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May 29, 2008

Oh the glory...

So I think blogs are funny because I write them assuming that no one will read them or care (although yesterday someone was like, "all I've heard from you is that you love your Italian professor." And I was like, dang, that's all I wrote about last semester) At the same time I read other people's quite religiously (not as in I've made a religion of it, but I read them regularly).

I just got back from Yoga here at University of Oregon and it was pretty genius. The teacher wears a turban and we did some intense moves that I really felt the burn. It's drizzling (or pissing down as they say in Australia) and it's really quite lovely. Oregon is so inspiring it's like mini New Zealand (I'll just keep making references to that part of the world). And the building are like the Sydney Opera House (joke).

I'm eating red vines even though I hate red vines and wishing I was eating peanut butter even though I used to hate peanut butter and I also really want some honeydew bubble/boba tea...But as the internet tells me there is no where near here to get it. Shiz.

I love today's Arrested Development/Monty Python/The Office/Seinfeld humor where you can either do/say really ridiculous things to get people to laugh or just make fun of everyday situations. I would really die without humor.

And I'm really just writing for the sake of writing because the person I'm visiting is at a rehearsal. Oh, but after last night I decided it's totally worth getting married just to share a bed with someone, haha. It's so dang cozy. Especially because we were under this table-thing which reminded me of my bunkbed in Wyview that was a foot and a half from the ceiling, ha. The funny thing was my roommate had like 3 and a half feet from her bed to the bottom of mine and she hit her head almost everyday and I never did. That's what I call sweet, sweet irony.

Also, Sufjan Stevens is the best.

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J said...


"Everyday" humor is the only humor that's consistently funny.

(read my new blog: laserbagels.blogspot.com)