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Dec 18, 2009

i'm home

Preface: Caleb is 11 years old.

Mom: Dad was 23 when he was married.
Caleb: What about you?
Me: Dad was 23 when she got married too...Wait, did you guys marry each other? This all makes sense now.
Caleb: That explains all the PG-13 kissing.

Me: Caleb, don't kiss people.
Caleb: Well, I hope you haven't!
Me: Um...
Mom: She has. You shouldn't be kissing people now, but eventually you'll want to kiss someone...a little.
Me: oh, great...
Caleb: This is NOT something I want to talk about. Next on that list is puberty...
Mom: It's just about getting older [she continues to talk about it like the nurse she is] your voice will get deeper...
Caleb: My voice will never get deeper!
i wanted that last line in writing, so i can point it out to him a few years from now when he's a baritone.

Today has been a serious of naps in various places...And I keep dreaming about Avatar.

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