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Dec 15, 2009

so easily convinced.

I think I just pretend to be stubborn and oppinionated, but I am actually way easy and soooo mainstream.


me: Diet things are gross
Alex: just try it
me [20 minutes later]: omg, i just feel so much healthier right now. there's NO sugar!
[3 days later]: neeeeeeed diet...7up...with pomegrante.

E: i love hot water bottles.
me: what the flip is that thing? you are so weird and grandma-like
E: just try it
me [30 seconds later]: this...is...the...best...ever.
me [three weeks later]: i am stealing this when you go on a mission
three months later when i receive one in the mail I carry it around for an entire day.

me: i LOVE editing
JP: no you don't. you hate it.
me: i'll show you
six months later i would rather eat an alligator than look at final cut again...after only editing like three projects

me: i hate country
E/Taylor: you will love taylor swift
[after weeks of being broken down]: i like a couple of her songs
now that i don't hang out with these two on a regular basis anymore, i'm reverting to my old ways and a taylor swiftless life.
Kanye West: I'm going to let you finish but...
me: Oh yeah, Beyonce iz so much better than T. Swift.

me: Avatar looks dumb
Matt/Devin/Willem: Avatar is going to be amazing
me: Avatar is going to be amazing
this one i feel bad for ever doubting because it really does look stellar, we'll see when it comes out though...

me: keyboard phones are dumb
Verizon guy: this phone is the most popular...and it comes in red and blue
me: i'll take it.

etc. etc.
it's kind of embarassing.

this is me avoiding studying.
i'm the worst.

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