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May 5, 2013

txts n things

Since the semester is over and it is no longer required of me to write here every week you can see how strong my loyalty is to this thing. A handful of summers ago I posted every day. EVERY day. Not really sure how someone flighty and non-commital as I managed to do such a thing, but there is that knowledge that it is possible.

I was just reading my friend, Jennie's, blog (which is, unfortunately for all of you, private) and she had posted some text messages her husband had sent her years ago. 

I might be getting a new phone soon and I have been thinking about what a tragedy it will be to loose some of my texts and some of those memories.

I love having things written down and collected...that's why I email people who live two blocks away from me, that's why I blog...etc. Because they are tangible examples of love and affection. Spoken words and actions are great and all too, but they are easy to forget.

I think it is a good insight to the kind of life you lead...

-Yes please
-Can you pick me up from Diana's?
-Is that where your quincinera was?
-Will I need shoes?
-Nope. Especially when you see how I'm dressed.

-I know. Also, you're hawt, that is all.
-That is NOT all
-Ha, not what I meant. I meant, "you're hawt. That's all I have to say at this moment." 

-Just finishing up. I assume you've eaten dinner, right?
-I'm still hungry if that's what you're asking

-I could never make him happy
-What makes you say that?
-He's too talented for me
-Well that's not the MOST ridiculous thing I've ever heard you say, but...
-He looks better on camera...

-You look good
-Thanks. You look good always
-Thank you. Marry me.

"Parks and rec is a good idea. Maybe we'll drop by in a minute to pick up a camera. Thought we'd give you a heads up, you know, because of the making out"

"For reals. I had fun. And I promise I'm not a tool"

"What're you up to tomorrow? Want to help make a million sandwiches?"

"And frankly, between us chickens..."


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