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Apr 30, 2009

summer days

I started this blog last summer...And last summer was more than I could have hoped for. When I was looking for a job here in Provo, all I could think about was how I really wanted to be a camp counselor again. Sure, it's a bit of hell. But it was also very rewarding, and I basically got to do whatever I wanted as long as I didn't kill any of the kids, or let them kill each other.

Then I get the following wall post. And this kid is part of what made me love my job so much...

Lauren, I think you might like this:
okay, so I was reading the paper. and I found this poem in the kid writing insert. It's by a boy named Holden. He's in the 7th grade, and he goes to Leslie Middle school.

Rock n' Roll:

I love to Rock n' Roll
Lucky for me it doesn't require a toll

I play all night to the tune in my heart
And I'll play for you till I rock off the chart

I'll play for everyone to hear
but don't come to close or you might bust an ear

I'm in a band oh so mighty
My mom isn't so glad that we're all not that tidy

I'll play at whatever the cost
For rock is my love and I'll never get lost.

I had him for about three weeks (before I got cursed with 5 year olds and a surplus of drama kids). And he was like a puppy that is always excited to see you and you just want to hug them all the time and rub their head. He spent hours writing the next Indiana Jones (which he would star in) and begging me to tell him my real name. We covered a Weezer song with Chris and I took care of him when he got stinging nettle (and also told him he was an idiot). We explored parts of camp I told them were off-limits (but no one listens and I always just followed them).

Also, his name is Holden. And his dad is a filmmaker. He's just made to be awesome.

Sometimes it sucked that there was no structure, but it was really awesome that they were like, "here's some kids, entertain them for 9 hours."

I like working. I need my job to start so I stop posting here so many times in a row.
In regards to FAFSA

me: I don't even know what it does, but everyone else was doing it...
mum: I'm glad we're not talking about drugs.
i feel like something significant happened on April 29th last year, but can't think of what...

Apr 29, 2009

just do it

Now, that I've got a job (or three) I am quite certain that I can say that this summer is going to be wonderful. And epic.

I just bought a happy yellow jacket at DI. It's got little chinese people/dolls on it. Which sounds crazy, but I already know this is going to be a great addition to my wardrobe.

I learned the first 2 seconds of Casimir Pulaski Day on the guitar!!

I'm going to help create some amazing things this summer.
Willem and I just had a sweet brainstorming session for a great little piece he's writing.
But the people I would cast in it all left/are leaving for the summer, boo.

While searching for costume inspiration I decided that I need a flannel shirt.
There is nothing like being wrapped up in your favorite flannel shirt. That red and black plaid pattern protects you from the cold and warms you like a burly lumberjack’s hug.

I need one!!

There are some things that have been weighing down my mind, and with the loss of my BSS I've felt a bit alone, but after literally crying on someone's shoulder for the first time ever* and an intense one-on-one discussion with the top rated professor on ratemyprofessor.com I know exactly what I need to do. Now, just got to do it.

*a surprisingly good experience.

Plans for an Oregon roadtrip are already in order.
Plans made so far:
"I'll bring my nice camera and we'll take cool pictures!!"

(which is better than huzzah, because it's a palindrome)

Forgot to mention I purchased a workout tape at DI for 50c.
We did it today and I think I won't be able to move tomorrow.
And I'll have dreams about a shirtless, long-haired Jackie Chan-like figure yelling,
"Punch! and kick! and punch!"

Apr 24, 2009


Q: What is worse than waiting to hear back about your application to the film program?
A: When everyone else has already found out!!

Yesterday I went to a good-bye breakfast next door and come back to facebook statuses from people who had been accepted in the program. With a gasp of anticipation I make my way to my email.


I wasn't too panicked, because I had heard tell of this happening to people, but all I could think was...Why me!?!!?

So after some mutterings of frustration I decide to read the Screwtape Letters outside where an old man carrying a dozen or so glasses filled with water smiles and says, "You look so relaxed."

I held back a laugh.

Elizabeth and I decided that going out was in order. So we hit up some shops with Melanie.

Including a dollar store (where we should not be allowed) and Big Lots where we purchased a new friend...

