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May 28, 2008

to be alone with you.

Today was absolutely lovely for a Tuesday.

Tuesday used to be my least favorite day. Here's why: Monday you can cling to the wonderful memories of the weekend and once you get to Wednesday the end is in sight. Thursday is actually the best because there is the anticipation of Friday (and once the Office and 30 Rock came along Thursday got even better). But Tuesday has absolutely nothing going for it. And I always managed to have my least favorite classes on Tuesday as well.

Anyway, what made it so excellent was that it was my birthday "round two". Went and picked up Hilary because she is my shopping partner extrodinaire and I'm going to miss her hardcore when she leaves for her internship. We hit up the big FM and found some excellent things. There is this bag that I want because it is HIGHLY amazing and has a gorgeous picture of fruit on one side and vegetables on the other. I kind of drool over it but I am waiting for it to go on sale more. Currently it's $4 but I think I can do better because I'm pretty sure they haven't sold a single one. So Hilary gave me a b'lated present and it was a super sweet purse of foreign-looking design. And I <3 it muchly. Also inside was about a million kinds of chapstick, all in the most ridiculous flavors. Needless to say my lips now smell like Milk Duds. MILK DUDS! Sounds grossish...Ended up smelling quite wonderful, kind of like cookies. There are many other flavors to try and I just can't wait! Anyone who's been around me for more than three hours will discover that the way to my heart is through chapstick. I think b'lated presents are even better than regular presents and here's why: birthdays come and go and then it's disappointing as you think that it'll be another 364 days before you get that much attention again. But if you get b'lated presents than it's a wonderful excellent surprise that allows you to savour the loveliness of birthdays.

Also as a birthday round two Jacob took me out to Thai food. Granted he used a gift certificate I gave him a year ago, it was still a wonderous gesture. I have to make a note about my relationship with Thai food. There are very few foods I go crazy about and for whatever reason Thai food is one of them. I always eat it really fast so I can cram as much in as possible and then I feel incredibly sick afterwards. But I always crave it again the next day. Ugh, it's so worth it! And we got their crazy purple rice with custard that sounded scary but was excellent. We also got curry with tofu (which I would happily eat everyday for the rest of my life) and some noodle thing with squid (which I did not feel quite the same way about). Tried to find a wedding card to please his mother, and although I found two KILLER birthday cards earlier in the day my wedding card finding skillz were not up to par. Unfortunately there is not much in the way of hilarious wedding cards. They were all overly sentimental and had elaborate sonnets and limericks inside (not really, if they had had limericks I wouldn't be complaining right now). His mom was not impressed, which was kind of disappointing. Then we watched The Odd Couple, which was alright, it's a killer play/script but the movie was not too much to write home about. Also played fetch with the psycho Kunzler dog, Eddie.

I thought the Odd Couple could have had a better cast, but my problem is that when I see a play in high school or was in one in high school I have a hard time seeing certain characters as anyone else than the people that played them. I just couldn't stop imagining Ukiah and Brytton as Felix and Oscar. Or Paris (they did a female version too). Another example is that Ben Gerling (r.i.p) will always be the greatest Polonius in my mind. Oh, and no one can play Betty Paris from the Crucible like I can (Kidding, I think I kind of sucked at acting in those days/still do).

I really love talking about life late at night. I don't think it gets much better than that.

Listened to quite a bit of Saves the Day and Johnny Cash today. Also made a sweet mix for running on the tredmill.

Still up at 3am because previous mentioned activities kept me out late and then I just finished a sweet collage on a notebook made from ads from a TIME magazine from 1965. Not going to lie, I think it's sweet. We'll see if the person I made it for feels the same away. The birthdays never end this time of year!! I don't know why people all decided to make babies in August/September but it really makes my life complicated.

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