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Dec 16, 2009


and when we look back on this i'll say,
"you remember that time i was really brave?
well, it was because i was listening to the mamma mia soundtrack.
abba just has the effect on people."

and when we look back on this other thing i'll say,
"i don't think i can ever have children because i got emotional taking my car to get fixed...could you imagine if it was a child with a broken arm, instead of an inanimate object?"

remember how we stood in the snow eating marshmallow matey's while they towed my car?
remember how you don't have a love life until you get asked on three dates in one weekend or two guys make a move the same weekend?
remember that time you were so hungry and then we ate cafe rio and it made you want to solve world hunger?
remember when instead of studying/working we just had parties in the open lab? and ate taco bell and clementines?

thanks to candy, i'm listening to this song on repeat

can you at all time wear socks, 'cause i'm still scared of feet?

remember how it cost like a million dollars to fix my car?
this is the worst.


Kelsie Lynn said...
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Kelsie Lynn said...

Love. what is going on with everything.
these are good memories.
even though some of them suck.

and you are so brave.
that was quite a night to remember..on all accounts