Introducing Gregory Garden Gnome
(he has already been stolen once, as is the fate of many gnomes)
Amelie pictures coming soon.

And then to eat at a very adorable place called Sammy's.
The service was less than great.

Everything was made with love...or corn.

we got back, and still no email.

to be continued...

previously on Notes About Nothing....
we left you in a difficult spot...Wondering, would Lauren get into the film program??? Something she has been dying to achieve for a year.

So, I get home and decide to email the office. Something like, "um, everyone else heard back...can I know too?"

I gave up checking at 5pm, because that's when the office closes. Conveniently Gilmore Girls was on television and Elizabeth and I each chose a couch and sprawled out. After a while I decided I was cold and needed a blanket. I passed by my computer and saw that my minimized email tab read Gmail - Inbox (1). I panicked and clicked....

Congratulations! Your application to the Media Arts program has been reviewed and we are pleased to accept you as a Media Arts Major.

And then I screamed in a most girly way. Elizabeth ran in and joined in on the screaming. Then Alyssa came in from the back "What is going on??"

I spent most of the day bouncing around. I even jumped on our couches, which amazingly didn't kill them. I was going to do a victory dance but got cut off by Melanie coming home.

The reactions I got from other people where even better than my initial happiness...

Melanie ran up the stairs and hugged me 1/2 dozen times.
I told my dad first and he goes, "Yay!!" This is my father we're talking about...And he yay'ed.
My mum was all, "just let me know when you're nominated for an Oscar so I have time to find a dress."
Taylor was brilliant and let me tell him twice because he was not adequately excited the first time. "Wait, do you have some exciting news?"
Olivia cried.
Texts were filled with congratulations in ALL CAPS and exclamation points!!

and I was just happy that I finally got what I've been working towards for ages. It was one year exactly from when I got accepted that I officially declared my major as Pre-Media Arts.
I am SO glad to be done with that stupid "Pre"

Now when people ask what my major is I don't have to be like, "well, I'm applying" or "I want to study film" or any of that.

Celebration included:

and also a showing of Marley and Me
because ice cream + gummi bears + puppies = my most favourite things

oh, and remember that necklace i was going to wear until i got in?

and there's still more to come.

Apr 23, 2009

just pretend

Today was kind of amazing.
Stressed about our cleaning check.
But then it was this awesome older guy who is always cool.
And we got talking about making movies.
Turns out he wrote an AMAZING screenplay that Robert Redford wanted to make (starring himself and Paul Newman!!!) But his uncle got in his way.
So we're standing in the back part of our apartment (everyone else was chilling in the living room) and he just tells me this incredible story and I'm staring at him, in awe.
He's incredible. In-freaking-credible.
Not to mention he didn't really bother to actually check our apartment.
And I kind of want to make a movie about his life.

Sometimes when you dress up a tiny bit you get hilarious reactions.
"you don't look like you...that's something I would wear." -E
"Daaaaaaaaaaaang, girl! You look hot." -girl i never talk to in my HUM class
"Hey! I like...your skirt." -Gideon

My last final (which went until 8:15...bleh) was a group project.
We had to create a Utopian society.
And we owned.
We got dressed up "business" and decided that we were going to present it as a pitch to come to our society rather than just presenting it as an idea.
We were like, "this is our island, we rock at everything we do, you want to be us."
Most of the questions people asked were things we had already talked about and could answer easily.

Then some punk goes, "so what kind of art and architecture would you produce."
Everyone looked at me. So I stepped forward.
"The best."

