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Dec 30, 2010


K. Christmas was awesome and I didn’t bring my connector thing so you will have to wait in suspense for pictures. But, let’s just say that we had quite the week.

I bought myself a scarf for Christmas; it was the coolest, coziest thing ever. And guess what. I’ve already lost it. Lovely.

Christmas eve we went to the mission home. I had produced a glorious production of the nativity scene involving my entire district, but we got cut because they forgot we asked to do something and they had a native read the story in Italian and we thought that there was no way ours could be as spiritual uplifting as that, so...we didn’t. But it was going to make people laugh and cry and throw roses. We ate lots of food. Christmas has kind of drawn out because we have been eating with more members than usual and they love us and feed us leftover chocolate. I’ve never been offered so much chocolate in my life. I will go into more exciting detail when I have pictures to back it up, like how we had an orange tossing routine that reminded me a LOT of being at home.

Christmas we were allowed to watch a movie but we didn’t get to the Greens until 8 or so (because Italian lunches go all day) so we watched the first part of Toy Story 3 and I have to tell you it blew my mind. I’ve already seen it mind you, but I’ve only been away from the world for 4ish months and it is amazing how watching part of a movie was like, "this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen." Pixar is good. That movie is amazing. Beautiful, beautiful shots.

Oh, I forgot to mention that last week we did Capaiera or however it’s spelled. It’s a Brazilian fight/dance/gymnastics. We did it after district meeting. It was hard. And the Anziani made fun of us because we were the only ones who couldn’t do cartwheels. Also, we will never tell them this but we were SO sore for the next four days. And we only stayed for 20 minutes or so. Pathetic, I know, but now I am one step closer to knowing how to beat some one up on the streets, that should bring you all comfort.

I still love my district. I convinced them all to come ice skating with us today. We like to say that we are awesome, because we know that we are. I have picked up lots of bad habits from them, the other day I said, "YES!" (in English...enthusiastically) while talking to a member...And every other word I think is awesome. Also, "Rameumpton, we are the best"

We met with Tony, our bicycle friend last night, He was super interested in what we had to say because he has studied theology, but he also seemed open to everything and is coming to church on Sunday. We had this great scheme to teach him the Restoration that involved a pizza and some other things, but I think he might be more of a thinker than we originally thought so we might scrap that plan, when teaching last night he was like, "you can speak in more theological terms" which I thought was funny. I was thinking, um, actually the gospel is really simple.

The other day I was, like usual, really trying to approach people on the street, so I was like, "okay, I’m going to say Bouna Sera and then go from there" well, there was some kid just sitting on a bench texting so I look at him and say "Buonser" and run into the side mirror of a nearby car. Which if I hadn’t have walked quickly away could have actually been a good conversation starter, "Hey, I just ran into a car because I really wanted to tell you about the Restored gospel. Next time.

We are also working with some adorable less actives that just don’t have the courage to come to church because they have lame husbands who don’t want them to. It’s so obnoxious. And it’s sad, because I just love them and don’t know what to tell them besides asking permission to beat up (this is where the Capaiera comes in) their scrub (as Anz Cardiff coined them) husbands.

I also have to say that I had a SWEET dream last night that was like a music video. The Shins song...Australia I think. The one that goes, "so give me your hand and we’ll jump out the window" i.e. Barbette’s favorite. And I was riding an old-fashioned bicycle and waving to EVERYONE I’ve ever known, seriously, if you are reading this, you were there and then Elle Graham (random) is like, here, let me help. So she pedaled and I just rode on the front and waved to everyone. Okay, sounds weird typing it out, but just imagine a really sweet music video and then imagine it being your life. It. was. Awesome.

We had a cool experience where we were at a citofono (intercom) looking for a name but they only said last names and we didn’t have it, so I asked a family that walked out if they knew a Giovanni (which the chances are good because 1/7 have that name) and he said no and kept walking. Then we stand there for a while and ring some but no one answers on our way out we see him again and he says, "Actually I know a Giovanni, lets see if the number is the same" we didn’t have the number, so he gave us the one we had and we called and he said he’d like to hear from us. We asked if we could pass by the family sometime, he said we could hear from him from Giovanni (kind of elusive, but we still have high hopes). We went home and the number wasn’t the same, so we are quite fortunate that we ran into Giorgio and he gave us the number. And though at the time it seemed like poor planning that we didn’t have the number it worked out in our favor!

