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Dec 22, 2009

loosing this battle.

i get upset when i'm watching recorded tv and i realize the things in the ads already happened.
you mean there's NOT a harry potter marathon this weekend!?

These things have happened more than anything else this break:
Mario Kart
Getting frosting all over my clothes.

Thank you Hilary and Aaron for assisting in my sugar cookie making extravaganza...
Even if Aaron insisted on using Halloween cutters and Hilary insisted on using rollerblade shaped cutters and we really only ended up with about five Christmas shaped cookies.

And that's five out of...70 cookies that ended up being made.
Because...apparently two handfuls of dough yields one billion cookies.
I wish I had a camera because there were/is cookies/dough/bowls/frosting/etc. EVERYWHERE.
Oh and the frosting recipe was waaay off about how much vanilla it needed.
First batch of frosting was dark brown and toxically vanilla.

There's a plate of about 20 unfrosted cookies, because everyone left and I gave up.

Holiday Desserts/Creations: 2
Lauren: 0

I am trying sooo hard to be Christmasy.
Tomorrow we're going to ZooLights for Ang's b-day.
I've been wearing red and/or green in some form everyday since Thursday.

I have such a love-hate relationship with Owl City.

And my schedule next semester is such a mess. yay...

1 comment:

Matt Heder said...

I wish that love/hate relationship with owl city was just a Hateful one. Work on that one