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Apr 22, 2009


I quite possibly have anxiety issues.
I had to wake up early today to finish some of my tasks for the cleaning check.
Usually when I know I have to wake up early I don't sleep very well....
Well, I woke up several times and then finally an hour before my alarm I jerked awake in a cold sweat. Felt like I was going to throw up.
I hate tests, checks, evaluations, and other things that could lead to failure.
Also, I cleaned our window about a 100 times and it still looks smudgy. I just kind of fail at life.
And I was scrubbing at this baseboard like mad trying to get all the marks off but the crazy lump in my arm started bothering me and I just wonder if any of this is worth it...
Oh and at one point I got stuck between the couch and the window....
"I hope someone walks by right now."
"Ack! Someone is, I can see Brett!"
(who laughed...and then obviously told his roommate because he came out and laughed too)
I decided my role in this world is the amusement of others.
I've got a job interview and a presentation (where I have absolutely no idea what I am going to say...Which will be a problem soon).
So I am drinking acai (how do YOU pronounce it?) tea and thinking about how this summer might be absolutely magical.
Last night for Ju's 21 we karaoked it up at Applebee's and the manager tried to get her to order alcohol.
But we only acted like we are drunk.
And I may or may not have danced suggestively to the beginning of toxic.

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