with.

Now that it is way past my bedtime, I am signing off.

May 23, 2008

happy birthday to meeeeeee.

i forgot what comic geniousness the simpsons are. i'm celebrating my birthday by watching several episodes that are DVRed on my family television set. i just love how they mock everything. i feel like this is the one day i can justify laying around and not doing things i should be doing (namely, cleaning).
also, animation is an amazing thing...but man, could you imagine being the one who has to flip the pages?

movies i've watched so far this summer:
-Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
-Made of Honor
-Gilmore Girls Season 5
-Heima (Sigor Ros documentary)
-Some other documentary about the Davidson family and Sufjan Stevens
-Walk the Line
-Casablanca (the first half, then i fell asleep)
-Price Caspian
-Million Dollar Baby (atleast the important parts)
-Evan Almighty
-Princess Diaries

May 22, 2008

one day more...

I'm not going to lie...I really like to watch myself type. I have had a blog in some form since I was in 6th grade...That's right, I'm a pro. All those ones were semi-secret though. Because when you're in sixth grade you obviously have a lot of secrets, right? Anyway, I've been through pitas.com and livejournal and a few others in that neighborhood but it seems like blogspot is what all the big kids are into. Maybe I was inspired to start this new thing because I am watching Princess DIARIES (thanks to the power of DVR*). And she has a magical (not really magical...I just threw that in for effect) diary that opens when you push a necklace into it..kind of cheesy. But that is why we love Disney right? Also she has a cat and all I can think about is the use of Soviet Montage editing that shows the blank face of the cat but depending on what shots are around it the cat seems to have quite the expressive face.

I like this font, it's called trebuchet...Like the ancient catapult that has a counterweight that swings around for maximum launching distance. They are featured in Lord of the Rings (the second one I believe) and The Chornicals of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Also featured in the movie Trebuchet of Death 2004... Anyway, for whatever reason I really enjoy incredibly minute (as in minute not minute) text. I think there is something elegant about tiny text. However, I write small and in high school some woman who was supposed to help us with our careers or something told me it lacked depth. In my head I said, "I'll give your face some depth...With my FIST!" Sometimes I wish the running commentary in my head actually came out my mouth, but I guess that would have been a bit of an overreaction to what was supposed to be constructive criticism.
So I like cheese pizza with pineapple. Just pineapple. There. I said it. Sometimes pineapple and artichoke hearts. I'm dead serious.

*Can I just say DVR is the best invention ever, probably. I am a bit obsessed with going through the tv guide and recording movies. However, our cable is incomplete as we do not have AMC or animal planet... I can't watch Groomer Has It!!!

P.S. For once in my life I would like to see a teen movie where she doesn't end up with the guy. Something realistic maybe. I mean, not realistic to my life..But most people's. ;)

Lastly, my birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 19...Which is the one age I don't feel. I feel more like a 17 year old or a 22 year old. Evann and Angela are going to take me out to breakfast which I think is really cute.
I use the word cute a lot...