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Jan 22, 2013

Today Was the Great Because...

I hate to be that optimistic person, but I feel really good right now. 
(I wanted to put real good but that is not grammatically correct)/ 
at 1:00am I finished my first ever draft of a real-life television pilot.
I wasn't freakishly tired during my 8:30am class and we watched some classy Lumiere films.
Bad hair day was covered up with a beanie easily enough. 
The Tuesday forum was both amazing and mind-blowing and WONDERful (more on that later).
I remembered to bring a lunch.
Boss liked the project I've been working on.
I like the project I've been working on.
Willem proposed as I was passing him in the hall. 
(Told him I'd think about it). 
Made myself a gourmet dinner of mac n' cheese with edamame beans (you know, for protein or whatever).
My car wouldn't start, which instead of being obnoxious is kind of just funny to me.

Finally got to see ARGO. 
With a film buddy who really knows how to appreciate a good flick.
The only theater playing Argo was 30 minutes away, which sort of made it feel like a mini-adventure and I think seeing movies should be mini-adventures now and again. 
Listened to good music. Had good conversation. All those important things.

I love, love, loved Argo. It is definitely not for the faint of heart but it had such a good tone. I'm big on tone today it's all we talking about in Writer's Room. So intense ALL THE WAY THROUGH. You think they're safe but they NEVER ARE. 
Ben Afleck, you son of a cuss, you pulled off a wonderful heist movie. AND IT'S REAL..ish. 
The 70s-80s Production Design!? Wonderful. All the Hollywood jokes? Perfect.
That look in Ben's eye when he knows it's time to be a bad-A? Yes.
The characters were wonderful and lovable. 
There were so many good twists and twists and more twists. 
I also smuggled Kool-Aid Squeez-its into the theater (don't tell). 

Now I'm eating Phish food while I study grammar. Perfect ending to today.

Yesterday was great too. Inauguration crepe party, Italian pizza, and wedding dress shopping with one of my best girls (see also:EVERYONE I KNOW IS ENGAGED). 

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