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Aug 30, 2009

I'm working on a 3D movie and I'm quite very excited even though it's going to be a looooooooooooot of work.
(we have a huuuuuuuuuuuge crew)

the problem is...

The problem with fragrances is they aren't really made for the people that buy them.
They're made for the opposite sex of the people who buy them.

Women's perfume --> attractive to men
Men's cologne --> attractive to me

So I am sitting here right now, very content to be smelling like Clinque Happy for Men (which I stole a spritz of from a glove compartment)
And I could inhale that stuff Nautica makes all day.
Not to mention Old Spice...
Even some kinds of Axe are amazingly intoxicating
(the commercials are not so far off)

I could care less about smelling like flowers.
But otherwise I would smell like a boy, which would get weird I guess.

So...I guess it works, because I just want good-smelling men around me all the time.

Which is really the intended purpose.
But also a problem.

Aug 28, 2009

Dear Daughters,

You are going to grow up in a world completely different than mine. I mean, I don't know what could possibly come after the iPod, but I had a portable cassette player growing up. And that, my loves, is class. You'll probably have to learn three languages in Elementary School to catch up with the world, or maybe they won't even have Elementary School anymore and knowledge will be fed to you like apples (oh gosh, I really hope they still have apples).

So maybe when you read this you'll think I'm speaking a foreign language (Don't worry, I don't understand half the things my mother says). Or maybe I married some crazy returned missionary who raised you so that your first language is Russian or Icelandic and this really is a foreign language for you. I wouldn't be surprised if I let such a thing happen, or even encouraged it.

Maybe I'll include a glossary in the back.

Dear Daughters,

Dear Daughters,

I am not very smart right now, but I think I have a bit of advice I can give you from my 20-year-old-growing-up self. Before I get old and can't remember life before a steady career and marriage and whatever else comes my way. Obviously I am doing pretty well if you've come along. I'm sure you're very good looking if my half of the genes got to you properly. But don't let that go to your head, like it's gone to mine.

First of all, don't ever be afraid. You can do anything you want to. And you can be anything you want to be.

More on that later.

Your not yet mother

Side note: I am aware that I may never have (a) daughter(s) but just in case I do, this book (which I will publish in installments on my blog before it actually becomes a book) is for them.

Aug 27, 2009

why i love fun people part 1

One of the greatest conversations of the summer was held while sitting around a table that was held together by bright purple duct tape. Everything from reenacting parts of movies, singing songs, making fun of Australians and people who live in LA, talking about biting off fingernails and shaving meat off of cows, we successfully covered all genres of conversation. And we were all wearing sunglasses and eating sensuous sandwiches. Even if I didn't fill my sandwich to its potential.

Post-lunch involved slurpees and exploring the catacombs that exist under Campus Villa. Freaky biscuits.

6:55pm showing of Julie and Julia consisted of everyone wearing a name tag that read either Julie or Julia spelled in a variety of ways.
Jewly, Jly, Ja-olya, Juli, etc.

LOVED the movie. Cutest thing ever. And it wasn't completely girly, Matt Heder.

11:00pm found us sitting outside Applewood eating cheese, bread, and grapes (because that was the extent of our French cooking). This was preceded by pre-production work on our grocery store music video.

The day ended with a good discussion on life and me curling up on the floor under Mel's bed for the night.

Still homeless.
Now to work.
(I know, what kind of homeless person works? I'm unconventional)

Aug 26, 2009

500 Days of District 9

Every once in a while it's good to do things like a double feature at a movie theatre...
Even when it's two of the most painful movies that comment on human nature.

Fact 1: We don't always treat each other nicely. Physically. Emotionally. Whatever it may be.

District 9 was...Tragic.
There were some parts that were close to unbearable but not because of graphic violence, it was because of the nature of the film and people hurting each other for no reason. I really can't write a proper review because it's really something you just have to watch and think and talk about.

Though I do have to say the experience was enhanced by the fact that the person sitting next to me was making exploding sounds along with the film when people blew up.

Similarly, 500 Days of Summer shows us how we mess up people's lives when we're in relationships because we can't help but cause each other to experience a rollercoaster of emotions when we're romantically involved.

Also, we learn that relationships don't work when one or both people don't want something serious. It sounds like an okay idea, being casual about things, but I am not sure it ever works.

And we'll all just be miserable until we eventually find one person who we want to be with for forever (and who feels the same).

Side note: Sometimes it's scary knowing you have total control over your life.
and today (more like the past 36 hours) was one of the greatest days ever.


