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Jan 5, 2011

More Pictures and Words


so we invented an orange throwing game while make Sorbetto, of course.

And ice skating, the first one is my favorite,

but I include the second one for Sor. sake.

And then we had a lesson with Carla our most favorite ward missionary ever, who actually got transferred down South to be a real(ish/mini) missionary for a while so we will miss her.

And after that? I started running a temperature and we havent left the house until yesterday when we went out for medicine and pizza. I am going to go on as if there is nothing strange about that sentence, because there isnt. Pizza is important.

Sorella Jenkins for keeping her indoors probably wants to kill me. There were points when I would have been okay with that..No, it wasnt bad. She made me soup and biscuits and cleaned the whole kitchen. I was getting better each day and my fever broke after (Im only adding these details for mom's sake) a couple days. So I was getting better each day, but then it felt like it was all gathering in my chest and I made some joke earlier about pneumonia so I probably have it. I called Sorella Kelly who called the mission doctor who told me to take Amoxicilin. (500mg, 3 times a day, 10 days). Does that sound okay, mom? If not feel free to call/email the mission home and demand a recount. But I am down for whatever. And recognizing that this might just been a mission-long theme but that the Lord will provide.

Italy is the best, because you can buy antibiotics just by asking and they ask if you talked to a doctor, and you say yes. and they say give me 3 euro and you say, okay.

Also the people at the farmacia are always having a party and laughing about something. We want to be friends with them. And the lady who runs the pizza place is sweet too. And her husband always waves to us from the back. So, even being sick can bring new friends.

And He does, because since we missed church on Sunday the whole branch is praying for me and Sis. Green called and asked if we needed groceries. I called the Anziani on day five and said, look will you come to Ladispoli to which Anz. Cardiff replied with a Napoleon Dynamite-esqe sigh and then, "yes, of course!"

Even in a foreign country miles away I am in good hands,
so dont you worry about me.

Then the Anziani hung around for a while, which was nice because we had been cut off from civilization and when they go to leave Anz. Carli goes, "Man, we could have watched Toy Story 3 in that time" Again, this is why missionaries cant watch movies.

Since we have been stuck in doors we have listened to a lot of Enya and the two CDs you sent me, I have had crazy dreams involving jaguars in our house and the important need to get rid of them before we went to church.

Happy New Years, by the way, it sounded like bombs going off all night, Sor. J recorded some of the fireworks, I couldnt get out of bed myself. They are fun because there are a lot more all at once instead of how we kind of space them out and try to make them last. They are also A LOT louder.

General blog shout-out: If anyone has photos of me on film sets looking cool (there are probably about five out there) and would send them to me, that would be awesome, because people will think I am even more cool here and I need to live that up before I come back to BYU where everyone knows how only slightly cool I am. K, thanks.

I LOVE YOU ALL. Seriously. I will be honest a lot of my love is going to Italians and South American-Italians and Italian missionaries and Philipini-Italians and Indian-Italians okay, basta.

More love. Forever and ever.
Sorella Laws

Also, when Anz. Cardiff gave me a blessing he said something about "creating eternal frienships and really getting to know people personally" I thought that was a neat idea, even if we come in contact with 50.000 people a day, we can still take time to get to know people, it doesnt take too long.

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