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Nov 28, 2012

Today's theme for the first 20 minutes writing class....Vomit and the F word.

Makes me want to--yes I am going to say it....vomit.

Nov 26, 2012

TMA 341

i've been in class for an hour and the word "poop" has been used no less than twenty times.

and i just feel like this face:

writers are the worst sometimes.

Nov 25, 2012

wait. that guy in Glee's name is "Chord Overstreet"...?? 
that is not a real name.

i am sorry, i try not to mock people's names...but seriously?

i am sorry, Chord, because your name is probably how you ended up where you are now.

Nov 20, 2012


Sometimes when I'm going through a normal day I will suddenly have a panic moment that is like, "Ohmygosh, what if I get pregnant in high school!!?!!"

and then the other part of my brain goes,
Um, you're a virgin...and you graduated from high school five years ago. 

Nov 9, 2012

Hunger Games pt 2...with bonus pics!

this was the original idea, to make a bunch of little flames...but then it was too hard.


I am excited for THIS MOVIE. Also have been waiting basically my whole life for this moment because when I was little I always wondered why there was no musical movie version. also, how much do I want one of these posters to alter so it says, "I am the Laws"? A LOT.

 dresssed up as extras for the other capstone, Mirror Portrait...And the paul mitchell students went to town on our faces.

probably two shades darker than normal skin tone. 

Nov 8, 2012


People think it's fun/cute to joke about robots...but here's the thing....I probably, really am a robot.

I don't cry during movies--not even animal movies.
I always fail those "prove your not a robot" tests to post comments on things.
Almost all kinds of food make my stomach hurt.
I didn't gain weight living in Italy for 18 months.
My body's temperature rarely has anything to do with the outside temperature. 
My favorite color to wear is grey.
I look weird when I run.
I sometimes set off metal detectors for no reason.

Remember when Spike Jonze made this movie and released it with limited views? That was cool...

Nov 7, 2012


I am convinced that Pop music is it's own thing that should be taken for what it is and not its "artistic quality"

So...right now, this is my jamz. Because I feel a lot of unnecesary, inexplicable anger at the world in general (nothing in particular), and I don't know another where I can yell, "UHN!" while I "sing" along.