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May 31, 2009

that's where i wanna go

Right now all I want to do is go to Mexico next semester to teach English.
I want to get a horrible disease and live through it.
I want to play with little kids and educate their young minds.

when you're a jet...

When do you find yourself rubbing motor oil and dirt all over guitar strings at 3am?
When do you find people telling you to roll up a car cover and then 2 seconds later tell you to put it on again?
When do you walk around falling down houses and almost fall through the porch putting fake scotch in a real scotch bottle?
When do come home at 7am covered in motor oil, dirt, diseases, and grass?
When do tons of people stand around watching a little kid laying on the side of a road with (fake) blood all down his face?
When do you watch 20 guys take turn flirting with the same three girls?
When do you get really, really, excited about finding the exact glasses you need in an abandoned house?
When do you rip mailboxes out of the ground at 5am and no one is even impressed?
When do you have to keep tabs on the liquor so that the talent doesn't get too drunk?
When do you work from 6pm-6am for sandwiches and bit-o-honeys?

When you're a film student.

May 30, 2009

all you need is love

"True love can alter human lives and change human nature."
--President Thomas S. Monson

While recently I've been experiencing a more romantic type of love, that is not what this quote is referring to. We've got a responsibility to love the people around us. President Monson in a recent talk to the young women of the world said he wishes that we might have the courage it takes to not judge others.

And how easy is to reach out to someone and find out a little bit about them, make a new friend, etc. I've turned down opportunities for wonderful relationships just because I was preoccupied with myself. And I've also felt the blessings of being friends with people that I might not have thought twice about if we hadn't been randomly thrown together.

I'm made of atoms and you're made of atoms and we're all in this together.
--Ben Lee

Loving has never really been a problem for me. Sometimes I love too much and it causes me to get hurt/walked all over, blah blah blah. But I don't even care, because it's always better than getting offended or not letting people into your life because you're scared.

It's easy to get upset when someone doesn't put as much into a relationship as you do, or even intentionally hurts you. But it doesn't matter, because not forgiving them will only hurt the grudge-holder. And the power of forgiveness often strengthens your relationship to even more than it was before the offense.

Always love, hate will get you ever time.
--Nada Surf

so, sometimes i have opinions about things.
putting on Burt's Bees Body Lotion makes me crave Indian food.

they should put a warning label on the bottle.

May 29, 2009

E is even more than anyone that you adore.

this is Elizabeth.
Basically I love her a lot.
Soon she'll be leaving me to serve a mission in Indonesia.
And I'm really proud of her.
And right now I'm laying in bed
(because sadly I am quite sick)
One of the many things that reminds me of her

May 26, 2009


sometimes i come up with great ideas. like making dinosaur shirts and going to the world's largest dinosaur museum.

and sometimes i find someone cool enough to do them with me.

(but, as you can see my shirt was a little bit better)

May 25, 2009

my birthday was fabulous.
starting with kool-aid tea parties that made us sick.
and ending with jumping in puddles.
more details to come...
i am 20!

May 23, 2009

my first birthday away from home.
i feel so grown up.
except for the fact that all i've done so far is eat breakfast and watch daytime television.
and now i'm drinking a Squeez-it.

May 21, 2009

woke up this morning, still have short hair.
funny how that happens.
i did get one un-biased opinion (and several biased) that it looks good. which is something.

oh, and i'm speaking in church on sunday
oh, and i'm turning 20 on saturday
oh, and...i have a good feeling about friday
oh, and...today (thursday) i am going to go clean out a gross house

i can think of no reason why people shouldn't be able to find joy in life.
i cut my hair short again,
not sure if that was a good idea.

oh, and i'm happy.

May 20, 2009

made for each other

ready for the cutest commercial ever?

Reasons yesterday was pretty fabby:

.Woke up without being sore from ab workout the day before
.Also woke up with a badger face in my face which made me yelp a little in surprise
.Beat (aka schooled) Willem at HORSE
.One legged, backward, left-handed, skipping bowling (not all at the same time though)
.Using a bowling ball that matched my nails
.Nitrogen-ically frozen ice cream (chocolate marshmallow malt to be more specif) with gummi bears!!
.Trying to speak Slovak
.Going through a car wash while listening to Viva La Vida
.Watching the original Star Wars and cracking jokes the whole time
.Lots of laughter

and today I am going to be very productive.

May 19, 2009

Things I've Learned

I meant to do this ages ago, but I wanted to do a quite summary of things I learned this past semester, because I learned a lot.

