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Dec 31, 2009

new job!

I need to make some record about how excited I am right now so that when in I'm super stressed in a few weeks, I can remember this moment.


I tried desperately to do an abridged version of this year, but it's not so abridged...and I can't fall asleep.

January started with the great housing fiasco. Where E and I ended up trying to find a place the Saturday before school started. And magically ended up at Campus Plaza. This was the first of many good decisions.

We were optimistic about the future

I loved living in Campus Plaza. Nevermind the close quarters that were much like a summer camp...It was a short walk to campus and a constant party. People everywhere=never a dull moment, not to mention it was always a party in our apartment.

We choreographed dances in our kitchen that everyone could see, because the kitchen wall was actually glass doors (that were welded shut, we tried to open them). We sat on our bench outside and drank tea...rain or shine. We performed Shakespeare outside our apartment, with curtains we put up.

Six girls in an apartment=lots of love. Melanie was gushy in love once Mike came along. Amber got asked out by every boy in the ward and then ended up engaged. Liz and Scot had an amazing thing no one quite understood. Lys, E, and I were always all over the place and then...Me and E were the only single ones. We all cried over boys, ate enough brownies to feed a continent, watched Gilmore Girls. Both when things were good and when things were not so good.

E and I watched Boy Meets World on youtube consistently for a month or so.

In January I got my first call to work on a student film. Got two other calls that same day. That's when I knew I'd never have a normal life again.

My Neighbor Paul. My first student film and a great example of making things just complicated enough.

Valentine's Day I was in Mexico. Made music videos with kids at an orphanage. Slept on the beach. It was perfect. I told E to give Valentine's I made to our roommates...She gave them to boys instead.

Worked on Spit. Hung out in the creepy basement. Taught the extras how to play Spit. Did Prod Design at 2am with Jennie. Hallway parties/naps. Was in love. Didn't end up in the credits. ;)

Inspector 42. Made life-long friends. Slept in weird places.

March was Casimir Pulaski Day which we spent three days celebrating by doing a song shot to Sufjan's song with the same title and marks the beginning of M+M who got married on the 22nd of this month!!!

We stole dirt from the duck pond and planted flowers in mugs. Roger kept our flowers alive against all odds.

We watched M+M's first official date from our window.

Many days/nights were spent watching Animal Planet. Either squealing about baby animals or screaming about parasites. Our couches ate people...They went down to the floor when you sat on them. You could put your hand through them and touch the floor. We tried to sleep on them anyway once, three of us with the couches pushed together. So uncomfortable. One night Lys and I cracked and dragged the couch outside, realized we had nowhere to put it, and brought it back in.

E got her mission call to Indonesia.

Tyler and Heather got married. I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time. Got black ink all over my outfit.

Got into the film program! They didn't send me and email when they sent one to everyone else so I was the last one to find out, I had to email them and wait for a response. I had given up and E and I were slumped on the couches when I passed my email and saw the acceptance. I jumped on the couch and E and I screamed. Called my family and they were all really happy for me. We celebrated by eating ice cream and gummi bears and watching a movie, of course.

Somewhere between April and May I grew up significantly.

E moved out, but came back whenever anything good was happening. Which was almost always, ha. She went into the MTC July 1st and I wrote her every week until she left for Indonesia (then I started failing at life).

A Song For Barbara Ellen. Sitting outside the creepy decrepit house that was completely destroyed on the inside and the out. Wyatt was always telling people not to walk too close to the edge because it was decaying and liable to collapse. Jen+Ren+Babz Art Depart was formed.

I turned twenty. We had a tea party with kool-aid and donut holes. So refined.

I had the perfect summer romance. It took about ten steps to get from my apartment to his. It started with dinosaur t-shirts and a kiss on top of an artificial waterfall and ended with a mutual understanding we were no good for each other.

Mel, Kels, and I did Abs of Steel faithfully...Well, almost faithfully.
Hung out with Kels, mostly by the pool
Worked 4 nights at Rooster (the job I got because I walked up when they were having interviews and got to start the first day they opened, which is cool)

I went home for a week with Kelsie just before summer ended. Played hide-and-go seek for hours with my family, because they're great like that.

Kels and I moved in together after a shuffling of housing contracts. And after living with Mel and Grace for a week.

The last week of summer/first few weeks of the semester was a whirlwind. I met Alex and became bff's with him in the same day. We formed a dream team of Alex, Kade, me, Kels, and Diana and managed to cram 100 things into a short amount of time. We went to the fair, zoo, camping, movies etc. etc.

