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Dec 18, 2009


I am once again in the airport. Same gate, actually. Awaiting my fault...flight. Not fault. Ha.

I've gotten about 45 minutes of sleep because I had finals and then instead of sleeping last night I went and saw...Avatar!!

I think it is interesting just how much of a plot you can have in three hours. Three hours is a long time and they were able to develop a lot of things and really go into detail about the world they created. Which is great. Because sometimes there is not enough time to set up the world and tell a story, but I think Avatar was able to do both. I won't go into the plot, it was definitely didactic at parts, but also delightful. And it didn't drag too badly because it sucks you in.

Also, Pandora was SO beautiful. Can we all move there? I guess if we all moved there it wouldn't be as magical. Can I, and all my blog followers, move there? I think that would be a superior race ;)

Also, can I please have a pet flying dragon to fly around and chill with?

Third also, I felt like an old lady...Because despite all the 3D films that have come out lately I have not seen one since like, Spy Kids? So I was pretty much jumping out of my skin during the previews when things kept flying at me. I almost had a heart attack. I used to take comfort in knowing things were going to stay on the screen.

However, I think 3D is amazingly effective.

I have always loved watching people watch movies. I like to see how people react. I also like the blue glow on people's faces, I think it's flattering. And it turns out watching people watch movies is even more amusing when they're all in 3D glasses.

Quick Sappy Note:
Y'allz are amazing. I cannot express the gratitude lately for all of you who have helped me with everything lately. Whether it's making me dinner, talking late at night, planning and attending christmas parties, finding a funeral home that we can shoot in, helping me edit my final or offering to moon whoever hit my car...I appreciate it. I am oh so excited to be going home, of course. But for the first time I am starting to feel like I have a pretty good home in Provo. I've got my support system of friends which is a second family to me. Don't know what I'd do without you.

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