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Dec 28, 2009

her music'll warm you like a hug.

this is kinda of long, i don't even remember editing it, but i deleted the original footage so now i can't reedit it. and it's lame because i have cruddy audio for a music thing, but so is life. and i wasn't a savvy filmmaker back in feburary.

but i like lynzie a lot and think her music is swell. and that is the important part.

inspired by La Blogotheque
my favorite of their's being Beirut

Lynzie Glaus from Lauren Laws on Vimeo.

my dear Lynzie is on a mission for the LDS Church in a month or two she'll be headed to the Czech Republic.

this documentary is also in association with Life Club, which will be starting up and ready to change lives once more this January.

1 comment:

Kelsie Lynn said...

You were a born filmmaker Laws.

pretty vid!