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Dec 30, 2010


K. Christmas was awesome and I didn’t bring my connector thing so you will have to wait in suspense for pictures. But, let’s just say that we had quite the week.

I bought myself a scarf for Christmas; it was the coolest, coziest thing ever. And guess what. I’ve already lost it. Lovely.

Christmas eve we went to the mission home. I had produced a glorious production of the nativity scene involving my entire district, but we got cut because they forgot we asked to do something and they had a native read the story in Italian and we thought that there was no way ours could be as spiritual uplifting as that, so...we didn’t. But it was going to make people laugh and cry and throw roses. We ate lots of food. Christmas has kind of drawn out because we have been eating with more members than usual and they love us and feed us leftover chocolate. I’ve never been offered so much chocolate in my life. I will go into more exciting detail when I have pictures to back it up, like how we had an orange tossing routine that reminded me a LOT of being at home.

Christmas we were allowed to watch a movie but we didn’t get to the Greens until 8 or so (because Italian lunches go all day) so we watched the first part of Toy Story 3 and I have to tell you it blew my mind. I’ve already seen it mind you, but I’ve only been away from the world for 4ish months and it is amazing how watching part of a movie was like, "this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen." Pixar is good. That movie is amazing. Beautiful, beautiful shots.

Oh, I forgot to mention that last week we did Capaiera or however it’s spelled. It’s a Brazilian fight/dance/gymnastics. We did it after district meeting. It was hard. And the Anziani made fun of us because we were the only ones who couldn’t do cartwheels. Also, we will never tell them this but we were SO sore for the next four days. And we only stayed for 20 minutes or so. Pathetic, I know, but now I am one step closer to knowing how to beat some one up on the streets, that should bring you all comfort.

I still love my district. I convinced them all to come ice skating with us today. We like to say that we are awesome, because we know that we are. I have picked up lots of bad habits from them, the other day I said, "YES!" (in English...enthusiastically) while talking to a member...And every other word I think is awesome. Also, "Rameumpton, we are the best"

We met with Tony, our bicycle friend last night, He was super interested in what we had to say because he has studied theology, but he also seemed open to everything and is coming to church on Sunday. We had this great scheme to teach him the Restoration that involved a pizza and some other things, but I think he might be more of a thinker than we originally thought so we might scrap that plan, when teaching last night he was like, "you can speak in more theological terms" which I thought was funny. I was thinking, um, actually the gospel is really simple.

The other day I was, like usual, really trying to approach people on the street, so I was like, "okay, I’m going to say Bouna Sera and then go from there" well, there was some kid just sitting on a bench texting so I look at him and say "Buonser" and run into the side mirror of a nearby car. Which if I hadn’t have walked quickly away could have actually been a good conversation starter, "Hey, I just ran into a car because I really wanted to tell you about the Restored gospel. Next time.

We are also working with some adorable less actives that just don’t have the courage to come to church because they have lame husbands who don’t want them to. It’s so obnoxious. And it’s sad, because I just love them and don’t know what to tell them besides asking permission to beat up (this is where the Capaiera comes in) their scrub (as Anz Cardiff coined them) husbands.

I also have to say that I had a SWEET dream last night that was like a music video. The Shins song...Australia I think. The one that goes, "so give me your hand and we’ll jump out the window" i.e. Barbette’s favorite. And I was riding an old-fashioned bicycle and waving to EVERYONE I’ve ever known, seriously, if you are reading this, you were there and then Elle Graham (random) is like, here, let me help. So she pedaled and I just rode on the front and waved to everyone. Okay, sounds weird typing it out, but just imagine a really sweet music video and then imagine it being your life. It. was. Awesome.

We had a cool experience where we were at a citofono (intercom) looking for a name but they only said last names and we didn’t have it, so I asked a family that walked out if they knew a Giovanni (which the chances are good because 1/7 have that name) and he said no and kept walking. Then we stand there for a while and ring some but no one answers on our way out we see him again and he says, "Actually I know a Giovanni, lets see if the number is the same" we didn’t have the number, so he gave us the one we had and we called and he said he’d like to hear from us. We asked if we could pass by the family sometime, he said we could hear from him from Giovanni (kind of elusive, but we still have high hopes). We went home and the number wasn’t the same, so we are quite fortunate that we ran into Giorgio and he gave us the number. And though at the time it seemed like poor planning that we didn’t have the number it worked out in our favor!

Look forward to pictures of Christmas next week, and pictures of ice skating. :) I hope the festivals were happy for you all. There was tons of kissing and Auguri!! on Sunday at church...it was sort of mad.

I love Italians so much.

I am turning into one at an alarming rate.

Did I mention I bought a turtleneck? Yeah. And I wear black all the time. And now that I have boots I wear them all the time. But I’ve still got the red coat that makes me stick out like mad, so that’s good.

Also I got a sandwich the other day and they put an entire ladle of pesto on it...I like pesto and all, but I thought I was going to die; it was 4 times the kilos they put on Sor. Jenkins. I can’t decide if it was an accident or a joke...But I scraped it all off and will put it on pasta when I finally get the taste out of my mouth from the sandwich I ate on Monday.

In short, Italian missionary life is beautiful.


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