Look forward to pictures of Christmas next week, and pictures of ice skating. :) I hope the festivals were happy for you all. There was tons of kissing and Auguri!! on Sunday at church...it was sort of mad.

I love Italians so much.

I am turning into one at an alarming rate.

Did I mention I bought a turtleneck? Yeah. And I wear black all the time. And now that I have boots I wear them all the time. But I’ve still got the red coat that makes me stick out like mad, so that’s good.

Also I got a sandwich the other day and they put an entire ladle of pesto on it...I like pesto and all, but I thought I was going to die; it was 4 times the kilos they put on Sor. Jenkins. I can’t decide if it was an accident or a joke...But I scraped it all off and will put it on pasta when I finally get the taste out of my mouth from the sandwich I ate on Monday.

In short, Italian missionary life is beautiful.


Sorella Laws

Dec 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Beautiful family and friends!!!

I hope you enjoy our Christmas card photo. Also, I forced the tinsel on Sorella Jenkins, she was like, "are you serious?" I found lots of fun things in the extra room for Christmas.

How wonderful is Christmas? Let me tell you, it is QUITE wonderful. Also, I just climbed under a desk to try and plug my camera in and guess what? It was at the front all along. So, the guy running the place gave me a strange look, but all is well. I am quite used to making a fool of myself these days.:)

YES! We found an Indian food place in Rome. Best part, the meal only cost 4€! That was (one of) our Christmas gifts to ourselves. But also might kill us because we are sooo not used to food with actual flavor (oops, I said it, Italian food is bland, delicious, but bland). You can also see our Christmas tree. We got chocolate from Sorella Silva (she is the BEST thing that’s ever happened to Italy, more or less) AND an investigator we had never met before also gave us something delicious. We also got toothbrushes from Sister Kelly.

It snowed. In Ladispoli for the first time in 20 years.

And it was awesome because we just went to the beach and talked to people, and were like, "what the heck, its snowing" and we helped people take pictures of their families. So, service for the week? Check.

It was perfect because it snowed for one day and then it was gone. We had just got out an awesome lesson too, which is always nice.

Lately everyone asks if we are Amish. But there is one kind of cool story. So I have really been wanting to find a youngish guy to teach because we have tons of college age girls in the ward. Well we are walking back from buying oranges (because we had this plan to give random people oranges for Christmas) and Sor. Jenkins tells me to move because there is a bicyclist and I said, "come on, if he had hit me we could have taught him" then we walk a bit and he’s just standing on the corner. He asks if were Jehovah’s Witnesses, we say no, we talk a little bit. He says, "So who has the truth" I say, "us". We got his number and invited him to the Christmas dinner.

I also told Niccoletta the entire Joseph Smith story and she goes, "I agree with everything you said, except I do not believe he was a prophet" Which I love, because that means she didn’t actually agree with anything, really.

Christmas we will be in good hands. We are having a dinner tomorrow that I am excited about because its the whole awesome ward and we have invited just about everyone to it (as far as investigators and less'active members) so hopefully people will come and we will all party insieme. We have a lunch at the mission home Christmas Eve (don’t tell the missionaries that aren’t actually in Rome...its exclusive to those of us who live in the area). That night we want to go by the Garcia family and hang out with them or Sor. Silva, but she told us she didn’t want us to come because she’s having troubles with her kids and just wants to be alone so they don’t get mad she’s with someone else. So sad. So we are going to try and do something for her. Christmas day we have a lunch with the Marchetti family...who are awesome and it sounds like lots of other people are coming. Then I will call home. Then we are going to The Green Family who just moved here from England, they have lived EVERYWHERE, one of the kids was. literally. And they’re vegetarian and don’t eat sugar. Good thing we are getting our fill of Italian Christmas food before that ;). We are allowed to watch a movie on Christmas so we probably will with them.

I was talking to Sorella Jenkins the other day about how we should try and make miracles this Christmas. Everyone loves a Christmas miracle. And we are here as missionaries, without anything to do but serve and we can go around spreading cheer and joy to the masses. So we have been trying to. It’s great. I can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas than visiting the lonely and uplifting the sad. We have met some amazing people this week. By the beach, on the train, in the piazza, in the ward, they are everywhere. It’s something to think about. In some ways I feel like Christmas is hard, because the lonely feel more lonely when they look around and see everyone celebrating. But guess what?

Because a little baby Jesus was born many years ago, we are never alone. Our Savior is always near.

