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Dec 5, 2009

lemme show you how i jump on this turtle thing

So I have learned via a couple posts back that the way to get a male to comment on a blog post is to write about video games.

So here's the thing...I am actually really really good at video games.

People don't realize how much skill it takes to get killed seven times in three minutes in Halo 3.

Or the sheer skill it takes to get stuck behind a cactus for a full minute.

Or falling into lava every single time you jump? I am SO consistent it's unreal. 

See, some people like to do the easy things like going down the way you're supposed to...Me, I like getting stuck between the wall and the trap door...Several times.

Mario Kart? I can off-road like nobody's business. 

Fighting an opponent? The best tactic is to run straight into them.

But, seriously, I could probably beat anyone at Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64.

one more person comment on the giveaway post before monday so i can roll a dice to find out who wins. 

1 comment:

Devin Graham said...

Yup, not gonna lie, your are very professional when it comes to video games, I've seen it myself, and I can voucher for and in behalf of you :)