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Dec 8, 2009

Reasons Why Making a Movie is Like Being in A Movi

.Standing in the snow while people in strange clothing dance around you
.Riding in a huge green van that has no passenger seat window even though it's waaay cold out
.Random guy at the gas station who gave me his ice scraper because i was brushing snow off my car with a Sting CD case.
.Trying to blow up a neon yellow inflatable mattress outside when it's frozen closed and guys cutting down trees let us use the air hose in the back of their truck
.When trying to get my car out of a snowy ditch on the side of the road Jordan got all this snow sprayed up in his face. Hilarious to watch from the inside of the car.
.This guy with an accent came out of nowhere and said, "Yarrrr. I'm here to help!" and proceeded to boss everyone around and almost single handedly pick up my car and move it out of the ditch.
.After a successful shoot, I lock my keys in the car
.After I had misplaced the other set
.Jennie comes out of the FSSS to find clementines, a snow shovel, a bandana and goggles, a scarf, and a dying fern...all arranged evenly spaced out by the back of her car.
.I have no idea what year my car is.
.I loose my phone, fall asleep for a few hours, wake up, think "great it's probably outside in the snow", go to check where my car once was, there is a new car there with a couple, i walk awkwardly around them and find my phone, next to the tire, un-run over and only a little frozen

also, I am the best at loosing my keys.
and just want/need to sleep.


redneckzilla said...

I am indignant about you not picking me for the winner for your contest thing. You didn't toss a dice. You tossed your own vainglory! AHH!!!

Oh well. After being in 102/reading the emails sent out from 102, I've decided that my goal is to be John Forbyn's best friend. Or his worst enemy. Or just to become the "next John Forbyn". One of those.

Sorry bout your phone. Thanks for your car. Great job on your movies. Hope you get some sleep.

Alyssa said...

Oh wow; your life. Never a dull moment. I'm glad your phone is ok. I love you.