Things I learned, Winter semester 2009

.You'll never know how great your neighbors are if you don't just go over there.
.Sometimes when it really seems like someone is nto you, he might really be dating someone else (see also He's Just Not That Into You)
.Early morning, sleep-deprived drives up to Salt Lake are a great way to get to know someone.
.It doesn't matter if you have to stay up all night and work 14 hours straight if you're doing something you love.
.You are at least 10x sexier, by default, if you are the only girl in the room.
.Look good when you go onto a film set because a million behind the scenes pictures will be taken of you.
.Do not forget about Disney movies
.Watching Dr. Doolittle with your roommate might, sometimes, be more important than sleeping before you final.
.When you don't agree with something, speak up because then your group might avoid disaster/bad grades.
.Ironically, it is hard to get a good grade in your film class, when you spend all your time on film sets.
.Going to Mexico for Valentine's Day to play with orphans=always a good idea (especially when you don't have a boy-type Valentine).
.There are many, many genuinely wonderful, talented, caring people in the world.
.If you start playing songs in the middle of campus, people will join in

And things I've learned so far this summer:
.Don't get attached to small businesses in this economy
.Speaking foreign languages is hot
.It is hard to carry a watermelon with one hand when you're very tired
.Sometimes when someone acts like they've hired you, they really hired someone else instead.
.If you wear giant glasses people will think you're awesome, but also won't take you seriously

May 18, 2009

when someone talks in the middle of a song, you know it's serious

I really enjoy watching 30 Rock.

It combines a variety of humor (making fun of current events, making fun of its characters, and the completely bizarre one-liners that surprise the laughs out of you) that has you laughing out loud at some point during every episode.

And, I feel like they are catering to me personally, because they have brought in my most favourite actors to guest star.
First, Will Arnett the sexy-voiced Gob from Arrested Development
and now Alan Alda!! Everyone's favourite M*A*S*H doctor. Looking very, very old, but he's still got that Hawkeye studliness.

Not to mention the regular cast is brilliant. I have SO much love for Tina Fey...and even Alec Baldwin.

Even if you've never watched the show before I think you would find the last episode hilarious. So go watch it. ESPECIALLY the song at the end.

Even my mum loves it.

May 16, 2009

high school

Yesterday I worked a temp job taking tickets at the high school state track event.

It was funny to see millions of high school students, running around and being idiots and coaches in funny hats looking stressed but determined.

Friday I was stationed at the warm-up area and watched how they meticulously warmed-up and stretched. On the other end of the finish line we were told people were puking about every other race from pushing themselves so hard.

And sometimes I'd wonder why they bothered. But then I remembered that these kinds of things are what high school is all about.

I haven't touched my trombone in a little over a year, but if you ask me what my high school career was about, I'll tell you it was winning State three years in a row and playing in an incredible ensemble.

We did the same things. Rehearsing for hours inside and outside of school. Warming up just enough. Panicking about the smoothness of slides and quality of reeds.

And it paid off. We always made incredible music and South has a six time winning streak. They got third last night, which we all knew was bound to happen sometime soon, but each Senior class swore it wouldn't be them. I'm really proud of them though, because although I wasn't there, I have absolutely no doubt that they played high quality music. We needed more color variation to our trophy shelf anyway.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, we can't really make fun of those punky high schoolers because we all know it feels really good to be really, really good at something.

May 14, 2009

sun, sun, sun here we come.

today was a good day.

over sized glasses+movie making+sunshine+croquet

but, seriously...wth, the office, i do not approve.

oh, and i'm okay with the fact that i blog about absolutely nothing.

and now.


possibly the most foolish faces ever captured by a camera.

"when the sun comes out, so do the crazy people."

things i need:
.a haircut
.a shower
.a job
.a car
.oversized glasses
.to go exploring
.super 8 film
.final cut skillz
.a red cardigan
.an external harddrive

May 12, 2009

live long and prosper

I liked it because it made me laugh.

The actors were cute...Especially Jimmy Kirk, even though he spent half the movie getting punched in the face or strangled.

And everything made sense in the context of the world they have created.

May 10, 2009

i learned how to love them, dear mother, from you

I often go walking in meadows of clovers
and I gather armfuls of blossoms of blue
I gather the blossoms the whole meadow over
dear mother all flowers remind me of you

this is a primary (aka where they wrangle the young kids at church) song that they sang for all of us today. it is one of my favourites. even better, as an activity they did a mad-lib to it.

a little kid ran up to his mom after church and handed her a card that ended with
dear mother all butts remind me of you

I often go sleeping in meadows of dogs. And I run armfuls of blossoms of green. I die the rings the whole stew over. Dear mother, all chickens remind me of you.
Love your Christopher Columbus,

It's a good thing most mothers have a sense of humor.

I truly believe that a good mother can do more for the world than anyone in any other profession.

I love my mom because she is a stunning woman who always goes above and beyond whatever she is called to do.
When she was a primary leader she built a time machine so she could bring shepherds back from the Bible to talk about Jesus' birth.
She performs magic tricks with her fingers.
She plans a book club and plants flowers.
She didn't hesitate to buy me ice cream and gummi bears.
She tells me exactly what I need to hear, even if it's offensive (ha).
She decorates the house for every holiday, no matter how minor.
She'll bust out in dance moves in the living room.
Whenever she learns something new she'll incorporate it into conversations at least five times that day.
She makes a mean curry.
She's been to Jamaica.
She's a good sport.
Sometimes she says tv show names wrong.
She loves playing the movie quote game.
She got really excited when Spock had a cameo in the Star Trek movie...
(more on Star Trek, next)

the 'rents managed to steal a snog during tyler's wedding as well.
okay, the photog told them to do it. but cute, nonetheless.


