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Aug 18, 2009

luck be a lady tonight

Not to brag, but I might be the luckiest person I know.

Last night I participated in a phenomenon. Because how often in a relationship are the two people thinking the exact same thing?

I love my job (heaven's knows why, but I do).

Even though being homeless for two weeks is actually unlucky, my roommate is staying in our apartment and out of town until the day I can move in, so I can leave all my stuff on her side of the room and no one will even know. And I won't have to move it twice like a lot of people are doing.

My family is giving me a car. Even if it's the hand-me-down struggles to reach 50mph car. ;)

I get to see my family and my blind dog in a matter of hours!!

I'm not as fat as I was in Italy, haha.

In a mere matter of days I will be moving in with my best mate The Seriously Hot Australian! AND she's coming to Oregon (today!) with me!!

Also, Pandora just started playing Sara Bareilles' Love Song. (and I spelled her last name right, first try!!)

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