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Feb 24, 2013

Media Likes

I have to write this blog post for class and I don't have anything to say because I've been busy writing/developing things for my screenwriting classes and for the Mayhew writing competition.

So here's some stuff I like.

If you haven't ever watched Parks and Recreation you should change that right now because it is a fantastic comedy. I would recommend it to everyone and so would my mother. Most of its greatness comes from its dedication to its characters they are consistent unlike many TV shows that just change character traits to fit weird dramatic plot lines. Watch it on Netflix. Skip the first season.

My favorite film of the Oscar nominees is Silver Linings Playbook, even though I have a hard time remembering the name. It's rated R for swears, lots of swears, but it is such a wonderful story about two imperfect characters that are perfect in their own ways. I loved it. Go see it. 

Songs I like:

Top 100ish Love Songs by lauren laws on Grooveshark

Also, go see plays at the Echo Theater on University Ave. Just saw Happy, Little Secrets there. That was a really good little play that gave an insight into some difficult issues people have to deal with.

That's all I've got this week.

Feb 13, 2013

HOW TO: For Boys Wanting to Date Girls

I have a friend who has an impressive amount of first date experience and she helped me compile this list of "What Not to Do's" for boys on a first date or when asking a girl out.

This is meant to give real and actual advice because we are well aware how difficult dating girls must be. 

Best Way to Ask Someone Out:
  • Not in public---that's a good tactic if you want to trick her into saying yes, but not if you want a genuine answer.
  • Not over Facebook--if you need to go through Facebook to get someone's number, I'm okay with that. But CALL or ASK IN PERSON. It's scary I'm sure, but it's SO much more manly. And if you ask on Facebook she can just pretend like she didn't get it. 
  • Explain what we're doing. Do I need to look hot in heels or are we hiking (aliteration, holla!)? Are we eating or should I eat before to avoid being hangry at you the whole time? 
  • Don't try and arrange something via texts. It makes my thumbs hurt.
First Dates:

Don't make it: 
  • Overly long. Marathon dates are great when you're madly in love but it's nice to have a limited time frame for first encounters. She can't miss you if you never leave.
  • Super expensive. Makes the girl feel awkward if you drop a bunch of cash up front (there'll be time for that later).
  • Somewhere in swimsuits. There are lots of fun things to do in water--but it's hard not to assume you just want to check out our bodies.
  • Just keep it simple. Most of us are not judging your bank account or abs straight-away but how you interact with other humans. 
  • Maybe you're asking out someone you don't really know and that's cool but if you have any idea of her interests try and plan something around that. If it's someone like me who posts all over Facebook "OMGoooooosh I LOVE THIS PIZZA PLACE" or "I WOULD KILL FOR A FROSTY" then you know you can't go wrong with that. That's why they invented Facebook. But, seriously, if anyone wants to ask me out for Italian pizza...
Don't talk about sex on a first date. Don't follow up with, "This isn't the first time I've talked about sex on a first date." 

Other Remarks:
  • We know "pre-med" and "pre-law" aren't real majors. It's okay if you're studying English as an undergrad, just say so. It's a better conversational move, because otherwise it's like, "cool, let me know what that's like in 7 years." 
  • If you kiss a girl, you better have something to say for yourself because most girls are going to interpret that as meaning you like her. Tred lightly in that territory. 
  • Remember the whole "just be honest" thing. Don't use us as part of some game or competition.  Because we will write an angry song about you---or worse.
General Don'ts:
  • Don't wear a snuggy...And especially don't wear a snuggy and then draw massive attention to yourself by jumping up and down and shouting.
  • Don't wear less clothes than I am. Those super short cut-offs? Not exactly the knight in shining armor look. James Bond can pull it off, but he's one of a kind. 
  • Don't look up my starting salary and then announce it to a large group of people. Don't then say, "It's okay, you can find a man to take care of you." Even the non-feminists don't want you to tell them that they need you for survival.
  • Don't get someone's number and then not call! What is up with that? 
  • Don't say you want to watch a chick flick because you like them when what you really mean is "I want to watch a chick flick so I can make out with you." 
  • When I tell you I am studying Art History do not respond with, "So you're studying porn?" 
  • Don't almost get me fired from my job and then try and ask me out.
  • Don't preface anything with something like, "I find you strangely attractive" or something similar. That only worked for Darcy...and even he had to redeem himself. 
Hope this helps you find a future Valentine! 

