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Apr 2, 2009

please come visit me in hell

things i like right now:
avocados, making movies, comfortable clothing, Chromeo, the surprisingly girly pink dress i just bought, acai berry tea, my bed, nice people, that i aced my speech i gave yesterday despite staying up all night filming and writing it in very little time, the hilarious boy next door that are entertaining every time i encounter them

things i wish were happening more in my life:
sleep at normal hours, cuddling, finishing homework, sunshine

apparently i accosted E last night in my sleep, demanding to know why she was awake at 2 o'clock in the morning. nowadays when i wake up i am really confused and have no idea what time/day/place i currently am in.

so i had a 112 meeting today for our final project.
and i decided i actually have learned something from all the production meetings i've been to
because we're sitting there hashing out the script and all i can think is,
what about locations? casting? we need tons of extras for this part. do we have enough picture cars? who's going to do craft!?!!?

and no one wants to photograph OR play the main girl. and i'm like, seriously? are you wanna-be-film-majors? meanwhile, i desperately want to do both and have to make a decision.

Michael: why do you have a diary?
Dwight: to keep secrets from my computer.

Dwight: plus, we weren't allowed to see movies so...you do the math.

oh, and i got my mom really good yesterday.

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