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Dec 3, 2009

was anyone not annoyed by the fairy always telling you what to do?

sometimes a lot of things remind me of Zelda the Ocarina of Time.
(which is probably not normal)

things i've almost said in the past 30 hours:

"those shadows look like the zombie things in Zelda 64. i used to be deathly afraid of those as a child."
"this muse song sounds like the music in that one part of Zelda."
"my feet are cold, probably like happens to Link, I mean, that guy is always walking through small rivers and stuff."

Anyway, I think Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 are the perfect systems.
Which I would go into right now, but I've got to get to work so more later...

why yesterday was a wonderful example of humans being humans
and why i am really great at video games it just doesn't seem like it


redneckzilla said...

I've got the SNES. You buy another controller and we're up all night playin' on that Link to the Past.

Matt Heder said...

seriously you are amazing, I knew the title reference before I even read the post.

Devin Graham said...

This is phenomenal, on every level, just saying :)