I was taking film classes and in love with them. I fell in love with my 185 class and the crazy dynamic of personalities.

Got Married, oh wait, no I didn't.

I decide movie watching needed to be more of an experience.

Most importantly, I met a lot of people. Got to know a lot of people better. And made a lot of movies.

And I didn't even brush the surface of October-Decemeber.

i'm pretty much done with planning things out.
it's like a curse.
whenever me and someone else are like, "let's do this specific thing sometime in the future."
it almost never happens.

i just woke up from a five hour nap.
so classy.
but portland with m'girls today was most refreshing.

this is the point in break where i realize i am running out of time before school starts.

Dec 30, 2009

One more year and I'll have my bff/bss back.

She was on gchat for about 30 seconds just now and I started crying and hyperventilating a little bit. Which seems extreme, ha, but we can't help these things.

I wish I could adequately describe the depth of this friendship.
Or sing about it...that's what they'd do in Glee.

It's bigger than Fox and the Hound.

Dec 29, 2009

i'm addicted to glee, dangit.

"And then I came up with the best baby name....Drizzle."

"He's cheating off a girl who thinks the square root of four is rainbows."

Dec 28, 2009

her music'll warm you like a hug.

this is kinda of long, i don't even remember editing it, but i deleted the original footage so now i can't reedit it. and it's lame because i have cruddy audio for a music thing, but so is life. and i wasn't a savvy filmmaker back in feburary.

but i like lynzie a lot and think her music is swell. and that is the important part.

inspired by La Blogotheque
my favorite of their's being Beirut

Lynzie Glaus from Lauren Laws on Vimeo.

my dear Lynzie is on a mission for the LDS Church in a month or two she'll be headed to the Czech Republic.

this documentary is also in association with Life Club, which will be starting up and ready to change lives once more this January.

Dec 27, 2009

movies, what else?

I think my family might like movies more than I do. And though they don't care much for anything I've made we've watched a significant amount so far this break.

I do like movies. I don't know if you've gathered that yet. Mostly, I like completely surrendering to the story and immersing myself in it completely. I'm not a very good critic, in the critical sense of the word, because I like most anything. I'm the kind of audience member that jumps a foot in the air when things are scary, gasps dramatically when things are surprising, and laughs at parts no one else laughs at. I get quite emotion and worked up (though I almost never cry).

Anyway, I don't know why I am prefacing all this...I just want to talk about some of the movies I've seen.

Watched Avatar the night before I got back. I liked it because it was pretty and magical. I want to live there. [spoiler] The more I think about it the more it bothers me that he gets to just magically become one of them. I mean, he's a human, he should have to deal with that...We can't just change ourselves for the convenience of being someone else. I mean, I can go to Mexico and love it and live there for years and years, but I will never be a Mexican. I think it's good he loved his culture and took time to be one of them. But there is something to be said about remembering who we really are and where we came from because there's no escaping that. Jusy a thought.

The day after I got back was Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was very Wes Anderson, but in a more family friendly version which was nice. I didn't love it as much as I thought I would, but I found myself relating to the story. I think the majority of the world has found themselves in positions where they've gotten themselves in very deep and there's not an easy way out. Also, I feel like I could see myself ending up with a crazy husband who has crazy aspirations and several mid-life crises and I will ultimately end up supporting him in his endeavors and spend time dancing in grocery stores.

Marley and Me is another film I could relate to. I'd seen it before, but it had a new dynamic this time. My dog has gone blind and is nine years old now and likely on the downward slope of her life. She's been the best worst dog we've ever had. My little brother wanted to turn it off before the ending, even though he was the one who bought it for my mom for Christmas. Also, I could see myself writing a column no one reads someday. Because we all know I love to and have some skill in writing about nothing.

I would be happy if I made a movie like Get Smart.

Fam went and saw Sherlock Holmes today. Downey and Law have great chemistry (and they are both so good looking!). I didn't love the plot, but I am sure they will make more, which I will be sure to see.

The Secret Life of Bees
was on tv tonight. All I have to say about that is I wouldn't mind being Dakota Fanning (or Queen Latifah for that matter), she's pretty rad.

Dec 25, 2009

christmas eve.

A Very Lawsy Christmas from Lauren Laws on Vimeo.

