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Jan 12, 2011

Well, this week was intense to say the least,

I included that picture so that you know that I have in fact been resting and taking care of myself.

Saturday we finally got out and went to the Armelleis to make a flier for English course. Giacomo got super distracted using FONTWORKS and trying to make it look really cool so people would come. "You can’t just say "English Course" We need to say Class of English Lessons USA (or however it would translate, I’m not really sure) So he got all into it and we watched and it was fun.

Then we go to the church to have a lesson with Toni. While we were waiting Sorella Jenkins answers the phone. It was about transfers. We had previously made guesses about who my new companion would be. Well, the call comes and I overhear that Sorella Askew and Sorella Tutt are coming to Ladispoli. For a second I thought, 3? But I remembered that there is a severe shortage on Sorelle so I then think, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Ladispoli is getting white'washed and both Sorella Jenkins and I are leaving.

And I cried.

Like, real crying.

Someone should have filmed me it was so good. Luckily Toni didn’t end up coming because I cried for about an hour. I just started thinking about all the people I had to leave. The members. Our less’ active members. The investigators. The people we had just found. All these names and faces were going through my head and I felt my heart break into tiny little pieces. Sor Jenkins said that in a way it was good I was so sad, because it means I’ve been giving my all to this city.

But the Lord asks that we come to him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. So, I am at least halfway there.

And when we got home there was a letter from SAMMI with a CD in it with wonderful, wonderful songs that we have been listening to nonstop. Since we still aren’t working full days with my sickness.


Sometimes we fall asleep to Inception.

It was hard to tell people though. Elena, who I love to death, was sad. She told us yesterday that she started reading the Book of Mormon everyday again and that she would come to church on Sunday!! Eugenia (she’s our age) was like, "maybe you should tell president to pray again about this one". All the members were sad, but they just love us missionaries in general, so they’ll be okay.

The day before the call I had made a plan for my mission (cioe, where I would go and how long I’d be there, I said I’d do 4 in Ladispoli...Not so much, though)

So, are you just dying to know where I am headed??


With Sorella Foote, Sor. Jenkins last companion sort of ironically. We are staying in Ladispoli until Tuesday however because I have to do fingerprinting for my permesso on Monday. So I get a little chance to show the new Sorelle around. Or to rest up and get 100% better.


Via Luigi Einaudi 25

70125 Bari

Luckily I’ll still be here for a little bit, so if you’ve already sent stuff to Ladispoli it should get here while I’m still here, but from now on, send it to Bari.

Bari actually is on most maps, unlike Ladispoli if you want to look for it. I hear there is good food there and warmer weather.

Our last district meeting we had sandwiches and were our normal awesome selves. You are all right to say they send the best looking (and best in general) to Italy (as we like to say, we're the best).

I don’t even know how to explain how hilarious we are.

The picture of Sor J and I we are practicing making a face Anz. Cardiff always makes that he got from an old Italian man, I believe.

It is going to be sad to move on from such an awesome district.

Sor J and Anz Cardiff are dying and I’m headed to Bari.

We had a sweet dinner with the Sicardi family the other night. Frat. Sicardi told us all what we should do with our lives, that Sor J shouldn’t be a history teacher she should be an archeologist and that I should be a documentary filmmaker for National Geographic and also make a movie with his sons in it (one of whom was in an Italian TV series when he was 11 or so, so I might actually need to use him someday.) And that we could go on adventures and leave our husbands home with the kids.

We also had a little miracle on Sunday when the Marchettis invited us over; we found out that Alessandro, a guy we have been trying to track down with no luck would be there. Yay! Such a good coincidence.


We went and blew her mind and she said the middle of April and we said what about February and she said okay. It was so sweet. Neither of us will see it, but it was still so awesome and we are praying like crazy that she will come to church and do the things she needs to really commit.

Then we met with Toni and got him to go to institute for a little bit. I think he is in love with Sorella Jenkins and made fun of her for it, haha.

So I have accepted that it is okay that I am leaving all these wonderful people and am excited to see what these new changes bring.

Yay for unpredictable mission life!!!

This email is sort of sporadic because we don’t have much time. I slept all morning and now we are going to teach the branch presidents mother-in-law and convince her it’s the perfect time to change her life and receive the blessings of baptism.


Writing you from Ladispoli for the last time

(except I am also praying to get transferred back up her one day)

Sorella Laws

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