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May 6, 2013


Oh, I don't think I've complained about this on ye olde blog yet.

Since Feburary I have been working on a screenplay titled "Lovestruck: The Musical" it's a short film that got approved to shoot in the fall as a capstone project (we do two a semester in the film program).

Well, guess what premiered two weeks ago on ABC Family...

I wasn't super in love with the title or anything, but it had some clever bit of wordplay because it is about a playwright who loves love and a boxer who come together, you know combining love and striking. There is a hilarious bit of vandalism that involved rearranging the letters in Lovestruck to spell "love sucks" buuuut now I'm all out of luck.  

So I need a new title. I'll probably go with Luvztrux: The Muzakil.

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