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Sep 24, 2012

I haven't been writing enough lately and writing is something I need in my life.

Walking to school the other day I thought, I am an awful producer and significantly worse at editing and not even a great director not even close to a superb actor but writing...I'm a good writer. I've come up with some good and exciting things with my fellow writers in our "Writer's Room" class. And I love it.

Over Chinese food my lovely film gals and I developed some ideas for a wonderful chick flick. Look for it in theaters in the future.

I am dating the most amazing man. He is a boyfriend straight out of a movie without any of the drama. i honestly never expected something like this to happen to me. Someone who literally shows up on my doorstep with a Belgium waffle and tells me I'm beautiful every. single. day. Though I found out the other day he doesn't like maple bars which is something I'm going to have to come to terms with. It's not like I had horrendous relationships in the past but I honeslty did not know this level of affection and devotion was possible.

Trying to make a movie. https://vimeo.com/49718194. More on that later but it's going wonderfully + the average amount of hiccups and hardships.

Hardships are the fun part too though.

Now some chalk pictures...

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A. said...

I need ALL the details about your love! Please, and thank you.