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Jun 30, 2009

thanks, Google

I am reading emails and contemplating what exactly I am doing with my life when I glance at the top of the screen and it reads...

Your Life Is Messed Up...
if i was me (which i am)
and i had a young child (which i don't)
who created a ten foot trail (or radius) of mass rice-induced destruction all over the bench/table/floor

i would tip more than 9%

that's all i'm saying.

Jun 29, 2009

"she doth cause the sun to rise..."*

even though i understand a bit more where they are coming from these days...
...people in love are still gross.


*people don't cause the sun to rise. it's actually the rotation of the earth around the sun.

Jun 26, 2009

il bruco! il bruco!

(well, the July Palio, because there is one in August too)

Oh, and in case you forgot who won last time...


Okay, sad new, Il Bruco isn't actually running this time around, so maybe I'll cheer for the porcupines.

chick flick

Today had every aspect of a romantic comedy.

1. Awkward moment

I bought significantly tall heels yesterday on clearance because I put them on and my legs looked way good. Well, Elizabeth and I were dressed up and then we went on campus so she could get some pens at the bookstore. I'm standing at a computer in the lab. when she goes, "that guy totally just checked you out, all the way down to your shoes" I start to feel way awkward (I guess I should have been flattered?) Then we go up the stairs and there is...hundreds of teenage boys lined up from the staircase to the bookstore. At least two hundred, no joke. Every boy at camp this week was just there with their counselors trying to herd them into a line. So already feeling awkward, we walk past them muttering, "don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact..."

2. Disappointment
We tried to go to the temple, but it's closed for maintenance until the 6th. Very, very sad.

3. Overcoming disappointment
Guru's was open, so we went there for breakfast instead.

4. Tragedy
Mel and E said goodbye to each other.
Michael Jackson is dead.

5. Quaint Workplace
A regular came in and remembered my name.
Co-worker wants to set me up with his friend.
"So, are you going to break up with your boyfriend?"
"I have a really great friend, he's going to be an architect, that's the hottest profession, I read it somewhere."

6. Spontaneous Celebration
We danced along to Michael Jackson music videos and fondly remembered him.

7. Scandal
We went for a midnight swim even though the pool "closes" at ten.

8. Mishaps
Our couch is more broken.
An umbrella almost flew away at work.
Almost choked to death on an Otter Pop.

9. Good Friends
I am just really lucky to have the friends I have.
Evann bought me a sweet ice cube tray where they are fish shapes
Lys, Kels, and I are now watching Whose Line...
And I love, love, loved spending the morning with E.

10. Hot Boyfriend

Jun 25, 2009

have you ever thought about...?

i am kind of madly in love with ingrid michaelson.
i don't really know why...
but her lyrics are powerful in a simple way.
and the repetitiveness is captivating and catchy instead of annoying.

usually picture videos are lame, but this one is quite cool.

Jun 24, 2009

forgetting the words to your favourite song

i keep waking up feeling kind of hung-over.
no matter how much/how little sleep i get.
it's no fun.

but that's not important.
becauuuuuse day off+elizabeth=yayyyyyyy!!

oh, and regina came out with a new album.
mine and Katie (co-worker) (and apparently taza) recommend the following video from it:


i say this on a regular basis, but i really love life.

Top Ten Reasons My Life is Amazing:

1. I live in America and am free.
2. I am in college and free.
3. I work with amazingly awesome people.
everyone is fun and interesting and did I mention I work with someone named Michael who is engaged to a girl named Michael?
4. I have the most amazing friends.
Seriously, I love every single one of you and wish I had infinite time to just spend time with you.
5. Including a great boyfriend
who picks me up from work and sings along to Proclaimers songs with me.
6. I have access to endless music
(have you stopped to remember how amazing the internet is, lately? Because it's ridiculously convenient and helpful)
7. I am a freaking film maker
I get to be a part of making beautiful things with the most awesome people. I'm constantly amazed by how lucky I am.
8. I am close to having abs of steel
watch out, me and Kels are gonna be ripped.
9. I've been blessed with oppurtunities to travel
which has unfortunately made me addicted to travel.
10. My family loves me and is coming to visit

(even though they have a "real reason" for coming, not just to see me, as Caleb puts it).

Jun 23, 2009

Ready for the worst job ever?

Donut Helper
Job ID: 9400
Dining Services

Help where needed in the Donut Room. Reliable, consistant, good work ethics.
Qualifications: Will train.

Hourly wage:
Work days/times:
Sun & Fri/ 9p - 12 mid

tip of the week #1

before you force-feed someone an omlette, make sure it's properly cooled.

that was improv.

so, i was decent at improving on stage in high school (acting+trombone).

but when it comes to improving on recipies--
or sewing patterns--
or singing along to people's guitars--
or trying to come up with something to say when certain people show up when i least suspect it

i'm not so good.

i'm okay at improv rapping though.

Jun 21, 2009

Reasons to Love Dads

Dads are great. I know a lot of people don't have a great relationship with their dad which is why I feel incredibly grateful and try not to take for granted how lucky I am to have the one I got.