We read the Christmas story in district meeting and I read it wrong so that there was "no room in the tree" for Jesus.

Then I was reading it in English and I love what it says about the shepherds. They listened to the angels and then they were like, yes! I believe, let’s go see Him. So they took off and after they had seen Him they went and told EVERYONE about it. And then they returned to their fields and thanked God that they had the opportunity to know. In Jesus the Christ there is an awesome part about how there was a chorus of angels who sang the most glorious thing ever. Peace on Earth, and how is that possible with out good will towards men? And then there was another part that I can’t remember. But you should read it.

K, so, I love you. Somehow the hour here for email goes by even faster than the 30min at the MTC..


Love and hugs,

Sorella Laws

Dec 15, 2010


Lets see. It’s always hard to know where to start.

This week has been great. Thursday we had Zone Conference with Elder Causse, an area authority. He is awesome. He taught us about how to approach people, how to plan, how to talk about baptism, and how to help people who want to get baptized. Basically all the steps to missionary work. And it was awesome. He taught us about a program where you meet with people three times a week for four weeks and afterwards if they are also reading the Book of Mormon and praying and coming to church they will be ready to be baptized

We took this plan to Carmela who has been meeting off and on with missionaries for over three years now and she agreed. She finally really wants to know if this is the true church or not. And she has a beautiful family. We are excited for her. We talked to her about faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost and she said, "I still need to be baptized, but I want to be sure." we told her this is how she could be sure.

There was also this hilarious British area authority who came with him and another who was Italian. We got Christmas packets from Sorella Kelly (mission President’s wife) that had Christmas stories and missionary success stories and a picture of the Italy Rome temple plan (which every member has in their house--some in every room) and a toothbrush. Which was actually exactly what I needed, so I was happy about that. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas time even though there are lights up everywhere and everyone’s homes are quite festive, I am sure it’ll hit me eventually. It is very cold. The Italians love to talk about the weather and they all hate that it is cold and are always concerned that we are cold but cold here is still not as bad as many other places so we cant complain.

I gave blood. They had a blood drive at the church in Rome so I thought, why not? they even gave me a t'shirt. Don’t worry mom, it was safe...ish.

Sunday we went to our branch presidents for lunch. They have this adorable little dog that loved me and kept lying on my feet, which of course was sad because it made me think of Laika. But we ate good food and watched the Christmas devotional. Many of the other members came over to watch it as well. It’s always a party around here. One of the members of our ward, Francesco, translates the voice for Pres. Eyring and he was sitting on the couch next to us so that was kind of funny.

Oh, and I didn’t end up playing for the primary program even though I practiced diligently for it, they booted me at the last minute. Primary Programs are always great though. They had signs that said, °I know that my redeemer lives° taped on the wall and the one that said °Savior° fell down halfway through. And there was one boy who every time they got up to sing he just hid his face.

During the week we had been walking down the street and we ran into this man. He was like, "sister missionaries." and we said, "yes?" he said he was a member but worked often on Sundays and last time he came no one was there (it was stake conference in Rome) so we told him to come this week and he did. He seems super awesome and he has a son and wife who aren’t members. When we were talking with the branch president he said that we were going to have a Christmas activity because this man had taken his son to a Christmas activity at the church once and remembered there being Santa. So Pres. Vigletta said, "We are going to have a Christmas dinner, even if its just for this man and his son, and there will be a Santa." Have I mentioned the members here are amazing?? They understand the importance of missionary work.

Sorella Alicino is awesome and gets excited when we call her or stop by and has a million people she is trying to share the gospel with. She calls me "Sorellina" and is always petting my face.

It’s been a bittersweet week because we "dropped" some people who we really love. There are people who love meeting with us and feeling the spirit that we bring when we talk about the scriptures and such, but they have no interest in ever getting baptized. So we told them that we love them, but as missionaries we are here to help people who want to get baptized and who want to come to church and read and pray.

We also had a wonderful district meeting where Anz. Buisco had us all sit in the "Love Chair" and we all had to say something we loved about the person in the love chair. It reminded me of the MTC. It’s so funny to me how we can hardly know each other and still love each other so much. Some of the Anziani have been together off and on and they’ve been able to see the changes in each other and how they’ve each grown, Want to know what people said about me? That I am unique. Ha. They said other nice things too, but I don’t need to brag. Then we all said what we love about Jesus Christ. That, obviously, was the best part.

We also ate Pandoro because it was Anz Busicos last meeting (there is a small group going home midtransfer). Pandoro is good.

