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Aug 28, 2008

with my shirt tucked in and my shoes untied

this is it, my last night in America.
hung with the Grieder Camp crew.
I think my summer would have been a lot worse if it wasn't for those few people I really enjoyed working with.

I'm not concerned about the plane ride, because I can just sleep.

And I'm ready to leave it all behind and having learning experiences on my own...out of my element.

and i'll stay away from boys.

Aug 27, 2008

and i missss you.

Today I was pleased because the song I wanted to listen to began playing when my mum and I walked into the D.I. in Portland. I hadn't had time to put in on my iPod for the trip up.

Got some new clothes-ies for Italia.

Have I mentioned I think Good-byes are completely ridiculous? Because everyone makes it seem like it's goodbye forever, but it NEVER is. And even if it is, why is there a need for a tearful goodbye, when you can be like, "Hey, I love you, good luck, and see you later." Hug. Go your separate ways. Far too often good-byes are timely and overly formal affairs that make you think way too hard about why you're going to miss this person and really just makes it harder on everyone.

Not to mention going somewhere is hard enough without having to say goodbye to everyone. You have to schedule it in amongst washing your clothes, packing, and buying tolietries.

And there are people you haven't seen for ages while being in the same place, but now that actual leaving is happening suddenly a panic arises and you have to schedule them in.

The fact that we're all leaving just means we'll have more to talk about when we get back.

But reading back over this I sound really bitter.

I do like people, really.

Aug 26, 2008

I have a hard time not falling in love with people who have great taste in music.

Today I earned more per hour sitting around watching Hanna Montana and playing with a doll house than I made trying to teach 20 kids drama or chasing six kids through the wilderness.

packing, packing, packing.
soon i'll be in ITALIA

Aug 25, 2008

at the speed of sound

last night we played games and stuff.
and i really miss just hanging out with people my age (or close enough)
and i like being thrown into situations where i may or may not know people
like game nights or farewells with lots of older people

and i've come to the conclusion that if things go good it's great
and if they go bad it makes for good stories.

i just want to look some more

I almost didn't write today. Technically it's not today, but really it still is. confusing?

went to church three times.
wyeth spoke because he's leaving.
hugh spoke because he's back.
and tyler spoke because he's awesome.

goodbyes are really lame, i'd really rather just quietly sneak away.

Aug 23, 2008

for you i'd wait, til kingdom come

I'm a human...A human girl. And as such I have inexplicable emotions. I think I am beginning to come to terms with that fact.

Coldplay - X&Y is a good album.

It seems like everyone I hang out with gets mono. I'm bad luck.

For my last weekend in the US I hung with my wonderful bffestie, being lazy and reading a hilarious book about how to be white trash as well as lots and lots of GG and sorbet.

The nice thing is it's pretty easy to leave when there are only a few people to say goodbye to.

Aug 22, 2008

and the boots with the furrr.

Today was the last day for me.
Got spit on twice before we even got on the bus in the morning.
It was "Out of this World" dress up day and I convinced a few kids that my skin really was green...And told them if they touched my legs they'd get it too and chased them all around the building.

Because after 9 weeks of being the NO RUNNING IN THE MICAH BUILDING (where we hang out from 7am-8:30 and 5-6pm) counselor I decided I was going to chase them all around.
Because I can.

Stole a bandana from camp as a souvenier. I'm aware it's dishonest. But they never use them and I don't get paid enough...Plus, it was in a bag with the rags! I really just rescued it.

Walked around with Ian (aka world's cutest camper) during the all camp game looking for aliens (Junior Counselors) because he just wanted to be my buddy and I was okay with that.

Ate outside and was joined by creepy married lifegaurd for a while as I frantically sent telepathic messages to Panda and Logos to rescue me. But then he was all nice and threw my tea bag away from me. Which was nice...But he still shouldn't hit on 16 year olds.

Decided recently I really like herbal tea...The fruity kind though, not the flower kind.

Aug 21, 2008

one day more....

tomorrow is my last day.
and then it's back to being plain ol' lauren.
and prepping for Italy.

marius, you're no longer a child

Angela leaves tomorrow. We partied at her house. And her sister made muffins that she was calling "Banana Butt Muffins" and Angela told her not to call them that. Then irony struck...