My dad helped me catch my first fish and then hid it from me when I was terrified of it flopping around.
He helped me build a Bunk Swing (that's right, a double decker swing) and we fantasized about patenting it and making millions.
He used to tell me to "Have fun, be good, drink Sprite" as I walked out the door.
He lets me make my own decisions and then remarks how he knew all along I was doing something stupid.
He is cuddly and always shares his popcorn.
He taught me about important things like playing Hearts and Cribbage and watching Cool Hand Luke and The Point.
He buys mum the flowers they had at their wedding on their anniversary.
He once jumped on a filing cabinet so a lady working for him would stop trying to fix it and let him get her a new one.
He tells me I can do anything and makes me believe it.
He always talks about moving back to the Middle East.
He yells at us to hurry up in Arabic.
He hates BYU but didn't disown me for coming here, and even helped pay for it.

Also, for those of us who've lost their dads or don't have the relationship they'd like, it's incredible to me how many other dad-like influences I've had in my life that have been just as good. This is particularly convenient in the way that my church is set up, with people being really close to each other and always being there to help each other out. Also, go watch Up and adopt an old man.

we'll have a dalmatian plantation

disney movies will always hold a special place in my heart.
i know a lot of people feel this way
but, seriously, they're amazing.

and i'm even excited for the new princess one.
there's a really good chance it'll suck.
but i have faith.

Jun 19, 2009

we're breakable.

sometimes i feel melancholy and
just want to listen to
iron and wine and ingrid michaelson
and similar things.

and think too much.

it's a rich man's world

My savings account just doubled.

turning in 7 checks at once is kind of exciting.

Reasons I Love My Job

The food is amazing.
This is what's really important, right?
90% of the plates come back licked clean.
We've been open for two weeks and people have already been back three times.
Everything is fresh and hand-made from recipes invented by the owners.
And everything I've tasted has been phenom...addicting even.

It looks good.
IKEA inspired, the interior is a classic black and wood with subtle red accents. There are awesome framed prints hanging on one wall and a chalkboard with specials on the other.
The food itself is garnished with bright and beautiful vegetables and arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. In fact, it looks good enough to eat.

My name is on the chalkboard.
under the heading The Cool People Who Make Rooster. yesss.

I have been addicted to Boba drinks from first taste. I about had a heart attack when I discovered there was a place that sold it in Provo (and that I was living right above it). Something about slurping giant tapioca balls through an oversized straw just brings great joy to my soul. And with flavors like Honeydew, Red Bean, Kiwi, and Avocado, you really can't go wrong (oh, there are normal flavors too, but what fun is that?)

The People
You know it's going to be good when most people you work with are from the west coast. But I really enjoy all the people Who Make Rooster Cool. And between family dinners and team dishwashing we've had lots of time to get to know each other.

The people who come in are wonderfully chill and amiable. Indie kids and suave goatee bearing hairdressers. Families and couples. Groups of friends. People by themselves just wanting good food. I've only encountered a few people who haven't wanted to strike up brief conversation.

I don't have to sit in a chair all day.
Quite the opposite, in fact. Even if I am exhausted at the end of the day, it's refreshing that the time passes easily because I'm always doing something.

Seriously, if you are in the Provo area come check us out.
Rooster DNB
163 North University Avenue
the cool part of Provo.

Jun 18, 2009

i'ma pro!

Worked on a film called, You're So Cupid (don't worry it's not up on imdb, yet).
It's a made for tv movie set to premier on ABCFamily (who knows when)
And there's very much a Disney Channel original movie feel to it (which is to be expected from the title).

But it was a good experience working on a professional shoot.
Because, 1. Good food. 2. Talented people.
I loved everyone on set from Lisa in make-up (who worked on Diantha's) with her fake nails and Mike the AD with grey patches in his beard and a neon hat to the millions of extras that made me feel like a camp counselor to Aaron on Craft who brought us amazing soup and then dumped water from his umbrella on me to the grip guys who offered me their coats a billion different times.

Also, the box for clothespins said, "Clothespins" and not C-47s.
(take that Sam)
Oh, and I met, and had several ridiculous conversations with this kid...

He thinks he's hot stuff.
But they do have him playing someone who all the girls are in love with and he gets to ride a motorcycle and he had 10-20 15 year old girls drooling over him on and off camera. So I guess I can't blame him for being full of himself.
But I will anyway.

Jun 17, 2009

your sleeplessness makes you a liar

I don't go running very often.
But when "forced" to participate in such activities
turns out it's not really so bad...if it's a short run.
Only the fact remains that I do not have normal running clothes.

Shoes: Bright yellow and blue
Shorts: pink, purple, yellow, orange, brown (flowers)
Shirt: Whatever I can find
Headband: lime green

and the only socks I could find today were knee-highs.

basically people laughed when they saw me.
though, the people who've known me longest didn't act surprised
which probably says something about me

Proof I've had no time lately: I haven't listened to music on my itunes since Sunday.
(because I just checked and it's on the Sunday playlist)

But, I'm getting the hang of waitressing
and I spent a couple days working on something for ABCFamily
(that's right, we're talking pro)

More on that later.