I went to the premiere.
Everyone told me I looked nice.
Dress credit goes to my magnificent mother who added the sleeves for me and my mad Ebay shopping.
But managed to not get in a single picture.
So this is just my statement that I was there and looked nice.

And the films were fabulous.
I'm super proud of e'eryone.

It's just a wonderful feeling to be in a group of 400 or so people and have around 40 of them want to hug me.

"How about Rock for a girl [name]"

"So you mix a regular cat with a wildcat...like a bobcat. So it's like a small-dog sized cat."
"That doesn't sound like a good idea."
"But it'd be like a baby tiger."
"I love baby tigers!!"

"You look so pretty, but not in the fake Playboy magazine pretty, but like Juno or 500 Days of Summer."
"Juno was pregnant."

"I have emotions like a boy."

"Nice meeting you...and spending most the day with you."

The highlight of the day, might have been, however, when at 2am Kelsie pulled pomegranate frozen yogurt out of the freezer and handed it to me.

Aug 25, 2009


First of all, I'd like to say thanks to my 11 followers. I'll be honest, I don't really know how to "follow" a blog successfully, so kudos to you guys.

Just got back from the home front. I cannot stress enough how much I love Oregon.

I love my family.
Even though the first 24 hours of the trip consisted entirely of mocking me for my supposed inability to commit to anything for a long period of time, whether it be a relationship, dessert preferences, a favourite color, or hobbies.

And my trying desperately (don't know why I bothered) to convince my parents I'm becoming quite the mature adult.

Nothing has been able to prevent me being seen as the baby of the family--even having another baby around did nothing for me.

I could go on for ages and ages about how amazing my family is. And I have on numerous occasions on this very blog.

But I'm actually going to have to do a real update later, I'm more tired than I thought.

For now, some stats:

one orange Dodge Neon!!
coke glass bottles I had bought last time I was home and left there
one thrift store shirt
one pet polar bear
sand in everything i own

beehive nationals cap
healthy eating pattern

And I'm convinced I get more calls to do stuff when I'm out of town then I ever do while in town.

Aug 19, 2009

mostly my family just makes fun of me.

Aug 18, 2009

luck be a lady tonight

Not to brag, but I might be the luckiest person I know.

Last night I participated in a phenomenon. Because how often in a relationship are the two people thinking the exact same thing?

I love my job (heaven's knows why, but I do).

Even though being homeless for two weeks is actually unlucky, my roommate is staying in our apartment and out of town until the day I can move in, so I can leave all my stuff on her side of the room and no one will even know. And I won't have to move it twice like a lot of people are doing.

My family is giving me a car. Even if it's the hand-me-down struggles to reach 50mph car. ;)

I get to see my family and my blind dog in a matter of hours!!

I'm not as fat as I was in Italy, haha.

In a mere matter of days I will be moving in with my best mate The Seriously Hot Australian! AND she's coming to Oregon (today!) with me!!

Also, Pandora just started playing Sara Bareilles' Love Song. (and I spelled her last name right, first try!!)

Aug 16, 2009


Today I went to Noah's farewell (which means he spoke in church because he's leaving for a mission in Hong Kong). And I sat in the back with the Rhondeaus (because Noah and his family are a big deal so a lot of people were there) and there was this little girl in front of me who kept looking at me (naturally, I'm a little kid magnet). And I winked at her.

And she winked back.

Her parents are doing something right, teaching her to wink, or this kid just has mad natural skills.

I've already blogged about my feelings on winking, so I won't go into that.

But I also would say that I was in quite the contemplative mood and I also noticed the book on the chair in front of me was titled Who Do You Love featuring a momma and baby bear with genuine fake fur to pet while you read. And I got to thinking, who do I love? I don't have a momma bear around to cuddle up to.

Because I've always had friends and family, but relationships change so often and no one stays around very long that it gets kind of hard.

And I know new friends are great and swell.
but sometimes I'd just like to keep some old ones close by.
Because that hasn't happened for the last few years.
today we talked about friendship.

so if you'd like to know my opinion
it's something i support 100%

that is the contents of my brain at this moment.

especially the /

Aug 13, 2009

Reason I love my Job #27

When I came back with what I thought was a good portion of dumplings, Andy laughs and tells me I need to eat more.

And he was right. Because they're ridiculously good.

Aug 12, 2009

reason i love people #417

we don't understand each other in the slightest

Yesterday I was having a good movie discuss with Andy (my boss) when I pulled a, "you know Wes Anderson..." in a matter-of-fact tone. But the fact of the matter is, not EVERYONE knows who Wes Anderson is.