I am trying to be more fearless about talking to people. It is HARD. I freak out all the time because I know how all these people need the gospel so every single person who walks by I fall instantly in love with but then I dint know how to speak Italian. The other day we were at the train station and I saw this guy waiting for a train on the other side and I felt like I should talk to him, so I start walking (I decided I just can’t think anymore, I have to just have faith and do). And I say Hi and talk to him about his life a little and he tells me he is studying architecture and then I ask him what he’s studying and he says architecture and I go, oh, right, because he had just told me that. But he laughed and then he was getting on the train and i just shoved a pamphlet about the restoration in his hand. And he was like, what the? Keep in mind I had spent the night before putting our information on all these pamphlets and writing ci chiami! (call us) and had intended on handing them out to everyone. Every time I pray I ask Heavenly Father to help me open my mouth on the street (never thought THAT would be a problem)

So maybe next time I will actually talk to someone by myself about the gospel before I force things on them. But I’m progressing, one step at a time.

There was also this lady on the street, Eugenia, who was standing by the beach all by herself. She looked sad and I said, I think we should talk to her. So we did. And she was sad. She’s here all by herself and going through treatments. We told her that we love her and God loves her and that we want to meet with her. She said yes, but keeps standing us up, so we are hoping for the best with her, that she will actually come.

There are so many other people I wish you all could meet, they are fabulous. I love Italians.

Well, happy Christmas season!! You all have plenty of excuses to talk about Christ with other people.

All my love,

Sorella Laws

Dec 8, 2010

la vita e bella

There is something about going on missions that kills peoples dogs. I guess I am happy to join the ranks of those faithful missionaries who dont get to come home to their beloved pets. And I am sitting in an internet cafe in Rome with tears on my face, but its okay. I actually wasnt sad, mom, until you said how sad YOU were. I KNEW you loved her more than you let on. Dont worry though, when I come home in a year and some I will be following you around the house like she did.

Shes going to a better place full of tennis balls to destroy and bread. Lots of bread. Im glad shes not going to go on suffering. Will you rub her between the eyes for me?

You can get a puppy before I come back. I wont mind.

I remember when I made sugar cookies and she took just ONE off the plate. And we wouldnt have known but she looked guilty and there was a small bit of slobber. And that was when she was blind even. Smart thing. I was actually going to ask you to send me a picture of her, you still could if you wanted. Sor. Jenkins is not really the hugging type, but I will get a pizza to console myself. Thats what Laika would want anyway. Imagine me sending hugs to the family though.

The pizza here is. REALLY good. Like, I want to eat it everyday. I feel like a little kid all the time here because I just want to do everything and talk to everyone and I dont even know how to talk.

Speaking of children. They want ME to play the piano for the Primary Program this Sunday...Remember the last time I played a piano? Me either. Luckily its just one song. But still. Ahhh. Pray for me...No, pray for the children. Im only playing the right hand part.

Sorella Jenkins is...awesome. She is very different than Sor. Williams and makes fun of me all the time. Reminds me of home ;) We have spent a lot of time lost lately. Monday we had our district meeting in Rome and thanks to me we took the wrong bus and were an hour late andn asked everyone in the world for directions. Anz. Cardiff and Busico were making fun of us and I just said, "maybe if you were doing your job more people would know where the church was". Which pretty much sums up how our meetings go, lots of making fun of each other, but also lots of spiritual upliftment. It is so nice to be able to discuss the work with our five crazy anziani. Then we got lost that night because we took the train the wrong way. And it was one of the last trains of the night so it was all but empty. So I was like, "this is like a ghost train!" and Sor. Williams (who conveniently also loves film) goes, "maybe you should make a movie" i of course say, "okay" so I am walking down the aisle singing the song from Requiem for a Dream that is kind of creepy and they use for trailers a lot and then I see that there IS someone on the train so I go, "ciao° and then run away. Sort of embarassing, but also typical to my life. We talk too much the two of us and it takes us forever to finish planning, in a good way.

Sunday night we went and visited Sorella Favaloro. She is beautiful. We were sitting in her office-ish room that was full of books and dimly lit and she fed us cookies and juice and when she would look to the side the lamplight would hit her eyes and from her profile she looks like an Italian Meryl Streep so worn but still so full of life.