Jun 14, 2009


Have I mentioned I love my major?

I love all the effort that goes into making a film. Standing around in the cold until 6am, only to be helpful for about twenty minutes.
(and spending the other 12 hours making up raps and dances and planning movies we'll never make)

All worth it.

'cause i am---i am...

This morning was probably the most tired I've been in...possibly ever.
I was mumbling incoherently about different kinds ands colors of apples and actually full-on passed out in the car on the way back.

So I tired I even used the wrong toothbrush.
I know you're probably gagging right now, Sharlie.
But on the bright side, I feel eternally connected to Jennie Mangum who left the toothbrush I gave her on the counter.

But, Tom Russell said I was the funniest.
Maybe I should change my email address to the.funniest, it's more accurate.

and I know you're silently mocking me right now, Jordan Petersen, but you're just jealous you didn't ask him first. :p

Jun 12, 2009

i'll find the things they say just can't be found

Sometimes I like to listen to Jack Johnson.
Real original thought, I know.

But the music just makes you feel good
and the lyrics are sometimes perfect

I mean,

i gave your friends all a chance
putting up with them wasn't ever worth having you

i locked my bike to yours

it wasn't hard to find you painted flowers on it

there's no stopping curiosity

i was so crazy about you, i didn't mind

sepia toned loving

and even though i think banana pancakes would be disgusting
he makes them sound good.

and in Staple it Together I always think he says,
he stabbed a Mormon in the back.
and it just makes me laugh, not that being stabbed is funny.

lately, i just want to sleep on the floor.

I'm still really proud of where I work. And I'm not the only one.
people are flipping out about the food, it's kind of hilarious to watch.
then again, the french toast still kills me, it's so good, even when slightly burnt.

what if i'm not as mature as i think i am
and really i'm just now learning how to be high schooler?

Jun 10, 2009


Sometimes I work at cool places.

Rooster DNB is a cool place.

I can't think of any other place where you can eat everything from bulgolgi beef dumplings to yellow curry soup (which might be my most favourite thing in the world no matter where it comes from) to french toast* to drinks with tapioca balls in the bottom (coming in every flavor from taro to red bean to honeydew to lavender milk tea to cookies and cream to strawberry).

The menu is one page, but you should be able to find anything you could possibly want on it.

It is all my favorite foods (almost) in one place. All in a classy red/black environment run by people who simply, love food and want to provide people with wonderful eating experiences.

*this is not your grandma's french toast. this french toast will momentarily kill your brain as it tries to process the goodness that is coming from your taste buds. It's topped with a special sauce/syrup you'd never expect. Tryyyyyyyy it!

Jun 9, 2009

China or Bust

I have a plan for February-June 2010.

Jun 8, 2009

i've got nothing to say, but it's okay

Oh, life. You tend to get away from me sometimes...Silly, thing.

Life is currently:
spending hours on FindingAJob/NewJob-Filming-NewBoyfriend-ChurchStuff.

But yesterday, glorious yesterday, I was able to take a step back and spend a wonderful Sabbath day in SLC. Sometimes its just good to get away, even if it's only an hour away. And it's amazing how much you get done in a day when you go to church at 9:00 instead of 1:30.

Especially when there's great company and huge, red couch to sleep on.
Now, no matter what you thought of when I said huge, red couch you're wrong.
This couch is HUGE and RED.
And amazing to sleep on for 1 or 12 people.

And then there is the Rhondeau house. I love everything inside of it, mostly the people.

Late night runs for burritos and frosties that remind us of high school.
And discussions about graduation that make us so glad we're done with high school.

Home/mother cooked meal and amazing cookies.
Air mattresses and singing along to the guitar.
A little brother and bunniescatsdogs.
Even watching Jonas and listening to Taylor Swift wasn't so bad (oh, how E corrupts me)

Though, we definitely didn't make it through all of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.
Even though we cuddled with hot water bottles (I've learned so much more about wonderful things in the world from Elizabeth)

Slowly but surely I am accepting that January 2011 isn't so far away.

Jun 2, 2009

L: Wait, did the white monkey get eaten?
A: No it fell out of the tree.
And died.
And the mom carried it around for a while.
Oh. Sad.

this is what happens when you stay up late watching animal planet.

I am not engaged.
i can't even get a 4am custodial job because of the number of people applying.

i'm screwed. for lack of a better phrase.
I will never find a job.
(Not with that attitude, I know)
But, I called first thing this morning for a position that was posted last night.
And all the interview spots are already filled.

And did I mention I even got hired at one place and they "didn't remember talking to me"
That last post was post 300!!! And it's been about a year since I started this blog.
I'm impressed with myself.

But, more importantly, I have new ideas about what to do with my life:
.Teach English in Mexico/China/Iceland (not sure if there's actually a program for the last one)
.Become a professional matchmaker
.Sleep at normal hours?
.Live in the forest

there are SO many reasons my life is like a movie right now.
or like the show Friends

Jun 1, 2009

I love getting texts like this:

There is supposed to be a thunder storm tonight! If there is we should go puddle jumping

I'm not sure what I did to deserve such wonderful people in my life.