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Jan 21, 2011

Sorella Laws and Foote, The Vagabond Years

Greetings from...Rome!!!

Psych. We are NOT in Bari yet.

Because going where I am supposed to go when I am supposed to go there just isnt how my mission life rolls. So Sorella Foote and I (can I just tell you she might be the greatest thing that has happened to my life here in Italy? We already love each other way too much, she is like a mix of several of my very favorite people). We spent a few days living in the other room of my (I guess its not mine anymore) Ladispoli apartment.

There arent many pictures from this week because we decided we dont know if we want to remember staying inside all day. Though it has been kind of fun being with Sorella Tutt and Askew. Sorella Tutt and I both picked up weird things from our Anziani like saying "Ciao!" with a weird American accent.

But we have bonded and laughed and then tried not to laugh because it makes my Bronchi's hurt. And Sor. Foote now calls me Bronchi.

We went out Friday night when I thought I was better and hunted down a less active. She talked to us forever and then I guess I was breathing hard because Sor. Foote thought I was dying so she goes, "Okay, well, we gotta go" and I was like, shoot, we didnt commit her to coming to church so I just go (in simple Italian) "Youre coming to church on Sunday?" And then she goes off about how she knows she should, etc. etc. And at the end I dont even know because we didnt go because I was still sick on Sunday.

So because I am still sick and Sor and Pres Kelly are worried about me and they wont let us go to Bari! It makes sense, but we are dying to go. We came to Rome yesterday for my permesso. We caught the 7:30am train and the whole morning we were like "we are busting out of here!!"

Its funny, one minute I am SO sad to leave Ladispoli and the next I am dying to get out of there.
We are pumped for Bari and have big plans for it. We made transfer goals and the first one was,
"baptize enough people for our own ward so that we dont have to share with the Anziani"

We like to dream big. ;)

So for now we are staying with the Rome Sorelle. We are real good at sleeping on floors and eating other peoples foods. We've started calling ourselves the Vagabonds and the other day Sor. Foote goes, "What are we doing? Am I a missionary?" Its killing being inside all the time, we made a rule that we could go to places that are a ten minute walk or less away when we need to. So we had kebab and pizza for lunch most of the time we were in Ladispoli and right now we are at a nearby internet point. I feel like an old asthmatic lady because I cant do anything without having my chest hurt, Im not coughing though, which is nice I guess.

Turns out there is a woman out of my same heart (okay, no idea how that saying actually goes) because the Marcuccis (a senior couple) came to pick us up for our permesso appointment and me and Sor Marcucci (and Sor Foote and Anz Marcucci) were laughing SO hard. Shes got some sort of thing with her ribs that hurts real bad when she laughs so the four of us would be joking as we drove around Rome and her and I would be clutching our chests and being like, "We are going to die!!"

We started mocking the British GPS
and they said the Italian one was way meaner and yelled at you so I said, "Cut off 50 people, that is how we drive here" and then we all start talking in British accents "Careful, make way for the queen" "You are on the wrong side of the road!!!!" etc. Which I guess is what happens when one companionship is always in the office and the other companionship has been stuck in an apartment that isnt theirs for several days.

We also laughed a ton and made best friends with a girl named Candy from Cancun (who said we should come visit after the mission and well, Cancun? sign me up!!) So she added us on facebook (with her iphone, of course) and we said we would add her in a year and she saw my pic that said see you in 2012 and laughed and then she told me I sound funny when I speak Italian and she asked if we had boyfriends and I was like,
"No, we were like Ciao"
In the aforementioned weird way of saying Ciao.

So, needless to say we kept her entertained as we waited until noon for our 10 oclock appointments. And she was way interested in the Book of Mormon and wanted to buy one and we were like, pff, call this number and theyll give you one in Spanish. Fo Free.

And we also made friends with a nice old man who bought us hot cocoa.

Life is good in Italy.

We had lunch in the mission home and Sorella Kelly made us amazing food and then President did interviews with us so he would have slightly less to do at Zone Conference in a week and he told us how he knew it seemed crazy that we were going to Bari but that he felt really strongly about it and then he said that he also had the thought of sending me back there at some point and I said, "good, because I told most of the members and investigators that I would be coming back." Ha.

President Kelly is so the best.

He is definitely supposed to be here over this mission. AND he said we can use informal form with female people our own age, yay for less awwkardness|||

I was excited to get an AMAZING packet from one Diana Lewis, your wedding reception flashmob??
So legit. and do not worry, I sent something back just as good. I also loved how many stamps where on the outside. I picked it up from the office on transfer day and people were like "wow" and I was like, "Yes, I have the coolest friends ever" The nice thing about Italy post is that if you can fit it in a mailbox you only have to stick like 3 stamps on it and itll get there. So maybe we had to stuff and shove it in the mailbox, but we got it in without too much damage to the envelope.

But, do let me know if it ever gets there, I sent it to Babzy's house.
Also, to everyone that was in that photo, um, you are the best. All of you. I definitely felt the love. I actually made an appearence in Cricketless??

Oh dear...At least it wasnt behind the scenes footage of me and jennie passed out on the couch after staying up all night hot gluing styrofoam to the walls... But seriously, I saw the picture and I was like, Ah! So many awesome people in one photo and even Jeff Parkin. At least the film program hasnt completely fallen apart without me ,)

Speaking of mail, I decided that about 22 people I know and care about would get married while I was gone and from what Ive heard/the wedding announcements we are over halfway there, good work everybody.

Can you believe Ive been out 5 months as of yesterday?
Time fliiiiies. P.s. there are a certain two people who I know read this blog who should update me on the fact that they are FINALLY getting married. Good grief. I even sent you a birthday letter.
Also, how is that webseries going?

p.s. you can email me lauren.laws@myldsmail.net, I just cant email back. And I can print them out and pretend like you bothered enough to handwrite a letter. ;) jokes.

Anyway, Auguris all around, you crazy lovebird friends of mine.
Okay, we are getting kicked out because places around here just close whenever they want.

So...I love you all. Stay strong. Pray that I get to Bari soon so we can get to work, because we are going to kill there (not kill, but bring the good news of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ).

Oh, and I do think I am getting better, but it does act up when
I choreograph dance routines to Saturdays Warriors.
Which I have not seen and probably never should. Sounds awful.


Sorella Laws

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