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Feb 10, 2013

What Being a Film Kid Looks Like...

Once upon a time I said, "I'm going to take it easy this semester."

This week looked/looks like this:

8:30am get to campus early so I can email a bunch of people back for casting calls for HBLL video
9:00am post-production class for Weeping
11:00am work
12:00pm more post production talk
1:00pm Screenwriting 2
3:00pm Casting Calls for HBLL
5:00pm Communications class
6:15pm Big Meeting for Drift
7:00pm Finish reading Night for doc class and write paper
10:00pm Help Kelso/Tess take equipment back, grab a crepe while picking up Willem
11:30 Finish paper, shower
1:30am Sleep

8:30am Doc class
11:00am Devotional
12:00pm Work
1:00pm TV writing class
3:00pm Work, casting/location decisions 
5:00pm Discuss pick-up stuff, scholarship stuff with JMags
5:30pm Casting meeting for Without a Rope
6:00pm Testing screening for Weeping
8:00pm Post-screening discussion with Jeff
9:00pm Run home, get car, pick up Jacob, mad Wendy's dash for much needed sustenance to catch the...
9:50pm showing of Warm Bodies (okay, this doesn't seem necessary, but it was)
12:00am drop JJ off, have lengthy life discussion (also needed)
2:30am Sleep

8:30am Wake up, check email, forward an email along, turn off alarm
10:00am actually wake up
11:00am Work
1:00pm Screenwriting 2
2:00pm Work/Study for Quizzes
5:00pm Communications Class
6:15pm Run home, get car, get pizza, go to MPS for pick-ups for Weeping

8:30am Doc class
11:00am Forum with Jerusha + Jared Hess (love,love,love)
1:00pm TV writing class
3:00pm Work
5:00pm Download pickups footage, learn how to punch people, fail at learning how to see those stupid Magic Eye things.
7:00pm Pizza at Terra Mia (love,love,love)
8:30pm Grocery shopping for a BILLION groceries
10:00pm Prepare food
12:00am Watch SMASH
2:00am Bed

10:30am Run some set dressing things to work
11:15am Start prepping curry for 40 people + catch up on my NBC shows
2:30pm Serve lunch
4:30pm Clean up Kelly's kitchen
5-9pm Casting
9pm Buy more cups, drop off stuff at Kelly's
10:30pm FroYo rendezvous + deep conversations
12:00am Talk movies + eat macaroons
1:30am Drop off water bottles that were still in my car.
2:30am Bed

8:30am-2pm Shooting for HBLL
Drive to Fairview
6pm Feed everyone "lunch" for Drift
Try to slip in some screenwriting
12am bed.

In between all these things life is spent glued to my laptop (a now constant companion) writing:
1. Short musical film
2. Two 25 minute television episodes
3. A feature-length film
4. A song for Valentine's Day
5. Endless, unnecessary tweets (@lawsren).

I am a champion at procrastinating writing assignments by writing something else.

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