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Dec 24, 2009

i dreamed a dream

I dreamed again that I was in a foreign country. This time it was Bulgaria.

Whenever I dream it's like there are mental signs over every thing. It was obviously not Bulgaria, but that's what my mind told me it was.

In fact, it looked exactly like Venice. Narrrow cobblestone streets and canals surrounding the place. I had a Golden Retriever on a leash. Like the one in Up, only he was real, not animated. He was always walking directly in front of me.

We were being guided around by an old Bulgarian woman. Much like the lady I sat by on the bus in Hungary. She spoke English like a natural. I kept trying to guess what words would be in Bulgarian from my knowledge of Italian and the random bits I know of Slavic Languages. She was delighted and would lovingly correct me.

We got to our hotel and the staircase was so narrow it was single-file. I had to push the dog up because it didn't want to go. Our tour guide was continually babbling about something. I was with "my family" but it wasn't a family at all. It was like cousins, or in-laws, or a host family. Apparently one of the guys with me was preparing to go on a mission because our old lady friend came back with a plaque that had a long inscription about going on a mission. At the top it said Micheal (or whatever his name in) is proud to announce that Micheal is going on a mission. (It was a plaque in the style of a wedding announcement, ha)

"Because it's you who decides that you are going on a mission. No one else."

At the same time (it feels like) I was dreaming I was in that room in the Library on the 5th floor where we had one of our SFA meetings. I'm pretty sure JP and Phil were there and a handful of other people and this awesome girl with short hair who sort of encompassed a lot of people I know. I was trying really hard to make good hot chocolate and everyone was ignoring me. There was someone else I knew and a conflict I cannot recall.

I hate that trying to remember dreams is like grasping at fog.

Now, I'm going to eat sugar cookies for breakfast.
Merry Christmas!!

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