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Sep 28, 2012

Hey Everyone!!! Check this out when you get a chance!!!

I'm excited. Because it's going to be really good.
You can be a part of it too. Follow the blog to keep updated. Donate if you can.

Weeping Promo Vid from Weeping Film on Vimeo.

Sep 24, 2012

I haven't been writing enough lately and writing is something I need in my life.

Walking to school the other day I thought, I am an awful producer and significantly worse at editing and not even a great director not even close to a superb actor but writing...I'm a good writer. I've come up with some good and exciting things with my fellow writers in our "Writer's Room" class. And I love it.

Over Chinese food my lovely film gals and I developed some ideas for a wonderful chick flick. Look for it in theaters in the future.

I am dating the most amazing man. He is a boyfriend straight out of a movie without any of the drama. i honestly never expected something like this to happen to me. Someone who literally shows up on my doorstep with a Belgium waffle and tells me I'm beautiful every. single. day. Though I found out the other day he doesn't like maple bars which is something I'm going to have to come to terms with. It's not like I had horrendous relationships in the past but I honeslty did not know this level of affection and devotion was possible.

Trying to make a movie. https://vimeo.com/49718194. More on that later but it's going wonderfully + the average amount of hiccups and hardships.

Hardships are the fun part too though.

Now some chalk pictures...

Sep 16, 2012

“I wish there was a song called “Nguyen and Ari,” a little ditty about a hardworking Vietnamese girl who helps her parents withthe franchised Holiday Inn they run, and does homework in the lobby, and Ari, a hardworking Jewish boy who does volunteerwork at his grandmother’s old-age home, and they meet after school at Princeton Review. They help each other study for the SATs and different AP courses, and then, after months of studying and mountains of flashcards, they kiss chastely upon hearing the news that they both got into their top college choices. This is a song teens need to inadvertently memorize. Now that’s a song I’d request at Johnny Rockets!” 
― Mindy KalingIs Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Sep 2, 2012

love, people, relationships

i believe in people.

i know there are a lot of people who will let you down on purpose and on accident.
i know times get tough and relationships get strained but i also believe in

friend love. boyfriend love. marriage love. family love. professional love. far-off admiration love. a connection of nothing else but being humans love.
the love of God.

we are never quite as alone as we sometimes believe ourselves to be.

sometimes it just takes searching. real searching to find those people who realize just how incredible and important you are.

sometimes they show up out of nowhere.

and it takes your own investing to show them you are worth it too.

photos by Willem Kampenhout 

is the most natural thing in the world.
we try so hard to be good at it
but i think the key is to not try at all and just do.