Other highlights:
Ian running like a startled deer across the road, zig-zagging and jumping over things
Moving Elizabeth's car every hour
Communal cleaning throughout Campus Plaza
and borrowing Windex from two different people
Nailed a job interview.
Won a bet.
Ate frozen grapes.
He's Just Not That Into You with Elizabeth
and trying to force feed her caramal apple things

Intelligent things I said today:
"It's so cold! It's like wind is coming out of the...wall!"
"It's called air conditioning, do they not have that in Oregon?"
No exaggeration...About 30 people have asked me in the past two weeks when I find out about the film program.
Well, it's any day now....

my fingers are crossed for tomorrow

Apr 22, 2009


I quite possibly have anxiety issues.
I had to wake up early today to finish some of my tasks for the cleaning check.
Usually when I know I have to wake up early I don't sleep very well....
Well, I woke up several times and then finally an hour before my alarm I jerked awake in a cold sweat. Felt like I was going to throw up.
I hate tests, checks, evaluations, and other things that could lead to failure.
Also, I cleaned our window about a 100 times and it still looks smudgy. I just kind of fail at life.
And I was scrubbing at this baseboard like mad trying to get all the marks off but the crazy lump in my arm started bothering me and I just wonder if any of this is worth it...
Oh and at one point I got stuck between the couch and the window....
"I hope someone walks by right now."
"Ack! Someone is, I can see Brett!"
(who laughed...and then obviously told his roommate because he came out and laughed too)
I decided my role in this world is the amusement of others.
I've got a job interview and a presentation (where I have absolutely no idea what I am going to say...Which will be a problem soon).
So I am drinking acai (how do YOU pronounce it?) tea and thinking about how this summer might be absolutely magical.
Last night for Ju's 21 we karaoked it up at Applebee's and the manager tried to get her to order alcohol.
But we only acted like we are drunk.
And I may or may not have danced suggestively to the beginning of toxic.

happiness takes time.

click for full size.

Apr 16, 2009

L is for the way...

Marriage fever has swept our apartment here at S204.

Half of us have gone down and there may be no hope of recovery.
I thought I could be strong...
As 1/2 of the Boyless Ones and with my Heart of Stone toenail polish
I was certain I was okay without love.
Well today...In a moment of weakness I fell.
in love.

it was just too hard to resist.

I am officially in love with Guru's soup that I can't remember the name of
(Names aren't important in love)

Oh, and I may or may not be a little bit in love with the cashier that reccommended it to me as well...

Speaking of soup:

How do you turn soup into gold?

add 24 carrots

Apr 14, 2009

Apr 13, 2009

blog makeover time, but we're currently under construction.

i felt so good about black because it saves energy and what-not.
but after a while it gets depressing.

don't be shallow.

So, I never listen when Elizabeth tells me about great things like this girl's life.
(Sorry, E, I really do try and pay attention)

It just makes me want to be a little bit cuter and a lot more in love.

I don't need serious romance in the slightest. it'd just be nice to have someone (of the boy variety) who shares an affection for fort-building, cupcake eating, walking in the park, picnics, taking pictures, reading children's books, watching ridiculous (but also good) movies, cuddling, climbing trees, chatting under the stars, building tree houses, jumping in puddles, exploring, etc.

My dad says our generation worries too much.
I'm not sure I worry enough.

And now I leave you with wise words from one of my favourite people e'er.

"If you don't have enemies, you don't have character.”
-Paul Newman

Apr 10, 2009

Being home is great.
As usual, the dog was the most excited one to see me.

Apr 9, 2009

i think u r gr8

Sometimes I send text messages and forget immediately what I said in them. Which is why Outboxes are useful.

Even better, and more perplexing, than that is...The Drafts folder.
Things I started to say, but for whatever reason didn't finish or follow through with.

Hey. Do you want to check my scriptures for a tiny slip of paper

Oh my oh my can't belgote

I want you to know that i tried to kiss him last night but he didn't give me a chance.

Also you can't suck at texting when you have that fancy keyboard.

Just remember to be al

Hey will you make sure I'm not locked out?

I hope so.

Here's the thing.

3.3 million books.

Movie us book.

That last one was from this really great idea I came up with when I woke up in the middle of the night so I texted it to myself. The problem is, I didn't actually give myself enough information to remember it. Something about movies and books that are made from movies?

Apr 8, 2009

you gotta learn to reach up there and grab it

I now give you (belated)...
What I Worked On For Several Months of My Life....
aka Film Program Application of Doom
I didn't have actual DVD envelopes so...I made my own.

