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Oct 22, 2012

fall fun.

sometimes in the middle of producing and school and work and producing and church assignments i have an hour free on a Sunday where i grab whoever i can and the work camera with the amazing lens and go take pictures in the fall leaves..

"this feels like a J.Mag photo"

gorgeous and matching the background

our twilight pic.

che gioia! 



this one is a fave.

leaf unicorn

sometimes my boyfriend just has to show me up in pictures.

sometimes people tell me i'm photogenic...

...and i ask them if they've seen these scrunchy chin/neck faces i make.

in love with orange trees on grey skies.

enjoy it while it lasts!!


A. said...

You two are so so cute! I can't get over it! P.S. Love the pictures. And you. And love.

babetta said...

Love these! That was so fun.