People of different majors are nearly different species.

English major roommates use large words on a regular basis. Advertising major friends analyze commercials. Linguists use words like morphology and syntax. My boyfriend reads books on Economics for fun. And when it comes down to it we realize we're all speaking a different language...Especially the foreign language majors.

There are only two kinds of people in the world: Men and Women.

One thing men will never understand about women: we really do cry for no reason.

Speaking of crying for no reason, I was all done doing that when I come into the front room and Pandora is playing Brick by Ben Folds. One of a few songs that always makes me teary eyed. So here I go again...

It's like, everything can be completely fine and all the sudden you remember that people are dying at a significant rate in Africa or you can't get berry juice off the counter and all the sudden your face is flooding even though you were just singing about how much you love life two seconds prior.

And most girls won't understand why you want to play halo for hours on end.

On a serious note. Because it's so hard to understand each other there is even more of a reason to try. People are always dealing with things that we have no idea about, but we can figure out why they do the things they do if we put in even a little bit of effort..

current pet peeve: the term "part duex"

Aug 11, 2009

oh dear me

Dear Pandora,
How is it that you seem to know me better than any human ever has? Okay, except for that acapella version of Ben Fold's You Don't Know Me, what was THAT about?

Dear bandit who steals all things sugary and homemade from our apartment,
TWO ENTIRE PANS OF CINNAMON ROLLS? What did you even do with that many?

Dear boyfriend,
Thank you for helping me clean, and getting things from the grocery store, and taking out the trash twice.
Even though I try and beat you up...repeatedly...

Dear Campus Plaza and it's inhabitants,
Looks like I might actually miss you.

Dear mum,
Wish I could make cinnamon rolls like you.

Dear M,
I asked a lot of people for advice, and yours was the best, because you told me to do whatever I want.

Dear whoever does the cleaning check,
Go easy on us, we're just worn-out humans with limited cleaning supplies.

Dear Melanie,
Thank you for letting me hold onto the bicycle seat while wearing roller blades even though we almost died going up the hill and I had my butt sticking out the whole time.

Dear Lynzie Glaus,
Thank you for condensing 3 wonderful months into 4 fabulous minutes

Aug 10, 2009

Sounds fantastic.

Roald Dahl + Wes Anderson +
George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson

Well, I'm in.

avoid the tunnels

Few things cause me more inner conflict than an acapella group singing one of my favourite songs.

I can't help but get a little bit into it, but I still get that sick feeling in my stomach that's caused by hearing too many parts being sung all at once.

Aug 9, 2009


I suffer from a serious condition called Crazy Night Syndrome (CNS). When the clock hits...9:30 or so (depending on the day and situation). Something in my brain turns on (or possibly it's that something turns off).

I think it brings out both my best and worst self.

Aug 7, 2009

Advice to My Future Children

These are the things I came up with while being a stand-in for an actor (playing a mother)

1. Always shake your orange juice.
It's satisfying and quality of taste is worth putting in a little extra effort.

2. Always use butter instead of margarine. Again, quality of food, always worth it.

3. Give your kids interesting names.
Don't get me wrong, I've loved many a John, Jacob, Jordan, Jeremy. But, give them something to be proud of...and something to be teased about, it'll make them strong.

4. Recycle
I don't care about global warming so much, it's just the right thing to do.

5. If you want to shop at thrift stores because everyone's doing it, go ahead. If you want to shop at thrift stores because no one else is doing it, even better.

6. Don't run, but you can walk fast, with scissors.

7. Learn to ride a bicycle and play sports when your little so that you think it's easy when your older.

8. Invent your own kinds of ice cream/smoothies

9. Doodle in the margins of your papers

10. Get really good at timed multiplication tests. There are few things more satisfying.

Aug 5, 2009

bet on it.

i'm the kind of person who is lucky when it comes to things like getting everything i want and winning card games.

but unlucky when it comes to getting sliced by falling exacto knives or attacked by mirrors and trash bags covered in wet paint in a wind storm.

that being said, i love my life.

Aug 3, 2009

i hang out with peautiful beople.

photo cred to kelsie, as usual

Aug 2, 2009

joke i wanted to tell today but didn't (part 1)

Dave: They gave us a 6 cents tip!
Me (in my head): Well, I guess we're six cents none the richer!


I just have to say that I love that my major includes:

constructing fake dog shows for fun on the weekend

and a professor who gets overly excited to see you and automatically gives you a huge hug

not to mention people who bust out creepy dance moves to U2 songs.