I was standing up singing along to Here it Goes Again, but decided to play it chill so I went to sit on the couch...And someone had left the muffins where I sat. So as Carolyn put it, "They really [were] banana butt muffins."

Two days and my camp counselor career is over. I can't begin to explain what a good experience it's been for me.

Aug 19, 2008

i can see a lot of life in you

Today 3 of my campers cried.
Have I mentioned 1st graders aren't my favorite?
And some of the older kids gathered around and said how they missed having me as a counselor and I just really, really wanted to trade.
Have I mentioned 5th-7th graders are in love with me?
Bought Chaco's so I am now part of the million of people who have them.
Never thought I'd spend that much on shoes.
Have I mentioned I enjoy being completely original?

I think it's good this is my last week because I'm started to get really frustrated with a few things.
Like people who don't take their job seriously and leave their groups ALL the time. When they have campers that needed special attention...that they REQUESTED to have in their group.

I just opened an email that said I should pack 2 pair of pants and five shirts...for 3 months in Italy? That's not going to happen.

me=one tired puppy
also I yell-sang so loud/hard today I got lightheaded.
did I mention it's a good thing I only have a week of work left?

Aug 18, 2008

you already know how this will end.

today i played with bubbles for an hour with first graders
we smeared the soapy stuff all over our hands and made our fingers into circles and blew bubbles.

i never wanted first graders again because they always cry but my group this week are so freaking adorable so far.

one of them is named ian and his laugh is horribly contagious. I accidentally pulled him off his feet during blob tag he was holding on to Panda who was holding on to me and I took off to fast so he got dragged along, poor thing! but later when i asked him what his favorite part of the day was he said, "playing blodge tag." but that's partly my fault because i kept calling it blog tag on accident.

and another one was leaning on my shoulder being annoying so i turned really fast and went "rawer" and he screamed like a girl. and it was hilarious.

Aug 17, 2008

In an octopus' garden, in the shade.

Last night Evann, Angela and I saw the most amazing thunder/lightning storm I've ever seen.
The lightning flashed every 20 seconds or so and there were some that branched out across the sky.
But it was the one time in my life I hated Oregon for having so many trees. We drove around trying to find a good place to watch it but they kept getting in the way
It was so majestic and sort of frightening. I liked it a lot.

We also ate a lot of whipped cream (or in Angela's case got a lot of whipped cream on the ceiling) and watched You Got Mail.

And now I really want a pen pal.

Aug 16, 2008

kiss me down by the broken tree house

watched Gilmore Girls and complained about our jobs...a lot.
told anecdotes accompanied by facebook pictures.
12:30 winco run
ate: avocado and cheese nachos, 2 things of koolaid, cookie dough ice cream w/ chocolate syrup, cheese nips, pizza, peachy-o's, strawberry-o's
making lemon koolaid without enough sugar and taking a swig everytime they mentioned food on the show...made us all sick.
stayed up until 3:30.
this morning: tater tots, cookie dough ice cream w/ chocolate syrup, and lemon tea with strawberry-o's

and that, i believe, is what summer is about.

megan's back which is a yay!
but other than that i'm SO ready to get out of this town. ugh -.-

Aug 15, 2008

if you're out on the road

this is post 101.
i leave in 2 weeks.

things i dislike:
internet window tabs
weather over 100 degress

things i miss:

slumber party with the girls=avocado nachos, gilmore girls, cherry koolaid, and really needing an ice pick.

Aug 14, 2008

Me=tired of getting ditched for people's boyfriends. So I'm going to make popsicles out of ice cube trays.

dollar tree did not have ice cube trays i wanted.
but did have polar bear paws i have been wanting. win-loose.
watched wishbone and drank smoothie-ish thing with lindsey and evann.

astro=one tired counselor this week.
only one week left of my camp counselor career! ...crazy.

but i make them wear girl suits

I've got bumps on my face and it's freaking me out...Not big, threatening bumps. But little bumps. And they don't itch...but now that I'm thinking about it they kind of itch. Shoot, I hope I don't have a disease. It's probably the sunscreen that lives on the bus that I foolishly applied today.

I salsa-ed for two hours without much to show for it.

I've got a fake tatoo that looks real.

Ate two rounds of pasta for dinner, one at my house and one at Evann's. That is all I did to prepare for Italy today. Also, Evann and I watched
Newsies which is completely brilliant. I do think it's interesting how often in movies that law-breaker and renegade is our hero. I approve though...Despite the part of me that wonders if I should.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be over 100 outside...And I work outside...I can't garuntee I'll survive.

