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Oct 30, 2012

hunger games halloween pt. 1

sometimes i find myself in the most awesome situations

Oct 24, 2012

sweet deals.

Okay, I feel like a nerd, but it's actually a good thing because I am now slightly obsessed with couponing. Why? Because you get FREE STUFF. Especially if you are dating someone/married/some sort of a couple there are so many 2 for 1 deals and that really adds up when you are going out on the town or just don't want to cook. If you are already buying one, might as well get the second one free. 

Also, I bought my first thing on Groupon. I got a Full-size artificial down comforter for $19! Not bad. And it came just in time for the cold weather that just hit. So far, I love it. 

Yes you get about a billion emails a day, but you also get 2-for-1 Thai food and cheap weekend get-aways and cheap massages! Even deals on dental care and other things for struggling young people who might not have great insurance. Did I mention massages? They have all kinds of deals for massages 50-80% off. I like groupon the best because they are such drastic discounts. Everything I've looked at has been AT LEAST 50% off. Some couponing gets tedious because it's save ten cents at a time, but groupons...well, they make you feel good.

Follow this link to sign up: GROUPON

And check out those annoying ads that come in the mail too. It's free money!! 

Oct 22, 2012

fall fun.

sometimes in the middle of producing and school and work and producing and church assignments i have an hour free on a Sunday where i grab whoever i can and the work camera with the amazing lens and go take pictures in the fall leaves..

"this feels like a J.Mag photo"

gorgeous and matching the background

our twilight pic.

che gioia! 



this one is a fave.

leaf unicorn

sometimes my boyfriend just has to show me up in pictures.

sometimes people tell me i'm photogenic...

...and i ask them if they've seen these scrunchy chin/neck faces i make.

in love with orange trees on grey skies.

enjoy it while it lasts!!

Oct 20, 2012

sneak peek.

You guys, I could not wait to give a little taste of the past two days of shooting.
How am I just realizing now what a huge deal this is??
I always knew it was going to be awesome
but it is kinda, sorta, a little because of me...which is cool.

we could not have had better weather either! 
wonderful crew, wonderful cast, amazing locations 
it is going to look SO GOOD.
i couldn't ask for more as a producer.
(except for a little more money)

we had a horse on set.
he was also awesome.

Oct 17, 2012

I can tell when I am sick and/or stressed because I start hugging everyone.

Good to know misery brings out the best in me.

Oct 11, 2012

okay, my last post was so depressing and i've been wanting to post something else but have ha NO time with this wonderful movie we are making, so know that life is good and i have a trillion updates for you...maybe Sunday.

Oct 3, 2012

my life is so sad right now.
and i keep using the wrong kind of "your" when i type.

Oct 2, 2012

future "goals"

i know i share this dream with a lot of people...

but all i want to do is someday be married with a dog and spend my days taking beautiful pictures and writing and drinking fruit beverages--all while being outside--and writing more and cuddling and making soups from scratch or other recipes off pintrest. living near a large body of water.

i also sort of want to be an event planner. 
i also need to figure all this out because in a year i'll be all graduated.

Oct 1, 2012

me: [talking animatedly about Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls]
boyfriend: I like that I don't actually know who is the boy and who is the girl in this situation.