May 8, 2009

why i love coming home

the roadtrip began this morning with me getting into the car at 4am with two acquaintances.
i had already decided i was okay spending several hours with these two.
but any doubt i might have had vanished when we sang along loudly to Weezer's blue album.

then we ate at this diner with a waitress who's arms were bigger than all of us combined.

we rocked out to Arcade Fire and Cake (including air instruments) and without too much delay we were in Oregon.

my mom was quite pleased to see me.
my dad goes, "what are you doing here."
then mum, "but seriously, how did you get here?"
caleb was gone, but when he came home he went to give me a hug and then stopped and said, "uh. um. wait, why are you here?"

then we watched 30 Rock and ate ice cream (and gummi bears).

.Caleb is officially big enough to give me piggy back rides (for about 10 seconds)
.I tried to convince mum to let me steal her rug for a movie (failed)
.I laid in bed this morning because my bed here is just soooo comfy.
i am going home.
to hug my mother.

'cause 13 hours ain't so bad, right?

May 7, 2009

today was full of ups and downs.

-i don't actually have a job (even though I was told I was going to be working)
+i've already applied for a better job
+E was in my life
+i bought a flannel shirt
+a most attractive man admitted that he thinks i am cute
-i got hit in the face with a volleyball
-gregory the gnome broke a chunk out of his hat
+we had fun with super glue which almost involved a permanent connection between my finger and taylor's forehead.
+we mostly put him back together
-i have to be up in less than 4 hours

positives always win out.
I always think leaving your number for a waiter is the dumbest thing ever.
I mean, what's going to come out of it? An awkward phone conversation with someone you don't really know and maybe one uncomfortable date?
Or more likely, they don't call at all.

But, I may or may not have given in to peer pressure just this once.

I'm only human.

May 6, 2009

I am so HAPPY and feel so LUCKY to be in a major that I love like mad.

I am working on some great projects this Spring.
Going to Art Direct it up like mad.

And I love that I can just show up on the set of something awesome like this and people are excited to show me what they're doing.
And tell me how cool I am.
And then I steal their Starbursts when they're not looking.

Someone I had just met: "I like you because you don't seem like a whiner."

May 5, 2009

Reasons I Love My Father

i'm all about gratitude right now.

so, i bring you....

Reasons I Love My Father

.he introduced me to the important things in life like Cool Hand Luke, M*A*S*H, and Bob Dylan
.he really, honestly tried to learn Spanish with cassette tapes
.he likes to pretend like he's a dentist
.he used to type up results for the Oscar's
.he taught me how to fish when i was really little, and hid the fish i caught from me because i was afraid of it
.he tells me i can do things even when i'm not sure i can
.in fact, he's convinced i can do anything
.he said, "yay!" when i told him i got into the film program
.he loves my mom and really shows it
.he helped me build a double-decker bunk swing and actually tried it out with me and talked about patenting the idea
.he likes good, weird food like sushi, curry, and raw octopus
.he thought the line in Jet's Look What You've Done was "take my Frodo off the wall."
.for a while whenever i left the house he'd say, "have fun, be good, drink sprite."
.he sometimes cries at things like weddings and Eagle Scout Court of Honors
.he is always willing to eat popcorn and cuddle
.he knows what's important in life
.he once tried to teach me how to salsa after taking a lesson on a cruise
.he's got the most gentle blue eyes
.people who don't know him sometimes think he's scary (which comes in handy with stupid boys)
.he always talks about moving back to Saudi Arabia, or going to Alaska
.he's made me who i am today (literally and figuratively)

i know you've seen this picture before, but it's just so cute!

May 4, 2009

enjoying little things makes it far too easy to be happy.
this spring i'm going to embrace that.
so, here is the first installment of...
things that made me happy today
.making nachos
.playing jenga without hands (and specifically noses)
.finding a ride
.the creation of Team Art (we're easy)
.making movies
.bringing ice cream cups to the production meeting
.hanging out at a rich filmmaker's house, eating good food with old friends and making new friends
.listening to Dave Matthew's on the way back from the grocery store

if it makes you happier

ten things that make me terribly happy
inspired by taza
1. yellow curry
2. fields of flowers/picking dandelions on the side of the road
3. rain
4. baby animals
5. when people make me food/making food for other people
6. building forts (and playing jenga/watching movies/eating pizza/cuddling in them)
7. conversations under the stars
8. the Oregon coast
9. when people smile/laugh with their eyes
10. really good/pretty photography/cinematography
narrowing it down to ten was the hardest part

May 3, 2009

amber is planning her wedding which will happen in august.

this has caused me to start planning my wedding which will happen in...2012?

things i know about my wedding:

the colors will be bright and happy
(right now it's sky blue and yellow)
the cake will actually taste good
the actual marriage will be in the portland, oregon temple
there will be dancing at the reception
my dress will not be floor length and non of that train nonsense
i will wear flowers in my hair
the husband will be hot
i will probably have too many bridesmaids

May 2, 2009


i kind of* love baby ducks...

and taylor does too.

spring is a really really magical time of year.

*i'm actually super obsessed and make high pitched noises when i see them.