Aug 12, 2008

so once again i swim in reverie without your love

I adore 4th grade girls.

"I like your rings."
"Did you get that one from your boyfriend."
"Nope, I don't have a boyfriend."
"But you're so pretty!!"
"Haha, thanks, but sometimes being pretty isn't enough."
"But you're NICE too!"

I felt bad though, because I think they were overwhelmed at the idea of boyfriend-acquiring requiring more than those two things. But they quickly got distracted by playing with my hair and telling me how soft it is and what shampoo do I use?

Today I wore lots of pink and cheered my heart out. Also learned a dance involving claps and butterflies.
Then I let one of the campers get us lost because she said she knew where she was going. And I saved the day with my outdoor instincts and found the correct trail. Thus, saving the cheerleaders from perishing in the wilderness. There were a few casualities like dirt in shoes and sticks in hair. But we all lived.

oh, and you might as well call me MIA because if you catch me at the border I got visas in my name...Well, just one. Because I'm going to Italy!! For THREE months. And it's overwhelming. I'm really excited to go, but also excited to get back because I feel like I've got a lot to do her in America as well.

Aug 11, 2008

i don't quite know. how to say. how i feel.

Went out on a summer's night adventure that involved skipping rocks and ice cream.
I'd never skipped rocks successfully and felt quite accomplished.

This morning I promised if I got to be one of the cheer/dance counselors I would wear pink everyday. And I am. And I plan to dress/act as girly as possible this week.

I'm 7 friendship bracelets short of my goal for the summer...I don't think I'll make it. No one wants to show their friendship through string tied together.

Packing is going to kill me.

Aug 10, 2008

can't see me lovin' nobody but you

i am apparently becoming an old maid because seeing all the happy couples at church makes me bitter.

but life is good.

Caleb and I are singing High School Musicals and I'm not the slighest bit ashamed.

Aug 9, 2008

I fell into a burning ring of fire

Quick note: I was just singing, "I fell into a burning ring of fire." And my little brother responded by saying "ha ha" in a Nelson voice. Punk.

Making some sweet ringtones for my phone with a program my brother has that comes with cables to plug your phone in and upload the ringtones. You can make them from any mp3 or compose some. It rocks.

So now I've got some ABBA, Sigur Ros, Johnny Cash, Regina Spektor, Boney M, and much more on my phone.

Went shopping with my sis and mum in the morning and then we saw Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2...Which I would like to say was casted and wardrobed perfectly.

Then Candy and I drove around trying to find a benefit concert and failed...So we went to three different Goodwills on our way back and then Muchas Gracias where I got a quesadilla that was 1/2 sour cream. And then we went and climbed the 7 foot rock wall at McKinley (the greatest Elementary school ever!)

Aug 8, 2008

*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* woo!!!

So I'm not that interested in the Olympics. But Holy Cow did anyone else see those Chinese drummers in the opening ceremonies? Amazing. And there were SO many.

THREE WEEKS! I'm going to Italy!! I'm going to Europe! I am so excited! I have no idea what to pack but I'm excited. And I'm going to get to use my Italian (that is slowly disentigrating) and I'm going to be completely vegetarian (because I put that down as a specification for the family I'm living with and they said it'd be no problem)! I'm just SO EXCITED!!

Yesterday we tried to make a mockumentary about a guy making a foreign film, but he can't speak another language. It sounds a lot more complicated than it was....And we made the mistake of not filming enough of the plot and just random scenes, but that's what happens when you try and do something in a couple of hours.

Played a lot of kickball this week. Bugz and Panda make fun of how I kick...and run...Which was probably true.

Had some decaf earl grey tea today during my break and I was thinking about how I haven't had caffeine in a really long time, since I gave up pop quite a while back. I wonder how hyper it would make me. And one of the crazy 7th graders with a crush on me grabbed my tea bag and sucked the juice out of it. Who does that?