My mom always makes us earn our presents. This year she wanted a movie.

Dec 24, 2009

i dreamed a dream

I dreamed again that I was in a foreign country. This time it was Bulgaria.

Whenever I dream it's like there are mental signs over every thing. It was obviously not Bulgaria, but that's what my mind told me it was.

In fact, it looked exactly like Venice. Narrrow cobblestone streets and canals surrounding the place. I had a Golden Retriever on a leash. Like the one in Up, only he was real, not animated. He was always walking directly in front of me.

We were being guided around by an old Bulgarian woman. Much like the lady I sat by on the bus in Hungary. She spoke English like a natural. I kept trying to guess what words would be in Bulgarian from my knowledge of Italian and the random bits I know of Slavic Languages. She was delighted and would lovingly correct me.

We got to our hotel and the staircase was so narrow it was single-file. I had to push the dog up because it didn't want to go. Our tour guide was continually babbling about something. I was with "my family" but it wasn't a family at all. It was like cousins, or in-laws, or a host family. Apparently one of the guys with me was preparing to go on a mission because our old lady friend came back with a plaque that had a long inscription about going on a mission. At the top it said Micheal (or whatever his name in) is proud to announce that Micheal is going on a mission. (It was a plaque in the style of a wedding announcement, ha)

"Because it's you who decides that you are going on a mission. No one else."

At the same time (it feels like) I was dreaming I was in that room in the Library on the 5th floor where we had one of our SFA meetings. I'm pretty sure JP and Phil were there and a handful of other people and this awesome girl with short hair who sort of encompassed a lot of people I know. I was trying really hard to make good hot chocolate and everyone was ignoring me. There was someone else I knew and a conflict I cannot recall.

I hate that trying to remember dreams is like grasping at fog.

Now, I'm going to eat sugar cookies for breakfast.
Merry Christmas!!
Real quick note on today, well yesterday.


I am glad we could celebrate by eating Mexican food and drinking mocktails that got spilled over every inch of your house, as though we were really drunk. And playing Scattegories to classical music, playing Beatles Rockband for hours where everyone got really excited about playing a song and then wanted to give up halfway through, playing Yahtzee, though no one thought it was a good idea until Jared suggested it, though I had been rooting for it all along, then playing Sims 2 aka trying to get my character to kiss everyone, playing Zelda 64 for a second, NOT playing Halo, playing Connect Four, playing Have My Phone Read Hilarious Texts game, making fun of the song Fireflies, etc.


Dec 23, 2009

last night i dreamed a foreign film

All week she had been following these trails that had been made out of sidewalk chalk. They were cute, basic things with arrows and sunshines and smiles pointing the way to special but unimportant things like abandoned treehouses or rabbit holes or acorn trees. Yeah, acorn trees, even though we were stationed on the beach. It had the same feel as the Oregon coast but a bit wilder, and I knew we had to be somewhere else because the two kids I was with didn't speak English.

I couldn't really explain how I got there. Was I a nanny? An exchange student? But that's how dreams are. I think in my head I thought it was France, just because every foreign film seems to be French.

Part of me was convinced she was leaving the trails for herself and then going back the next day to follow them and be surprised. The half used bucket of chalk in the shed seemed to indicate so.

It was the most elaborate thing I had ever seen. The moisture in the air had made the chalk colors deep and vibrant. It went over rocks and other obstacles but still formed a complete picture. A collage of geometric shapes and words that were phrases poorly translated into English like Chinese or Korean stationary and t-shirts. The handwriting was perfect, like those girls in middle school who spend all their time writing notes to their friends and write exactly like the Tahoma font. It was the most playful graffiti to grace the earth's surface.

So of course I immediately had a bad feeling about it. "Don't follow that..." I warned as she crawled over rocks and ferns. Yes, I think there were ferns.

I know how foreign films end. In tragedy. This had to be a trap made by a ghost or a butcher waiting to hack her to bit, or a man ready to sell her into slavery or maybe that thing from Pan's Labrynth. Mostly the ghost came to mind, The Orphanage flashed through my thoughts. It's going to take her straight into the ocean. But she did not listen, whether it was the language barrier or the stubbornness of a four-year-old. She wouldn't listen and I had no choice but to follow and worry about all the possible outcomes (just like watching a movie).

We slid down the bank and came to a shore. It was about twenty feet of sand between too cliffs and a football field away from the shore where waves crashed violently. Sneaker waves! This is going to be the end of us! I didn't even bother to speak the words out loud. But they didn't sneak, just crashed brilliantly and beautifully a safe distance away from us.

