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Dec 31, 2009


I tried desperately to do an abridged version of this year, but it's not so abridged...and I can't fall asleep.

January started with the great housing fiasco. Where E and I ended up trying to find a place the Saturday before school started. And magically ended up at Campus Plaza. This was the first of many good decisions.

We were optimistic about the future

I loved living in Campus Plaza. Nevermind the close quarters that were much like a summer camp...It was a short walk to campus and a constant party. People everywhere=never a dull moment, not to mention it was always a party in our apartment.

We choreographed dances in our kitchen that everyone could see, because the kitchen wall was actually glass doors (that were welded shut, we tried to open them). We sat on our bench outside and drank tea...rain or shine. We performed Shakespeare outside our apartment, with curtains we put up.

Six girls in an apartment=lots of love. Melanie was gushy in love once Mike came along. Amber got asked out by every boy in the ward and then ended up engaged. Liz and Scot had an amazing thing no one quite understood. Lys, E, and I were always all over the place and then...Me and E were the only single ones. We all cried over boys, ate enough brownies to feed a continent, watched Gilmore Girls. Both when things were good and when things were not so good.

E and I watched Boy Meets World on youtube consistently for a month or so.

In January I got my first call to work on a student film. Got two other calls that same day. That's when I knew I'd never have a normal life again.

My Neighbor Paul. My first student film and a great example of making things just complicated enough.

Valentine's Day I was in Mexico. Made music videos with kids at an orphanage. Slept on the beach. It was perfect. I told E to give Valentine's I made to our roommates...She gave them to boys instead.

Worked on Spit. Hung out in the creepy basement. Taught the extras how to play Spit. Did Prod Design at 2am with Jennie. Hallway parties/naps. Was in love. Didn't end up in the credits. ;)

Inspector 42. Made life-long friends. Slept in weird places.

March was Casimir Pulaski Day which we spent three days celebrating by doing a song shot to Sufjan's song with the same title and marks the beginning of M+M who got married on the 22nd of this month!!!

We stole dirt from the duck pond and planted flowers in mugs. Roger kept our flowers alive against all odds.

We watched M+M's first official date from our window.

Many days/nights were spent watching Animal Planet. Either squealing about baby animals or screaming about parasites. Our couches ate people...They went down to the floor when you sat on them. You could put your hand through them and touch the floor. We tried to sleep on them anyway once, three of us with the couches pushed together. So uncomfortable. One night Lys and I cracked and dragged the couch outside, realized we had nowhere to put it, and brought it back in.

E got her mission call to Indonesia.

Tyler and Heather got married. I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time. Got black ink all over my outfit.

Got into the film program! They didn't send me and email when they sent one to everyone else so I was the last one to find out, I had to email them and wait for a response. I had given up and E and I were slumped on the couches when I passed my email and saw the acceptance. I jumped on the couch and E and I screamed. Called my family and they were all really happy for me. We celebrated by eating ice cream and gummi bears and watching a movie, of course.

Somewhere between April and May I grew up significantly.

E moved out, but came back whenever anything good was happening. Which was almost always, ha. She went into the MTC July 1st and I wrote her every week until she left for Indonesia (then I started failing at life).

A Song For Barbara Ellen. Sitting outside the creepy decrepit house that was completely destroyed on the inside and the out. Wyatt was always telling people not to walk too close to the edge because it was decaying and liable to collapse. Jen+Ren+Babz Art Depart was formed.

I turned twenty. We had a tea party with kool-aid and donut holes. So refined.

I had the perfect summer romance. It took about ten steps to get from my apartment to his. It started with dinosaur t-shirts and a kiss on top of an artificial waterfall and ended with a mutual understanding we were no good for each other.

Mel, Kels, and I did Abs of Steel faithfully...Well, almost faithfully.
Hung out with Kels, mostly by the pool
Worked 4 nights at Rooster (the job I got because I walked up when they were having interviews and got to start the first day they opened, which is cool)

I went home for a week with Kelsie just before summer ended. Played hide-and-go seek for hours with my family, because they're great like that.

Kels and I moved in together after a shuffling of housing contracts. And after living with Mel and Grace for a week.

The last week of summer/first few weeks of the semester was a whirlwind. I met Alex and became bff's with him in the same day. We formed a dream team of Alex, Kade, me, Kels, and Diana and managed to cram 100 things into a short amount of time. We went to the fair, zoo, camping, movies etc. etc.

I was taking film classes and in love with them. I fell in love with my 185 class and the crazy dynamic of personalities.

Got Married, oh wait, no I didn't.

I decide movie watching needed to be more of an experience.

Most importantly, I met a lot of people. Got to know a lot of people better. And made a lot of movies.

And I didn't even brush the surface of October-Decemeber.


Alyssa said...

This is the happiest thing I've ever read. (it may have even made me almost tear up) 2009 has so many wonderful memories. luv u grl! :)

Kelsie Lynn said...

Gosh i was just about to say the same thing.
this makes me so happy

2010 is going to be so awesome.