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Dec 12, 2009


i sort of really love that feeling when you wake up and your voice sounds different than it normally does.
it's kind of like an oppurtunity to be a new person for a few hours or so.
which i think is good for a person, now and again.

i am not sure i will ever have focus in my life.
i thought i had ruled out cinematography.
that was the one thing i had narrowed out this semester.
but i'm a tiny bit completely intrigued by it.
and it's complexity.
thought i had ruled out editing too...but, it's the tiniest bit addicting.

man alive.
i need to stop loving everything.

i may have, however, narrowed down one thing that i want in my life.

1 comment:

Jordan said...

oh oh oh


(since you were so cryptic, I have to assume it's romantic in nature)