We grabbed each others hands in a Winnie the Pooh and Piglet-esqe way and stood there soaking up the beauty of nature.

Must've been directed by an American.

Dec 22, 2009

loosing this battle.

i get upset when i'm watching recorded tv and i realize the things in the ads already happened.
you mean there's NOT a harry potter marathon this weekend!?

These things have happened more than anything else this break:
Mario Kart
Getting frosting all over my clothes.

Thank you Hilary and Aaron for assisting in my sugar cookie making extravaganza...
Even if Aaron insisted on using Halloween cutters and Hilary insisted on using rollerblade shaped cutters and we really only ended up with about five Christmas shaped cookies.

And that's five out of...70 cookies that ended up being made.
Because...apparently two handfuls of dough yields one billion cookies.
I wish I had a camera because there were/is cookies/dough/bowls/frosting/etc. EVERYWHERE.
Oh and the frosting recipe was waaay off about how much vanilla it needed.
First batch of frosting was dark brown and toxically vanilla.

There's a plate of about 20 unfrosted cookies, because everyone left and I gave up.

Holiday Desserts/Creations: 2
Lauren: 0

I am trying sooo hard to be Christmasy.
Tomorrow we're going to ZooLights for Ang's b-day.
I've been wearing red and/or green in some form everyday since Thursday.

I have such a love-hate relationship with Owl City.

And my schedule next semester is such a mess. yay...

Dec 21, 2009

gingerbread houses

we just had our annual gingerbread house making extravaganza.

i'm covered in frosting...
me: 0
gingerbread house: 37

you'd think after 20 years of gingerbread experience I wouldn't have struggled so much...but this thing collapsed about 13 times while I put it together.
now it sets on the shelf...one wall caved in.

and i've eaten enough candy to last me five years.
Addie (age 3): This is like Halloween!!

Dec 20, 2009

hot guys+baby animals

finally, every girl's two favorite things have been put into a calender

hot guys and baby animals calender.

you won't be able to decide who you want to cuddle more.

bits and pieces

my mom doesn't want me to talk about her on my blog.
but she's just so great. i want to be like her someday.
well, i actually already am...

we were listening to a musical number in church and she says,
"man, some families just have all this musical talent...we just have to settle for good looks."

One of my new favorite things: Hans Zimmer Radio on Pandora.

It is feeling more and more like Christmas. Putting fake snow around a little village under a tree yesterday while listening to the Muppets and other classic artists sing Christmas songs helped.

My blind dog keeps running into me and slobbering all over me...It's...endearing...?

This is post 500, I should have made it more interesting.

Dec 19, 2009

2009 Was Great: Part 1

remember that time
i said we should put on clothes that are all the same color
and run around outside?
and you three actually said yes
April 19th 2009


This is a sentence I typed in my sleep last night:

As I slide on the ice with my actor I was informed that there was only three hours left of daylight.

Dec 18, 2009

i'm home

Preface: Caleb is 11 years old.

Mom: Dad was 23 when he was married.
Caleb: What about you?
Me: Dad was 23 when she got married too...Wait, did you guys marry each other? This all makes sense now.
Caleb: That explains all the PG-13 kissing.

Me: Caleb, don't kiss people.
Caleb: Well, I hope you haven't!
Me: Um...
Mom: She has. You shouldn't be kissing people now, but eventually you'll want to kiss someone...a little.
Me: oh, great...
Caleb: This is NOT something I want to talk about. Next on that list is puberty...
Mom: It's just about getting older [she continues to talk about it like the nurse she is] your voice will get deeper...
Caleb: My voice will never get deeper!
i wanted that last line in writing, so i can point it out to him a few years from now when he's a baritone.

Today has been a serious of naps in various places...And I keep dreaming about Avatar.


I am once again in the airport. Same gate, actually. Awaiting my fault...flight. Not fault. Ha.

I've gotten about 45 minutes of sleep because I had finals and then instead of sleeping last night I went and saw...Avatar!!

I think it is interesting just how much of a plot you can have in three hours. Three hours is a long time and they were able to develop a lot of things and really go into detail about the world they created. Which is great. Because sometimes there is not enough time to set up the world and tell a story, but I think Avatar was able to do both. I won't go into the plot, it was definitely didactic at parts, but also delightful. And it didn't drag too badly because it sucks you in.

