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Jan 26, 2014

Gratitude Part 1

So I know many of us are tired of reading the overly zealous Facebook statuses about how so-and-so's spouse is just so amazing because they brought flowers home AGAIN or how so-and-so really can't get over the preciousness of the very earlobe of their newborn. 

But, I am not tired of those things. It makes me so happy to know that people are happy about the simple things in life. Once a dear friend of mine told me he liked spending time with me because I suck the joy out of life and another told me that he liked that I seemed to see the beauty in the smallest of things. That's a trait of mine that comes and goes and I would rather it come and stay. 

In a recent institute (basically Sunday School not on Sunday) lesson I was reminded that those who are grateful are happy.

And happy is something that I've kind of sucked at these past two weeks, so in honor of that I am going to tell you some things I am grateful for today and every Sunday and you, my dear (and so often neglected) audience are free to read or skip depending on the level of cynicism in your heart currently. I'll try and make them interesting or humorous or poetic because I know people like those things.


I am grateful for:

The Heart's Content - Brandi Carlile
any A Fine Frenzy song
I Choose You - Sara Bareilles 
Best Thing I Never Had / Halo / Listen - Beyonce 
Stay - Rihanna
Unconditionally / The One That Got Away / Love Me - Katy Perry
You Were Meant for Me - Jewel
Maybe Your Right - Miley Cyrus
You've Got the Love - Florence and the Machine
Lights - Ellie Glouding 

For being my jamz these days. 

Mostly I'm grateful for E. for teaching me it's okay to like girl music. I would still be listening to only The Get Up Kids and Saves the Day if it wasn't for her. (I still love those guys). 

I'm grateful for the love of pop music I developed post-mission because some of it isn't the worst. Sometimes it says the very things you need. And sometimes it's the worst.

Those people who held my hand (figuratively and physically) through last semester when I took on more than I could handle but also did things I was incredibly proud of. 

My dear sweet mother who I would like to be just like someday.

All the girls in all the Relief Society presidencies in my ward that have no idea I think they're absolutely brilliant.

The New Yorker I met in line who was standing close to me so I felt like I should talk to him.

-So are you a filmmaker?
-No. My wife and I just come for the festival every year. We watch most of the movies at the Sundance resort but we came here for three movies today. I don't know why people keep asking if I'm a filmmaker. Maybe because I don't know my way around. 
-It's probably the scarf.
-I'm from New York. I always wear a scarf. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

Jennie Mangum Brown who remains faithful through her own trails as well as dragging me through mine. She is everything good and sassy and determined all in one. 
I could really go on and on, but I'll save some for next week.


Jan 24, 2014

New Years Rsolutoons*

I thought I picked resolutions that were really easy but I haven't managed to do them yet.

Happy January 24th.

*One thing I have been really good at this year is phone typos.