And we played this insane all camp tag game where you had money and you tried to get it to the bank but if someone tagged you you had to rock-paper-scissor for it and if you lost they got your money. So, AJ (the adorable Asian) r-p-s me and we tied 7-9 times in a row! It was something crazy. But one of my campers, Lauren (you can guess how confusing that made this week), started crying so I was runnning to her (and she was by the bank) and everyone thought I had money and was running to the bank and about five different people* ("tagged") me as I ran by in the stomach and in the...chest...Which was painful, so by the time I got to her, both Laurens were saying "ouch" repeatedly, haha. Then later in the game she got run over and was upset about it. And Bugz goes "all I did was this" and hits me in the face. -.-

*i need to point out this week we happened to have hoards of manly men (literally, most groups had 0-2 girls) in every group...who hit hard.

All-in-all not my favourite game...But my team got 2nd (and the team who got 1st cheated) so GO US!!!

Hilary said she was going to read this, Hi Hilary! :)

Also, my tie dying effort was successful. And I really need to get a camera but don't know what kind!

Aug 7, 2008

i'm broken.
something in me needs to be fixed, but i have no idea what it is.
like my chest/muscles/back/stomach hurt at random times...i can't figure it out.

Aug 6, 2008

better be prepared to be surprised.

I'm glad I live in the kind of place where fireworks go off on a Wednesday night for no reason.

I really hate the days where I come home too tired to even think. But at least it makes me feel like I'm working hard.

I love the kids I work with a lot. And this love comes in handy when there is a kid (or JC) who can't seem to talk to you without repeatedly tapping/stroking your arm or jabbing you in the stomach. Or when you are tie dying and someone squirts purple (the devil's color) on your shirt that you should have known better than to wear at camp.

But it also makes it really, really hard to see them sad or upset or struggling. There are kids that are OCD and have anxiety or other things. And there are kids where you wonder what their home life is like when you see how their parents act when they pick them up. And about 1/2 or more the kids don't have a mom or don't have a dad for whatever reason. And I really just want to scoop them up in my arms and take them home with me. Only, not really, because I can hardly take care of myself. But I do wish I had a magical power where I could wrap my arms around them and make all their problems go away.

And the amazing thing is how easily they love me back. I try and convince them I'm mean, but no one buys it. And they're always hugging me and telling me I'm pretty and amazing. And that does that do wonders for my already healthy ego.

Aug 5, 2008

when first we laid eyes...

Has anyone else ever had the desire to tie dye a wedding dress?
Probably not.

I have incredibly mixed feelings about tie dye. In some ways it's super cool and artistic and in other ways it's just confusing.
Plus, I was too many times a victim of the white-and-one-other-color tie dye that doesn't look exciting at all no matter how you do it. Or the so-many-colors-badly-placed-so-it-just-turns-brown tie dye.
I've also seen far too many overly rubber-banded shirts that end up just white with tiny bits of colors.
There are just so many things that can go wrong and no certain way of predicting the outcome (well, there probably is, but I sure don't know how)

What I am getting at is that we're tie dying tomorrow at camp and I need everyone to wish me luck...Because I haven't had any in the past with this practice.

Aug 4, 2008

My Hands are Shaking From Carrying this Torch

back to work today.
good to see the crew, though it's not the same without Logos.

Got a ridiculous amount of attention for my hair cut today.
The funny thing is a several of the boys were convinced that I had gotten more hair rather than less.

Reading the vampire book everyone talks about and it just doesn't captivate me enough to finish it all in one splurge like my sister did (of course she reads all books that way).

Favorite thing of the moment: milkshakes.

Aug 3, 2008

like raaaiiin on your wedding day

I am embracing the greatness of similies.
You'd be amazed what comes to mind if you try and compare an experience to the first thing that comes to mind.

He/She/It was like...

He came into the room like a Greek God on rollerskates.
It tasted like red curry on a crisp fall afternoon.
The sound was like love rolling in the mountain air.
The drink was like passionately kissing a mango on a park bench.
When I saw him it was like the first big drop of a rollercoaster after eating a soft pretzel.

Aug 2, 2008

you know i'm such a fool for you

So, I am not a huge fan of Chick Flicks but I have to say there is something warm and fuzzy about the warm and fuzzy feeling you can get whilst watching some of them. So, I am making the list of acceptable romantic comedies, in no particular order.

Music and Lyrics
Hugh Grant dances to 80s pop songs and is incredibly witty. That's about all I need.

Girl with pig nose goes out and finds herself instead of just falling for a handsome suitor. Very refreshing.

I love that Disney was making fun of itself. Great music and great acting on Katy the Purse Girl's part. Plus, it makes you believe in true love.