Also, Pandora was SO beautiful. Can we all move there? I guess if we all moved there it wouldn't be as magical. Can I, and all my blog followers, move there? I think that would be a superior race ;)

Also, can I please have a pet flying dragon to fly around and chill with?

Third also, I felt like an old lady...Because despite all the 3D films that have come out lately I have not seen one since like, Spy Kids? So I was pretty much jumping out of my skin during the previews when things kept flying at me. I almost had a heart attack. I used to take comfort in knowing things were going to stay on the screen.

However, I think 3D is amazingly effective.

I have always loved watching people watch movies. I like to see how people react. I also like the blue glow on people's faces, I think it's flattering. And it turns out watching people watch movies is even more amusing when they're all in 3D glasses.

Quick Sappy Note:
Y'allz are amazing. I cannot express the gratitude lately for all of you who have helped me with everything lately. Whether it's making me dinner, talking late at night, planning and attending christmas parties, finding a funeral home that we can shoot in, helping me edit my final or offering to moon whoever hit my car...I appreciate it. I am oh so excited to be going home, of course. But for the first time I am starting to feel like I have a pretty good home in Provo. I've got my support system of friends which is a second family to me. Don't know what I'd do without you.

Dec 16, 2009


and when we look back on this i'll say,
"you remember that time i was really brave?
well, it was because i was listening to the mamma mia soundtrack.
abba just has the effect on people."

and when we look back on this other thing i'll say,
"i don't think i can ever have children because i got emotional taking my car to get fixed...could you imagine if it was a child with a broken arm, instead of an inanimate object?"

remember how we stood in the snow eating marshmallow matey's while they towed my car?
remember how you don't have a love life until you get asked on three dates in one weekend or two guys make a move the same weekend?
remember that time you were so hungry and then we ate cafe rio and it made you want to solve world hunger?
remember when instead of studying/working we just had parties in the open lab? and ate taco bell and clementines?

thanks to candy, i'm listening to this song on repeat

can you at all time wear socks, 'cause i'm still scared of feet?

remember how it cost like a million dollars to fix my car?
this is the worst.

Dec 15, 2009

i need to stop blogging every five minutes
but ski free references can't be passed up..

via xkcd

so easily convinced.

I think I just pretend to be stubborn and oppinionated, but I am actually way easy and soooo mainstream.


me: Diet things are gross
Alex: just try it
me [20 minutes later]: omg, i just feel so much healthier right now. there's NO sugar!
[3 days later]: neeeeeeed diet...7up...with pomegrante.

E: i love hot water bottles.
me: what the flip is that thing? you are so weird and grandma-like
E: just try it
me [30 seconds later]: this...is...the...best...ever.
me [three weeks later]: i am stealing this when you go on a mission
three months later when i receive one in the mail I carry it around for an entire day.

me: i LOVE editing
JP: no you don't. you hate it.
me: i'll show you
six months later i would rather eat an alligator than look at final cut again...after only editing like three projects

me: i hate country
E/Taylor: you will love taylor swift
[after weeks of being broken down]: i like a couple of her songs
now that i don't hang out with these two on a regular basis anymore, i'm reverting to my old ways and a taylor swiftless life.
Kanye West: I'm going to let you finish but...
me: Oh yeah, Beyonce iz so much better than T. Swift.

me: Avatar looks dumb
Matt/Devin/Willem: Avatar is going to be amazing
me: Avatar is going to be amazing
this one i feel bad for ever doubting because it really does look stellar, we'll see when it comes out though...

me: keyboard phones are dumb
Verizon guy: this phone is the most popular...and it comes in red and blue
me: i'll take it.

etc. etc.
it's kind of embarassing.

this is me avoiding studying.
i'm the worst.

the true meaning of christmas

I'm just now realizing a benefit to marriage that I never realized before...


Because you have two families that have to love you and give you presents. ;)

Especially if you're lucky like my brother and his wife and happen to be from the same town and can visit both families easily during the holidays.

i like this song

Dec 13, 2009

that was the worst december 13th ever!

here's part of a song i wrote about tonight
you might be able to guess what tune it's to:

going outside
trying to get sound for my final
hearing a noise
of course a car alarm goes off
goes off

is that your car he said?
is that your car he said?
to me

darn, that's my car i said
darn, that's my car i said

alex, he yells, how on earth did you park like that?
like that

seven guys run forward
trying real hard to be helpful

in time he'll feel guilty
for not leaving a note
in time i'll fix my car
for now i'll park somewhere else

silent night
icy night
silent night
puppies make it alright

okay, i'm obsessed

i want a puppy.
not now, but eventually.
i really, really want a puppy.
so i am online shopping for rad mixes.

boder collie + spaniel
beagle + lab

now, i'm stopping, because alex is making fun of me.