We had to make four copies of our applications which included about 12 pages of written nonsense and a creative sample on dvd.

just before the office closed.

and it's in.
V for Victory!!
I was so happy for it to be done I did a victory jump off the HFAC steps.
And I'd like to thank everyone who put up with me during the process, acted in my movie, and especially Elizabeth for taking these pictures and all of the above.
And the academy.

Apr 6, 2009

did you forget?

yesterday was possibly one of the strangest days of my life.

I started crying while reading a book about caterpillars. Seriously...caterpillars. I didn't cry while watching the Notebook or Titanic. But I shed tears for the sake of Yellow and Stripe.

But they fall in love, and it's beautiful, and it has one of the exact themes I am trying to get at with the screenplay I'm currently writing.

Also, I really don't understand why people in relationships hurt each other all the time. I am not going to say boys are lame, because girls do it too. But seriously? We've got to stop hurting each other. If you love someone, be gentle with them. And if you don't love them. DON'T PRETEND LIKE YOU DO.

I know there are misinterpretations and what-not. I think most of us have assumed things that weren't there or accidentally led someone on. But when you tell someone you love them to your face, you sure-as-hell better mean it.

Ahem, I will now step off the soapbox of love.

Yesterday three people told me I have an interesting style (they meant it as a compliment) and I was watching Elizabeth sort her clothes and there is a beautiful pattern/reasoning/consistency in her wardrobe. As though someone could actually pick something out that she might like and have a good chance of success. I look at my clothes and there is no rhyme or reason to anything that I choose to wear. Which is okay, because I like unpredictability, but I am beginning to wonder if there will ever be consistency in anything in my life.
Probably not.

Lucky moment of the day: I did not have to present a poem in Italian because he completely skipped over our group. So, no faking of laryngitis was necessary.

Apr 3, 2009

think you'd be proud of me

Normally this kind of stuff doesn't get to me, but...
I swear everyone in the world is in love right now.

"she's got a boyfriend so i think we can eat her Starbursts."

Also, did you know that you can look at SPACE with Google Earth? It is incredible. Space is crazy huge and full of stuff-n-junk.

And...I feel really good about staying here this summer, but I miss Oregon and my family and my house-home and wide open green spaces.
I get to see all those things this weekend though! Hooray!

[i have no idea how this post ended up so random]

Apr 2, 2009

everyone wanna talk to much what you need is a special touch

I may have figured out exactly what I want to do/be/get in relation to the BYU film program.

"This is a dream I've had since lunch* and I'm not giving up on it now."

*actually since 9:30am

and yes, I am aware I'm not actually in yet, but that doesn't have to be a part of this plan.

please come visit me in hell

things i like right now:
avocados, making movies, comfortable clothing, Chromeo, the surprisingly girly pink dress i just bought, acai berry tea, my bed, nice people, that i aced my speech i gave yesterday despite staying up all night filming and writing it in very little time, the hilarious boy next door that are entertaining every time i encounter them

things i wish were happening more in my life:
sleep at normal hours, cuddling, finishing homework, sunshine

apparently i accosted E last night in my sleep, demanding to know why she was awake at 2 o'clock in the morning. nowadays when i wake up i am really confused and have no idea what time/day/place i currently am in.

so i had a 112 meeting today for our final project.
and i decided i actually have learned something from all the production meetings i've been to
because we're sitting there hashing out the script and all i can think is,
what about locations? casting? we need tons of extras for this part. do we have enough picture cars? who's going to do craft!?!!?

and no one wants to photograph OR play the main girl. and i'm like, seriously? are you wanna-be-film-majors? meanwhile, i desperately want to do both and have to make a decision.

Michael: why do you have a diary?
Dwight: to keep secrets from my computer.

Dwight: plus, we weren't allowed to see movies so...you do the math.

oh, and i got my mom really good yesterday.

Apr 1, 2009

i believe in a thing called love

I am going to slowly train myself to know how to say "no" to people

But more importantly, this is an adorable film.
It's 12 minutes, but 100% worth it.

Though I am slightly angry because I had a similar idea for a movie.
I have written signs in the window to one of the guys who lives next to me. We can see their kitchen from our kitchen.