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Dec 8, 2009

and the winner is...

So I told you I was going to select the winner for the giveaway randomly and I also told you I was going to select it yesterday.

Neither of these happened.

I directed two short films in the past two days and haven't had a chance to blog.
And I am a sucker for flattery and Matt's comment was easily the best.

Matt Heder said...

Well considering nobody read the rules on your giveaway I should have a good chance of winning.

So here I go:

1. Lauren's smile reeks of pure bliss.
2. Her love of details in this life will get her far in the next.
3. Lauren gives probably the best hugs in the world. No joke, if you haven't received one, do so now.
4. In a world where there are no opinions and only fact and fiction about what is awesome and what is stupid, Lauren will always naturally know what is awesome.
5. She loves the smell of men's colognes, good trait for a girl to have.
6. She enjoys all the comforts of the soul: music, the fall, apples, Oregon, scenery, the outdoors and more.
7. Most of all this list doesn't even begin to scrape the surface of the awesomeness of Lauren!!

P.S. read #4 again, it's deep.

So Matt, get me your address and I will send you something spiffy in the mail, even though you didn't return my phone call. After all, you're probably used to people just giving you stuff since you're in LA and all...

1 comment:

Matt Heder said...

yes i can't wait! My good ol address in OR will work since I'm there in a week!

3975 Orchard Heights pl. NW Salem OR 97304

P.S. your getting a phone call tomorrow