I love that men here were sweaters here with crazy designs. It is the best. Also the all-the-same-colour work out outfits everyday. And the old ladies in miniskirts in tennis shoes. Italy knows how to do fashion. My goal to day is to find some 10£ boats to get me through my winters here. Italians dont understand how you can wear normal shoes in the winter. I also need to find some long sleeve shirts and sweaters that arent cardigans to keep me warm. Today is pretty nice though. Its always alright until the sun goes down.

I am taking pretty good care of myself. Im trying to keep my back limber, because that seems to be the first thing that goes out, if you know of any good back exercises let me know. I also take vitamins now and again.

Dropping Sor. Williams off was sad. We went and got gelato and it was her last and my first. Gelato is good. I am not fat yet. In fact, some of my skirts dont fit because theyre too big. I dont think thats me though, I think theyre just stretched out. I have decided the winning combination for life is fruit and cheese followed by nutella and bread. Sometimes crackers are involved too. And it works for every meal. And seriously...Chesnuts. Eat them. Look up how to cook them though because Im still not really sure.

Yesterday was a series of tender mercies. I have been wanting so badly just to teach. We first went to Sor Silva she told us her conversion story and how when she first met the missionaries she was in a miniskirt and as she was telling us she just laughed and laughed about it. She told us how she had been praying since she was 12 or so to know because she didnt feel comfortable in the cold-darkness of the churches she was going to. Then she met a member who introduced her to the church. So because of this she has like three people she really wants to introduce to the gospel and we got to teach her how to help them. All the memebers here are stoked about missionary work because most of them were personally converted by a missionary or they were a missionary.
Then there is Niccoletta, she is an all'star. We met her in the park. Our appointment cancelled yesterday afternoon but when we called she said to come on over. She has completely faith and trust in God to run her life. She speaks like four languages and has a little boy who is 2 but huge and has long curly hair. So great. We went to tell her how we have great things to add to her faith and bless her life. We taught her an outline of the restoration and she agreed with everything that we said. And we asked if we could come back again this week and she said "sure, or two more times if you want". When she gets confirmation that this is right, she is going to be unstoppable. Shes on fire and has short blonde hair and blue eyes.

We have a few other investigators that are driving me crazy because their families are faithful members and they come to church and know everything about the gospel but dont feel like they can get baptized because they dont know enough. We pointed out that its the first step and the first convenant we make with God and how we need to take this step so that he can bless us. The whole free agency thing keeps getting in the way.

I want to put all these people in a movie. Anziano Busico who goes home in a week and thinks I am crazy belongs in a 50s movie as some Danny Zucko type character. Anz. Cardiff could be Clark Klent. Our branch president wears bright arygle sweaters. We asked him who the Quorum president was and he said, "He is the biggest guy in the branch" Sor Jenkins then asked, "okay. and does he have a name?" Funny. Niccoletta reminds me of the mom from About a Boy.

One day we were walking home and just the perfect amount of rain was falling and I knew Heavenly Father was thinking about me and helping me not be homesick.

Also if someone wants to send me the Brothers Bloom and Prince of Eygpt soundtracks...Wouldnt complain.

I LOVE you all. Lots. I love it here. I love the man in the fruit store that was super nice and helpful so much so that I didnt know what to say to him because I was like, "weird. its OUR job to be nice and helpful"

Happy Immaculate Conception Day (still dont know how they figured that one)
Sorella Laws

Dec 1, 2010

Well. week 2

Some notes of business:
Babetta, sent you a postcard, when you get it you will need to switch the verse and chapter number...my bad. Ha.
Matt, happy birthday this week. You’re one step closer to becoming an old man.

Send me photos? Photos of Oregon, photos of the temples, especially ones of Oregon and family ones. Everyone wants to see them, and I have some, but more is always good.

Again, no idea where to start. This week has been kind of funky as Sor. Williams has been preparing to leave tomorrow. I helped her pack and forced her to get rid of a lot of things she didn’t actually need.

So I know I mentioned how I was ace at the language...Well, that was beginners luck. It is SO hard. I can pick up enough to know what people are talking about but not enough to know if they are saying that they DO believe in God or that they don’t.

Sounds like Thanksgiving was a blast. Wish I could have been there with all the cousin babies and to eat tons. Our Thanksgiving consisted of five failed appointments...No one was home. AND we got dumped on by a rainstorm...less than ideal, but an adventure. We talked of making a pie, but it never happened. We just ate roasted chestnuts instead.

