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Dec 30, 2013

2013: Year in Review

This last semester was a bit of a hurricane, but as I thought back over the year I have decided that 2013 has really been one of the best. I am so blessed to have the beautiful, supportive people that I have in my life and I have really done some worthwhile things.

Here's the year. Buzzfeed style:

This was technically 2012, but we'll count it:

Di and I Hosted the Golden Globes:

I Wasn't an Actress:

But then I "was"

This all started:

I Watched a Few Movies:

I Took a Business Class:


This happened once or twice or more:

And We Were Also Obsessed With This Place:

I wrote one moderately successful blog post:
Vulnerabilities and Being Sexy

Valentine's Tradition Was Alive and Well:

That One Time I Got Free Stuff By Cleaning Out A Celebrity's Guest Home:

Cool Stuff Happened:
Became besties with these ones in 24 hours.

We Went to LA 


I worked for the library:

but was not a librarian.

I Was Still Writing...

Many of Our Favorites Came Back...In 3D:

I celebrated my 24th birthday in the best way I knew how:

I Ate My Birthday all Month Long:
And it almost killed us all. #eatyourbirthday

The World (or at the very least the film program) Fell in Love with This Girl:

And I Fell in Love with This Girl/Hero/Idol/omgshessocooliwanttobeher:

Weird Things Kept Happening at the Library:

This was still happening:

We Wrangled a Mob of High Schoolers to Make This:

4th of July Basically Looked Like This:

I Figured it All Out: 

This happened:

Everyone Got a Little Older:

(and I was the family photographer)

Weeping Premiered and I Got Teary-Eyed:

A LOT of this happened:

This, this, and this happened: 

and somehow they're all part of the same movie.

And somehow in the middle of it all, I met this knight in mint green menswear:

Which was lucky for me.

This One Visited Me at School:

I almost wrote a feature:
63 pages down...more to go.

Not pictured:
I saw a snowblower for the first time ever.
I was proposed to by no less than three Nigerian men.
Lots of weddings of close friends.
Roommate engagement, roommate engagement, roommate engagement.
I watched When Harry Met Sally at least three times.
I photographed women's conference.
Lots of impromptu raps/dance parties and puns.
and MUCH, MUCH, MORE. I had to stop somewhere.

Thank you to the many many people who shared this year with me. Here's to the next one!