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Aug 30, 2009

the problem is...

The problem with fragrances is they aren't really made for the people that buy them.
They're made for the opposite sex of the people who buy them.

Women's perfume --> attractive to men
Men's cologne --> attractive to me

So I am sitting here right now, very content to be smelling like Clinque Happy for Men (which I stole a spritz of from a glove compartment)
And I could inhale that stuff Nautica makes all day.
Not to mention Old Spice...
Even some kinds of Axe are amazingly intoxicating
(the commercials are not so far off)

I could care less about smelling like flowers.
But otherwise I would smell like a boy, which would get weird I guess.

So...I guess it works, because I just want good-smelling men around me all the time.

Which is really the intended purpose.
But also a problem.

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