PROMISE ME, that this Christmas you will eat chestnuts. They are SO good. Like, really really good. We just poked holes in them and cooked them in a pan with some water, but one of the members said
they’re good if you just boil them too. Try it, it’ll change your life, and then you’ll finally understand the Christmas Song.

Missionary work is crazy, it reminds me of producing. You are trying to balance so many things and you make SO many phone calls and you just want people to do what they need to do to succeed, but they don’t always or usually. When they do you get really excited.

Also, you’ve got to have a straight-up relationship with people. So many people just like to meet with missionaries because, well, we’re awesome, but they don’t realize that we’ve got actual work to do and that we’re here to spread a really important message.

That is my advice to all missionaries. Be a missionary. Let people know that you are there to talk to them specifically about how the message of the Restoration can change their life. It’s great to read the Bible together and do those things, but other people can do that. We have to be aware of the things we can give them that no one else can and then focus on those.

A lot of people just don-t want to change, or even think that they can’t change. Archangelo told us getting baptized would be like trying to learn to eat grass, he just can’t do it. And we were like, yes you can because you come to church and your family are all members and if you would just read the Book of Mormon and pray to ask if it is true, you would know it was. And I am pretty sure he already knows it’s true, he just doesn’t-t want to change.

We are also working a lot with inactives, it’s interesting because most of them have super strong testimonies that this church is the only true church but they just don’t come to church.

It is really like juggling trying to contact people all the time and get them to come to church or let us visit etc. etc. And I am just starting to keep track of who is who. The other day Sor. Williams asked if we should consider so-and-so inactive and I said, well she hasn’t been to church since I’ve been here and Sor W goes, You’ve only been here one week...and she was there. Also we had to teach a Sunday school lesson on the gathering of Israel.

I talked to this awesome Nigerian lady, Lillian, at church. We found out later she’s not a member and she told me how she wants to bring the kids to church but her husband wont let her and she is SO cool. She said the most amazing prayer. It was so full of heart.

So we are going to all pray that things don’t fall to pieces when Sor W leaves. My new companion is Sis. Jenkins, I’ll meet her tomorrow. She goes home in a transfer, apparently Pres. Kelly is under the impression that after being with me people are going to be finished and will need to go home. So Ladispoli is a place where good missionaries come to die and I will probably be here quite a while myself since everyone else is coming and going.

I had to/got to bare my testimony on Sunday. It was terrifying. We need the help of the members SO much. Because people run away from us on the streets. So I wanted it to be good and sincere. I think it was at least one of those. The members are so sweet there are a lot of young people in the branch.

It has, in fact, been quite cold. I bought some sweet fleece-lined tights though so I am warm today. And Sor. Williams and I bought matching scarves. Also, it’s a good thing we don’t have much time for shopping or I might come home with 20 pairs of boots and 1,000 scarves.

If you want to send me some love for Christmas I would mostly appreciate it in the form of letters and classical/motab music. We can listen to whatever instrumental stuff we want so...Anything like the pride and prejudice soundtrack, brothers bloom, that kind of tame-er soundtrack stuff. And the song Time (I think...it’s the last one) from the Inception soundtrack. I would LOVE that.

Were you wondering if there is an old people pizza? Because there is...tuna and onion. Yeah. But it was given to us by some awesome members.
I ate tuna TWICE in one day...and before that I don’t remember when the last time I had tuna was.

Now everyone can guess how fat Sorella Laws will get on her diet of cheese and bread and chocolate and fruit and yogurt and honey pops. Oh man they have kit-kats here that have Hazelnut cream in them. SO amazing. I still haven’t had gelato though, so...that’s something.

K, tried to send pictures and it made the computer explode, so sorry about that. You’ll have to look Sor. W up on facebook one of these days to see them.

Well, I’m doing well after all, I really wish I could understand and answer people’s questions without being worried about teaching them false doctrine or offending them.

The other day I looked in the mirror and I am pretty sure my eyes have actually gotten bigger. Mostly I walk around with wide’ eyes and a smile. Because at least I can always smile...

I love you all, can’t believe its December and a 4th of my mission is pretty much over.

Last night we talked with Luciano after English Course and he said he didn’t believe in Christ. I read him 3 Nephi 11:9-11. I love how the Book of Mormon really testifies of Christ in the way the Bible doesn’t. (Also started reading the New Testament from the beginning, love that too!!)

K, hope everyone survives the holiday season and finals and all that.

I am certainly so glad that Christ was born and came to this earth, just for us.


Sorella Laws