Lady and the Tramp
There is nothing more romantic and comedic than eating the same piece of spaghetti while being serenaded by two Italian men

Also, Dan in Real Life, because Steve Carell can be my heart throb any day. Especially if he sings and plays guitar. And the soundtrack is kick a.

I have noticed, however, that chick flick watching is much less satisfying when you remember that you are very much single and terribly terribly alone in the world of romance. And everyone else around you has love nearby and won't hang out with you until 11 because they're with their boyfriend (not bitter). .

i'd swim across lake michigan, i'd sell my shoes

my body hurts
and so does my heart

Aug 1, 2008

Here’s what I think would be a great idea…Edible lollipop sticks.

It’s kind of a big nuisance when you grab a lollipop thinking it’s a good on-the-road kind of treat. Well it’s not. Because once you’ve sucked away the goodness you’re left with a mushy, spitty, stick of tightly rolled up paper. Now, if you’re not in the vicinity of a trashcan you can put it in a pocket where it is bound to stick or the moisture will seep through the pocket and you’ll feel it (yuck). Or you could keep it in your mouth, which I often find myself doing. This leads to problems such as the unpleasant taste of paper in one’s mouth and it begins to unravel and tiny bits of paper escape down your throat sometimes getting stuck halfway in between mouth and digestive track. You can also stick it to things, which is also gross, though sometimes amusing if the thing happens to be the person next to you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Who wants to hold on to something edible…Won’t that result in sticky hands? Here’s the thing…it will be a edible stick that is wrapped up, much like candy canes. So you can enjoy the top part of the sucker, peel off the wrapper of the stick and shove that in your mouth as well. Then you’re left with a slightly less slobbered on wrapper instead of a decomposing paper stick. Or you could just make sure you eat your lollipops next to a garbage receptacle.

Lollipop is a funny word.

take a chance on me

Alright blog. I vowed to write in you everyday and I intend to keep that vow. So while I am currently captive on a remote floating house I have my laptop. The internet is no where to be found but I will write and post to you when the internet is accessible once more.

So here we go, July 28, 2008

My dad informed me I’m not allowed to do any worrying for the next three days. But I can’t help but feel anxious. I know this house boat is supposed to be a pleasant escape from reality but mostly I feel trapped and concerned that we will sink or run out of supplies (despite shore being not that far off) I think I have some serious anxiety/claustrophobia issues. I just like solid ground and wide open spaces…which I think is only natural.

July 29, 2008

It’s two o’clock and I’m still in my pajamas. And that, I believe, is what vacations are really about. Since I started at camp I really haven’t slept in because I am usually doing something Saturdays and church on Sundays. I’m not advocating slothfulness but I think it’s healthy to lounge about sometimes. This floating house cannot seem to stay in one place and it’s a bit unsettling. I learned how to play Gin Rummy and consumed ¼ a sandwich and several peanut M & Ms. It reminds me of my craft services experience because they just keep putting out more and more snacks. There are 16 of us but probably enough food to feed three times that for a week. Caleb was flittering about with his swimsuit inside-out and I found that quite amusing.

I started reading the Book of Mormon in Italian (Il Libro di Mormon) and I could literally feel my eyebrows get closer and closer together because I was concentrating so hard. It’s intense stuff trying to read in other languages.

Yesterday we discovered pomegranate Tootsie Roll Pops at a small candy shop in Sisters and they were delightful.

I saw Enchanted (yes, I am aware I’m about eight months behind the rest of the world). But it was so CUTE. I feel that word is overused but I really can’t think of a better way to describe it. It was just so freaking adorable. The main girl (who I’ve only ever seen as Katy the purse girl) was so believable and sincere. And the Prince was hilarious too as he ran through the city in enormous sleeves laughing loudly and challenging people. I love Disney. But I do not find McDreamy that dreamy.

July 30, 2008

Fact: no one who watches at least 4 episodes can resist the lure of Gilmore Girls.

I am now an expert in several card games.

July 31, 2008

Attempted wakeboarding and was successful for about half a second. Would have kept trying until I got it, but it was around 7-8 o’clock at night and freezing cold.

Found this ridiculous game on my computer called Inkball. You try and herd these balls into the proper holes by drawing lines.

It is pretty stupid. Instead I would recommend
Jezzball, one of the most superior games out there.