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May 19, 2013

hai visto come sono cosi fashion?

As I have been thinking about famous blogs lately I realized this blog is missing a key element if I ever want to be famous bloggily and that is my awesome fashion sense!

So I'd like to introduce you to what I wore today, since pictures were taken and since this is one of my favorite outfits. 

Not the best picture because boys are in the way, but what can you do?

I am in love with navy, white, and bright yellow combos. I recommend them for Spring? Can I do that? Can I tell you what you should wear this season? When you wear yellow it just makes everyone around you so happy and adding the navy keeps it from blinding everyone. Yellow and white by their lonesome is pretty great too. 

So there you have it. #fashion #fashion. 

Oh, I'll do this to be even more legit: 

shoes: promod 20E
skirt: Mamma Laws Made

t-shirt: Target $7 or $8
sweater: Forever XXI...probably $15
necklace: can't remember...$1

May 16, 2013


Every year a week after my birthday when I realize I haven't used my free-birthday-scoop from Baskin Robins I think to myself, why do I always forget this? And why didn't I sign up for more free offers before my birthday?

This year, however, inspired by my friend, Diana, who said that she was going to try and go the whole month of May without buying food I decided I was going to do it--and I was going to find them all.

It started (like most things) with a post on Facebook...

So I went to all the company websites and signed up for their "clubs" (usually called the eClub but some of them have more cutesy names) and the emails started rolling in...

I started looking up more and more companies that are local to Provo/Orem and weren't on the list. I am hoping to be an inspiration to you all, because why shouldn't you have the most magical birthday month ever?

My advice is to sign up for them NOW even if your birthday isn't coming up because I have the dilemma of trying to cram my "welcome to the club" and "birthday gifts" into the same month...in two weeks actually because I started late. I have to go to IHOP twice before the month ends! I even have checklists and spreadsheets--this is not a joke.

Wish me luck! You can follow the food on Instagram at #eatyourbirthday. This is one of my most noble campaigns yet. 

May 6, 2013


Oh, I don't think I've complained about this on ye olde blog yet.

Since Feburary I have been working on a screenplay titled "Lovestruck: The Musical" it's a short film that got approved to shoot in the fall as a capstone project (we do two a semester in the film program).

Well, guess what premiered two weeks ago on ABC Family...

I wasn't super in love with the title or anything, but it had some clever bit of wordplay because it is about a playwright who loves love and a boxer who come together, you know combining love and striking. There is a hilarious bit of vandalism that involved rearranging the letters in Lovestruck to spell "love sucks" buuuut now I'm all out of luck.  

So I need a new title. I'll probably go with Luvztrux: The Muzakil.

May 5, 2013

txts n things

Since the semester is over and it is no longer required of me to write here every week you can see how strong my loyalty is to this thing. A handful of summers ago I posted every day. EVERY day. Not really sure how someone flighty and non-commital as I managed to do such a thing, but there is that knowledge that it is possible.

I was just reading my friend, Jennie's, blog (which is, unfortunately for all of you, private) and she had posted some text messages her husband had sent her years ago. 

I might be getting a new phone soon and I have been thinking about what a tragedy it will be to loose some of my texts and some of those memories.

I love having things written down and collected...that's why I email people who live two blocks away from me, that's why I blog...etc. Because they are tangible examples of love and affection. Spoken words and actions are great and all too, but they are easy to forget.

I think it is a good insight to the kind of life you lead...

-Yes please
-Can you pick me up from Diana's?
-Is that where your quincinera was?
-Will I need shoes?
-Nope. Especially when you see how I'm dressed.

-I know. Also, you're hawt, that is all.
-That is NOT all
-Ha, not what I meant. I meant, "you're hawt. That's all I have to say at this moment." 

-Just finishing up. I assume you've eaten dinner, right?
-I'm still hungry if that's what you're asking

-I could never make him happy
-What makes you say that?
-He's too talented for me
-Well that's not the MOST ridiculous thing I've ever heard you say, but...
-He looks better on camera...

-You look good
-Thanks. You look good always
-Thank you. Marry me.

"Parks and rec is a good idea. Maybe we'll drop by in a minute to pick up a camera. Thought we'd give you a heads up, you know, because of the making out"

"For reals. I had fun. And I promise I'm not a tool"

"What're you up to tomorrow? Want to help make a million sandwiches?"

"And frankly, between us chickens..."