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Aug 26, 2009


I went to the premiere.
Everyone told me I looked nice.
Dress credit goes to my magnificent mother who added the sleeves for me and my mad Ebay shopping.
But managed to not get in a single picture.
So this is just my statement that I was there and looked nice.

And the films were fabulous.
I'm super proud of e'eryone.

It's just a wonderful feeling to be in a group of 400 or so people and have around 40 of them want to hug me.

"How about Rock for a girl [name]"

"So you mix a regular cat with a wildcat...like a bobcat. So it's like a small-dog sized cat."
"That doesn't sound like a good idea."
"But it'd be like a baby tiger."
"I love baby tigers!!"

"You look so pretty, but not in the fake Playboy magazine pretty, but like Juno or 500 Days of Summer."
"Juno was pregnant."

"I have emotions like a boy."

"Nice meeting you...and spending most the day with you."

The highlight of the day, might have been, however, when at 2am Kelsie pulled pomegranate frozen yogurt out of the freezer and handed it to me.

1 comment:

Jordan said...

I produced one of the films and ended up in, I think, two pictures. Maybe three.

And yes, you were lovely.

And there were over 700 people there. And I think the number of people who wanted to hug you was more like 70, so it stays proportional.