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Dec 13, 2009

it must be christmas

last night i attended a most amazing christmas party.

held in a house made of pure magic, that had a room for everything:
one room had a baby grand and a ping pong table in the same area.
another had an intricate doll house and mirrors along an entire wall.
and the creepy stuffed animal nook, which had a doorway too narrow for anyone with shoulder's as broad as Jordan's.
there were fancy old chairs and old books and old costumes everywhere.
and christmas decorations in every rafter.
and a staircase that made me feel like i needed a beauty and the beast dress to walk down it.

there was food of every variety, including turkey dinner in a cup.
people everywhere. dressed swankily.

comedy from elves with accordions
a magician comedian who allowed himself to be taped into a christmas present.
gangherds (shepherd gangsters)
and, then we joined together and sang Edelweiss over and over and Hitler, yes Hitler, made an appearance.
which was equal parts hilarious and awkward.

and, once again, i love when life is like a movie..even if it's not my life.

so, well done, Joel, Raven, and everyone involved.

i have been ingesting christmas music like it's a drug...or sugar water.
can. not. get. enough.

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