Over a year ago, I made this list that I just looked at again. I think I've made pretty good progress on it.

Life Decisions I Made While in Italy

. cut my hair short
. date someone who speaks Italian - tried.
. be a filmmaker - check.
. be more passionate about life -check.
. come back to Italy
. work on penmanship - check.
. go on a mission
. Learn more languages -sort of.
. wink at people more often - check.

it must be christmas

last night i attended a most amazing christmas party.

held in a house made of pure magic, that had a room for everything:
one room had a baby grand and a ping pong table in the same area.
another had an intricate doll house and mirrors along an entire wall.
and the creepy stuffed animal nook, which had a doorway too narrow for anyone with shoulder's as broad as Jordan's.
there were fancy old chairs and old books and old costumes everywhere.
and christmas decorations in every rafter.
and a staircase that made me feel like i needed a beauty and the beast dress to walk down it.

there was food of every variety, including turkey dinner in a cup.
people everywhere. dressed swankily.

comedy from elves with accordions
a magician comedian who allowed himself to be taped into a christmas present.
gangherds (shepherd gangsters)
and, then we joined together and sang Edelweiss over and over and Hitler, yes Hitler, made an appearance.
which was equal parts hilarious and awkward.

and, once again, i love when life is like a movie..even if it's not my life.

so, well done, Joel, Raven, and everyone involved.

i have been ingesting christmas music like it's a drug...or sugar water.
can. not. get. enough.

Dec 12, 2009


i sort of really love that feeling when you wake up and your voice sounds different than it normally does.
it's kind of like an oppurtunity to be a new person for a few hours or so.
which i think is good for a person, now and again.

i am not sure i will ever have focus in my life.
i thought i had ruled out cinematography.
that was the one thing i had narrowed out this semester.
but i'm a tiny bit completely intrigued by it.
and it's complexity.
thought i had ruled out editing too...but, it's the tiniest bit addicting.

man alive.
i need to stop loving everything.

i may have, however, narrowed down one thing that i want in my life.

how strange!

i have had the strangest interactions with strangers...
one gave me his ice scraper
a few let us use the air hose on the back of the truck
some others left an "i love you" note when i was their waiter
the "yarr, i'm here to help" guy
bearded guy who kissed me when i was standing under the fake mistletoe and then walked out the door

also, christmas party was quite packed, with christmas card making, fiery hot coca, cookies, and a music vid that'll be up soon. it was brill. i wore a sweater that weighs 12 pounds or so.

there are not enough hours in the day.
and i may have killed my back...again.

Dec 11, 2009

class of 2019

i am so annoyed right now with how classes are set up in the film program.
for the application i made a two year graduation plan.
that i have no chance of following, because they won't let me into the classes i need.


and while i'm complaining...there's a chunk of my 185 final where the camera didn't pick up sound.

other than that we're in good shape, though.
i still can't believe i made this movie single-handedly +brooke.
(not that it doesn't show, ha)

Dec 9, 2009

inspired words of the day

"I didn't get my Eagle Scout...because I was off wrestling bears and chasing wolves while everyone else was learning about the weather." -Jamison Dayton

"I think someone should just follow me around and write everything I say on facebook and then people can comment on it." - Diana Lewis

"I miss you." -me
"You would." -Jennie K. Mangum

"And I've got to keep my mustache until I know if I'm playing Hitler on Saturday." -Alex Christman

"And it's like, thanks I get an item that makes me shrink!? F YOU, MARIO KART!" -Matt Heder