If you have How-To's for girls and dating you can leave them in the comments. 

Feb 10, 2013

What Being a Film Kid Looks Like...

Once upon a time I said, "I'm going to take it easy this semester."

This week looked/looks like this:

8:30am get to campus early so I can email a bunch of people back for casting calls for HBLL video
9:00am post-production class for Weeping
11:00am work
12:00pm more post production talk
1:00pm Screenwriting 2
3:00pm Casting Calls for HBLL
5:00pm Communications class
6:15pm Big Meeting for Drift
7:00pm Finish reading Night for doc class and write paper
10:00pm Help Kelso/Tess take equipment back, grab a crepe while picking up Willem
11:30 Finish paper, shower
1:30am Sleep

8:30am Doc class
11:00am Devotional
12:00pm Work
1:00pm TV writing class
3:00pm Work, casting/location decisions 
5:00pm Discuss pick-up stuff, scholarship stuff with JMags
5:30pm Casting meeting for Without a Rope
6:00pm Testing screening for Weeping
8:00pm Post-screening discussion with Jeff
9:00pm Run home, get car, pick up Jacob, mad Wendy's dash for much needed sustenance to catch the...
9:50pm showing of Warm Bodies (okay, this doesn't seem necessary, but it was)
12:00am drop JJ off, have lengthy life discussion (also needed)
2:30am Sleep

8:30am Wake up, check email, forward an email along, turn off alarm
10:00am actually wake up
11:00am Work
1:00pm Screenwriting 2
2:00pm Work/Study for Quizzes
5:00pm Communications Class
6:15pm Run home, get car, get pizza, go to MPS for pick-ups for Weeping

8:30am Doc class
11:00am Forum with Jerusha + Jared Hess (love,love,love)
1:00pm TV writing class
3:00pm Work
5:00pm Download pickups footage, learn how to punch people, fail at learning how to see those stupid Magic Eye things.
7:00pm Pizza at Terra Mia (love,love,love)
8:30pm Grocery shopping for a BILLION groceries
10:00pm Prepare food
12:00am Watch SMASH
2:00am Bed

10:30am Run some set dressing things to work
11:15am Start prepping curry for 40 people + catch up on my NBC shows
2:30pm Serve lunch
4:30pm Clean up Kelly's kitchen
5-9pm Casting
9pm Buy more cups, drop off stuff at Kelly's
10:30pm FroYo rendezvous + deep conversations
12:00am Talk movies + eat macaroons
1:30am Drop off water bottles that were still in my car.
2:30am Bed

8:30am-2pm Shooting for HBLL
Drive to Fairview
6pm Feed everyone "lunch" for Drift
Try to slip in some screenwriting
12am bed.

In between all these things life is spent glued to my laptop (a now constant companion) writing:
1. Short musical film
2. Two 25 minute television episodes
3. A feature-length film
4. A song for Valentine's Day
5. Endless, unnecessary tweets (@lawsren).

I am a champion at procrastinating writing assignments by writing something else.

Feb 2, 2013

How To Survive a Provo Winter

It's been cold here. First, there was freezing rain that turned the whole city into an ice rink. There was snow. There was more snow. There was subzero temperatures. Etc.

Here are some tips I've found helpful.

1. Layer up. The thing about winter is that the buildings on campus decide to keep themselves warm and toasty so while you feel like you are going to freeze your face off walking up to campus you will be sweating as soon as you step indoors. You will need a t-shirt for when you first get into the building and your body freaks out, a light jacket/sweater for when you realize it's cold again, and a huge coat to get you from one building to another.

I recommend stripping as you walk through the doors. It helps your body adjust and attracts the attention of passer-bys. I found it to be a fail-proof method.

2. Get headphones that double as ear muffs. But seriously, I never liked ear-buds and they won't do anything for you in the cold.

3. Wear waterproof shoes. Everyday I don't wear my boots there is magically 6 inch-deep snow blocking whereever I need to be.

4. Swap your side bag for a backpack. You have no shot at keeping balance on slippery terrain if your weight isn't well distributed.

Lastly, study at the library:

Not going to lie, I'm proud of this little video because me and Laura did it almost entirely by ourselves (minus the talented people in it, of course).