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Aug 12, 2009

reason i love people #417

we don't understand each other in the slightest

Yesterday I was having a good movie discuss with Andy (my boss) when I pulled a, "you know Wes Anderson..." in a matter-of-fact tone. But the fact of the matter is, not EVERYONE knows who Wes Anderson is.

People of different majors are nearly different species.

English major roommates use large words on a regular basis. Advertising major friends analyze commercials. Linguists use words like morphology and syntax. My boyfriend reads books on Economics for fun. And when it comes down to it we realize we're all speaking a different language...Especially the foreign language majors.

There are only two kinds of people in the world: Men and Women.

One thing men will never understand about women: we really do cry for no reason.

Speaking of crying for no reason, I was all done doing that when I come into the front room and Pandora is playing Brick by Ben Folds. One of a few songs that always makes me teary eyed. So here I go again...

It's like, everything can be completely fine and all the sudden you remember that people are dying at a significant rate in Africa or you can't get berry juice off the counter and all the sudden your face is flooding even though you were just singing about how much you love life two seconds prior.

And most girls won't understand why you want to play halo for hours on end.

On a serious note. Because it's so hard to understand each other there is even more of a reason to try. People are always dealing with things that we have no idea about, but we can figure out why they do the things they do if we put in even a little bit of effort..

current pet peeve: the term "part duex"


Kelsie Lynn said...

I am happy i know who Wes Anderson is! yay for me.

And I love that 500 days of summer quote. that made me laugh.

ahh, you are so brilliant.

ps. the word verification im supposed to type below right now is 'sness' haha

Jordan said...

You are very wonderful.