Dec 8, 2009

Reasons Why Making a Movie is Like Being in A Movi

.Standing in the snow while people in strange clothing dance around you
.Riding in a huge green van that has no passenger seat window even though it's waaay cold out
.Random guy at the gas station who gave me his ice scraper because i was brushing snow off my car with a Sting CD case.
.Trying to blow up a neon yellow inflatable mattress outside when it's frozen closed and guys cutting down trees let us use the air hose in the back of their truck
.When trying to get my car out of a snowy ditch on the side of the road Jordan got all this snow sprayed up in his face. Hilarious to watch from the inside of the car.
.This guy with an accent came out of nowhere and said, "Yarrrr. I'm here to help!" and proceeded to boss everyone around and almost single handedly pick up my car and move it out of the ditch.
.After a successful shoot, I lock my keys in the car
.After I had misplaced the other set
.Jennie comes out of the FSSS to find clementines, a snow shovel, a bandana and goggles, a scarf, and a dying fern...all arranged evenly spaced out by the back of her car.
.I have no idea what year my car is.
.I loose my phone, fall asleep for a few hours, wake up, think "great it's probably outside in the snow", go to check where my car once was, there is a new car there with a couple, i walk awkwardly around them and find my phone, next to the tire, un-run over and only a little frozen

also, I am the best at loosing my keys.
and just want/need to sleep.

and the winner is...

So I told you I was going to select the winner for the giveaway randomly and I also told you I was going to select it yesterday.

Neither of these happened.

I directed two short films in the past two days and haven't had a chance to blog.
And I am a sucker for flattery and Matt's comment was easily the best.

Matt Heder said...

Well considering nobody read the rules on your giveaway I should have a good chance of winning.

So here I go:

1. Lauren's smile reeks of pure bliss.
2. Her love of details in this life will get her far in the next.
3. Lauren gives probably the best hugs in the world. No joke, if you haven't received one, do so now.
4. In a world where there are no opinions and only fact and fiction about what is awesome and what is stupid, Lauren will always naturally know what is awesome.
5. She loves the smell of men's colognes, good trait for a girl to have.
6. She enjoys all the comforts of the soul: music, the fall, apples, Oregon, scenery, the outdoors and more.
7. Most of all this list doesn't even begin to scrape the surface of the awesomeness of Lauren!!

P.S. read #4 again, it's deep.

So Matt, get me your address and I will send you something spiffy in the mail, even though you didn't return my phone call. After all, you're probably used to people just giving you stuff since you're in LA and all...

Dec 5, 2009

lemme show you how i jump on this turtle thing

So I have learned via a couple posts back that the way to get a male to comment on a blog post is to write about video games.

So here's the thing...I am actually really really good at video games.

People don't realize how much skill it takes to get killed seven times in three minutes in Halo 3.

Or the sheer skill it takes to get stuck behind a cactus for a full minute.

Or falling into lava every single time you jump? I am SO consistent it's unreal. 

See, some people like to do the easy things like going down the way you're supposed to...Me, I like getting stuck between the wall and the trap door...Several times.

Mario Kart? I can off-road like nobody's business. 

Fighting an opponent? The best tactic is to run straight into them.

But, seriously, I could probably beat anyone at Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64.

one more person comment on the giveaway post before monday so i can roll a dice to find out who wins. 

Dec 4, 2009

i've never let myself go this badly.
i apologize to everyone who has had to interact with me/live with me lately.

people are people are people

Conversations I overheard on the way to school two days ago.

"So when I went over there she gave me this HUGE hug...And I just didn't hug her back."

"It's not like you've taken kinetics yet...Oh, wait, YOU HAVE! ha!"

Other quotes/situations that were brilliant.

"Something miraculous happened but it was a miracle that sort of made sense."
-Dean Duncan

"What are you doing? Is that Sudoku? Are you doing Sudoku while you walk?"
-me, talking to Jordan, who as I found out today also falls asleep while doing Sudoku.

Dec 3, 2009

was anyone not annoyed by the fairy always telling you what to do?

sometimes a lot of things remind me of Zelda the Ocarina of Time.
(which is probably not normal)

things i've almost said in the past 30 hours:

"those shadows look like the zombie things in Zelda 64. i used to be deathly afraid of those as a child."
"this muse song sounds like the music in that one part of Zelda."
"my feet are cold, probably like happens to Link, I mean, that guy is always walking through small rivers and stuff."

Anyway, I think Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 are the perfect systems.
Which I would go into right now, but I've got to get to work so more later...

why yesterday was a wonderful example of humans being humans
and why i am really great at video games it just doesn't seem like it

Dec 2, 2009

Silly me thinking that watching Bambi would actually help me do homework.

Dec 1, 2009

music videos=magic

devin just showed me this and its absolutely stellar.


don't forget to enter the giveaway!
i promise it'll be better than half a pack of starburts.