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Feb 2, 2013

How To Survive a Provo Winter

It's been cold here. First, there was freezing rain that turned the whole city into an ice rink. There was snow. There was more snow. There was subzero temperatures. Etc.

Here are some tips I've found helpful.

1. Layer up. The thing about winter is that the buildings on campus decide to keep themselves warm and toasty so while you feel like you are going to freeze your face off walking up to campus you will be sweating as soon as you step indoors. You will need a t-shirt for when you first get into the building and your body freaks out, a light jacket/sweater for when you realize it's cold again, and a huge coat to get you from one building to another.

I recommend stripping as you walk through the doors. It helps your body adjust and attracts the attention of passer-bys. I found it to be a fail-proof method.

2. Get headphones that double as ear muffs. But seriously, I never liked ear-buds and they won't do anything for you in the cold.

3. Wear waterproof shoes. Everyday I don't wear my boots there is magically 6 inch-deep snow blocking whereever I need to be.

4. Swap your side bag for a backpack. You have no shot at keeping balance on slippery terrain if your weight isn't well distributed.

Lastly, study at the library:

Not going to lie, I'm proud of this little video because me and Laura did it almost entirely by ourselves (minus the talented people in it, of course). 

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