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Oct 2, 2012

future "goals"

i know i share this dream with a lot of people...

but all i want to do is someday be married with a dog and spend my days taking beautiful pictures and writing and drinking fruit beverages--all while being outside--and writing more and cuddling and making soups from scratch or other recipes off pintrest. living near a large body of water.

i also sort of want to be an event planner. 
i also need to figure all this out because in a year i'll be all graduated.


E. said...

Ingrid Michaelson, Are We There Yet? On repeat. There is even a dog.

babetta said...

Best life goals. You especially spoke to me when you mentioned drinking fruit beverages. Can we please me neighbors for always?

Julia said...

if filmmaking doesn't work out for the two of us, we should start an event planning business. (insert obnoxious hashtag) #samedreams